Cheeki Water Bottles a hit at newsXpress Ocean Grove

newsXpress Ocean Grove continues to enjoy success with Cheeki water bottles. Having embraced the opportunity when first presented in 2010, newsXpress Ocean Grove continues to enjoy good sales with this line of safe water bottle products.  Safer than plastic and many other water bottles, the Cheeki range is something newsXpress stores can be proud to offer.

newsXpress launched the range of Cheeki stainless steel water bottles in 2010 and what a success they have been!

newsXpress has made Cheeki a success for members with range and merchandising advice, pricing which delivers an excellent margin to newsXpress members and with vital information to help team members sell the benefits of the Cheeki product.

Cheeki bottles …  the newsXpress difference in action.

Fridge magnets from The Sticker Family

The fridge magnets released exclusively to newsXpress members some months ago from our friends at The Sticker Family have been selling well.  They a popular addition to The Sticker Family range.

Promoted using collateral created exclusively for newsXpress stores, the magnets enable customers to promote the magnets with their pull up banner or elsewhere in the store.

Right through Christmas stickers and magnets from The Sticker Family have been selling well, driving excellent business for newsXpress members … thanks to the wonderful support from The Sticker Family.

Lego brand drives sales

newsXpress Pakenham has had terrific success with the Lego brand, selling Lego kits from this display which was photographed a couple of months ago.

With Lego products available from a number of newsXpress preferred suppliers, this is another brand newsXpress members are able to support.

Brands like Lego are important in that they are easily understood by shoppers. People trust the quality.  They also buy on the basis of nostalgia.

Diaries on show at newsXpress Melton

newsXpress Melton in Victoria has been promoting diaries along with crosswords in full view for all customers to easily see … and purchase.  This display facing the dance floor is ideal for driving impulse purchases of both categories of products.

The result has been excellent sales.

The diaries are from one of our newsXpress preferred suppliers and the crosswords support two newsXpress preferred supplier relationships.

Travel gifts a hit at newsXpress Watergardens

newsXpress Watergardens is enjoying excellent sales from this range of travel related gifts sourced from newsXpress preferred suppliers.  In the run up to Christmas the range sold very well … offering ideal Christmas gifts.

Now, after Christmas, shoppers will purchase the items for themselves as they start off on annual holidays.

Professionally merchandised by the newsXpress Watergardens team, these travel gifts present the business competitively in the gift space.

Gift sales in the business are up year on year – well into double digits.

Exclusive newsXpress calendar deal adds thousands in GP

One newsXpress store which embraced the exclusive calendar deal put to newsXpress members ten days prior to Christmas has banked thousands in sales in just seven days leading to Christmas.  This will easily double as calendar sales switch into top gear over the next two weeks. This newsXpress member stands to bank in excess of $6,000 in GP … all thanks to an exclusive deal negotiated by newsXpress with one of Australia’s top calendar companies.

newsXpress is proud to have been able to offer newsXpress such an excellent deal which has been such a tremendous success for newsXpress members who took up the offer.

Thanks to central buying for the group and moving quickly, newsXpress was able to maximise the return for group members.  Our quick move denied others an opportunity for similar buying as we took all available stock.

This is the newsXpress difference in action … excellent margin dollars achieved from brand name products purchased at a better price than any other retailer in Australia.

newsXpress has an excellent relationship with more than 100 key suppliers to newsagents and similar businesses. Thanks to the efforts of our merchandise team we make the most of these opportunities, enabling newsXpress members to bank excellent results.

Christmas at newsXpress Maryborough

newsXpress Maryborough has been promoting Christmas with this display on the high-traffic dance floor, promoting a broad range of Christmas gift items including newsXpress Christmas catalogue items.

The display is supported with newsXpress Christmas collateral.

Like across the newsXpress retail network, Christmas at newsXpress Maryborough has been busy in-store and across the sales counter.

Thanks to a broad range of products available from newsXpress preferred suppliers our members are able to satisfy a broad range of shopper needs.

Christmas at newsXpress Maffra

newsXpress Maffra has been promoting newsXpress Christmas catalogue lines and other Christmas items with this display in-store.  Since the photo was taken a month ago sales have been excellent, seeing many lines purchased by happy shoppers.

newsXpress provided a core catalogue range to newsXpress stores and made available access to a broad range of suppliers with other Christmas lines ideal for all sorts of retail situations.

