Great Halloween success at newsXpress Harbourtown

harbourtown-halloween.JPGnewsXpress Harbourtown is awash with Halloween products and promotion for what is looking to be a bumper season for the shop this year.  Their 2010 stock orders were significantly above those for 2009 and already the business has sold more than they did for all of the 2009 season.  This is a testament to excellent management and visual merchandising of the Halloween offer.

newsXpress Harbourtown feels spooky and customers comment on this when they enter – they are clearly spending their money too.  The fun created is excellent and commercially valuable.  Well done to everyone involved at Harbourtown!

Building the online presence

newsXpress has republished advice for members on how to promote their businesses online.  Following the advice prepared exclusively by newsXpress, our members are guaranteed of being easily found online by Google and other search engines.

We have evidence from newsXpress members who have followed this advice who are now generating sales opportunities for their business.

This is another example of the newsXpress difference in action.  Our online marketing advice helps our stores move stock and thereby extracting better returns from our great supplier deals.   In this regard, we are valuably unique.

newsXpress Oxenford sells out of some Halloween product

ozenford-halloween.JPGWayne Case is from the US and knows a thing or two abour Halloween.  He loves that newsXpress embraces the season and that he can too at his newsXpress Oxenford store.

Having ordered more stock this year than last, the newsXpress Oxenford team is thrilled that sales are already ahead.  The newsXpress Exclusive Hallmark Voice Changer has already sold out and more stock is on order.

They have trimmed stationery space to free more space for Halloween.

As the photo shows – they are having fun with the season and making great use of the newsXpress Halloween marketing collateral.

Halloween at ewnsXpress Top Ryde City

topryde-halloween.jpgHalloween is front and centre at newsXpress Top Ryde with this high impact display on the lease line and facing into the mall.

With an appropriate mix of scary and fun, the display is sure to bring plenty of younger shoppers to the store.  Attracting this demographic is a key part of the newsXpress Halloween strategy.

Well done to everyone at Top Ryde for a top Halloween display!

Crime scene at newsXpress Watergardens!

img_0008.JPGRenee and the team at newsXpress Watergardens has thrown open the front third of the store to Halloween with all sorts of displays and promotions.  One generating considerable interest is this marking of a body on the floor of a shop.  It helps create a tremendous sense of place for the Halloween theme.

It is impossible for shoppers to visit the store for a newspaper, magazine or card and not be consumed by the Halloween opportunity.

Brilliant retail theatre!  Well done to everyone involved!

newsXpress stores across the country are getting into the Halloween spirit.  It is going to be a fun October!

Halloween at newsXpress Castle Towers

castletowers-halloween.jpgThe Halloween display on the dance floor at newsXpress Castle Towers makes a stong statement, pulling customers in from the mall to browse and shop.

Embracing the theatre and fun of Halloween, this display is does the team behind its creation proud.

One reason newsXpress embraced Halloween so strongly so many years ago was that it attracts younger shoppers – a challenging demographic for newsagencies.  The display at Castle Towers shows how appealing we can be to this crowd.

Eli Waters leverages NRL Grand Final

eliwaters-nrl.jpgnewsXpress Eli Waters is leveraging customer allegiances again this week with more AFL Grand Final syndicates as well as syndicates promoting Sunday’s NRL Grand Final.

These team focused promotions generate excellent customer interest and drive incremental sales. They are a great way of showing off the newsXpress Point of difference locally.

Well done Eli Waters!

In Store newsletter template for October

newsXpress last week published the October edition of our In Store neweletter.  This is a document which stores can customise to their business in a few seconds and print locally.  Many newsXpress members sent the newsletter with accounts, place them in bags or hand them out with newspapers.

This professionally designed newsletter is another example of the newsXpress difference.

Members can download the October newsletter from the member’s area of the newsXpress website.

Trick or Treat at newsXpress Whittlesea

whitlesea-halloween2.JPGThe team at newsXpress Whittlesea is promoting Halloween in several locations in store including this feature location next to newspapers.

This display focuses on the Trick or Treat Halloween experience and the activities planned by the store to promote Halloween in the town.

Halloween is an excellent opportunity to show off retail theatre and to, through this, attract new customers to the business.

It is great to see newsXpress Whittlesea going all out for Halloween 2010.

Halloween at newsXpress Redcliffe

redcliffe-halloween.JPGThe team at newsXpress Redcliffe has created a terrific display promoting Halloween products.  From costumes to party supplies to fun toys, the Halloween range is well displayed and certain to drive good sales.  The display is an excellent example of great visual merchandising enticing shoppers to the store.

Hanging from the ceiling behind the display is the exclusive newsXpress Halloween collateral.

Halloween art entries rolling in at newsXpress Whittlesea

whittlesea-halloween1.JPGIn the front window and hangling above the counter at newsXpress Whittlesea is an excellent selection of entries in the Halloween colouring competition.  Achieving this many entries so early shows the value of a strong local community connection for newsXpress Whittlesea.  Well done to everyone involved! The store has an excellent display of Halloween products as well as some events planned to drive further interest in the season.

Halloween a hit at newsXpress Knox

knox-trickortreat.JPGOn Saturday, with the AFL Grand Final in full swing, the team at newsXpress Knox took down the behind the counter Grand Final display and replaced with this terrific Halloween display.  While Halloween is promoted on the dance floor, this display is designed to drive counter impulse purchases.  The same approach hs worked a treat for partworks and the AFL Grand Final last week.

With the Grand Final a draw the Halloween display has been taken down and our impulse purchase display for the Grand Final put back up.

newsXpress and Hallmark innovation for Halloween

halloween-voice-changer.JPGnewsagency marketing group newsXpress is exclusively offering a Halloween voice changer sourced through Hallmark in the United States.  The voice changer offers a range of voices which are certain to add to fun this Halloween.  What makes this product more exciting is the innovative pricing.  The voice changer is priced at $14.95.  Customers buying three Hallmark cards can buy the voice changer for just $9.95.

Many newsXpress stores have the voice changer as a centrepiece of the Halloween display because it is an exclusive to newsXpress product.

Early indications are that Halloween 2010 will be bigger and better than Halloween 2009.

Halloween colouring competition from newsXpress

halloween-colouring.