Gifts from suppliers like The Pudding Lady, Gadget King, Landmark Designs, ABW, Sklansen and other suppliers have sold very well this Christmas.

Christmas at newsXpress Yarram

newsXpress Yarram had an excellent display of newsXpress Christmas catalogue lines on display in-store and in the window in the lead up to Christmas.

While more than a month old, this photo shows how they were supporting Christmas and making the most of the excellent range of Christmas items in the newsXpress promotion.

Attracting shoppers and riving good sales, this display helped drive good Christmas sales for newsXpress Yarram.

By connecting with brands this Christmas, newsXpress made shopping easier for newsXpress customers. There is a trust of major brands which makes buying decisions easier.

Busy Christmas at newsXpress Ivanhoe

Christmas has been front and centre at newsXpress Ivanhoe for more than a month with this well-stocked (when the photo was taken) display and other displays in-store.

The range of products and use of marketing collateral provided the store with an excitement which it vital to success in the Christmas sales period.

newsXpress members were able to access Christmas related products from more than seventy of our preferred supplier community.  This provided an excellent range from which to choose.

Christmas at newsXpress Ocean Grove

newsXpress Ocean Grove has been promoting Christmas with this display on the dance floor.

The display in the photo showing some newsXpress catalogue and non catalogue lines and some of the newsXpress provided marketing collateral was just part of their overall Christmas pitch.

Sales have been excellent in the run up to the big day.

Christmas 2011 has delivered excellent results for newsXpress members across cards, Kris Kringle gifts, regular gifts and some gift items from left field.

newsXpress Gumdale promotes Better Homes and Gardens

newsXpress Gumdale has been promoting the latest issue of Better Homes and Gardens as well as the EXCLUSIVE TO NEWSXPRESS Better Homes and Gardens Recipe Collection with this display perfectly located next to the main newspaper stand. This placement ensures that more shoppers see these offers … driving excellent sales.

newsXpress Strategic Partner Pacific Magazines provided newsXpress stores with exclusive access to the recipe collection and newsXpress members have been making the most of the opportunity.

Placement is everything in retail … placement of BHG next to newspapers certainly drives sales.

Wonderful Christmas at newsXpress Bairnsdale

newsXpress Bairnsdale has been enjoying terrific sales in the lead up to Christmas.  From the newsXpress catalogue lines through to the Hallmark Jingle product sales have been excellent.  Indeed they have struggled to keep up with demand for the Hallmark Jingle product as it has been a runaway success with Bairnsdale shoppers.

Key to the success at newsXpress Bairnsdale has been excellent visual merchandising which leverages the excellent products supported by the newsXpress brand.

The display in the photo is well positioned on the dance floor, making the most of excellent store traffic.

Large outpost for newsXpress Roselands

newsXpress Roselands has been operating a large outpost at the Westfield Roselands Shopping Centre in Sydney in the run up to Christmas.

Featuring an excellent range of Hallmark Christmas cards, gifts, books and other Christmas treats, the outpost is a testament to the work of Vinay and the team at newsXpress Roselands.

newsXpress supports outposts as an excellent way to boost sales around major seasonas.


Christmas outpost at newsXpress Melton

newsXpress Melton has been having a terrific time with Christmas this year including great sales from their Christmas outpost featuring Hallmark Christmas cards,  books, calendars, wrapping paper and other items targeted at the Christmas shopper.

Outposts like this are important to shopping centre newsagencies as they make the most of extra Christmas traffic.  newsXpress preferred suppliers offer plenty of product opportunities with which to leverage outpost opportunities.

Excellent Christmas card range at newsXpress Yarram

newsXpress Yarram has been displaying the Hallmark range of Christmas cards with this terrific display in-store.

Starting with the boxed card range, the display runs through all the captions covered by the Hallmark Christmas 2011 range.

newsXpress stores have has easy access to replenishment stock and feature offers of Christmas products from Strategic Partner Hallmark Cards.

Christmas at newsXpress Manly West

newsXpress Manly West has been promoting Christmas throughout the shop as well as with this terrific wall display featuring our newsXpress marketing collateral.

newsXpress provides newsXpress members with a core catalogue offer and access to a range of preferred suppliers for buying to local shopper needs – providing a national and local offer, the best of both worlds.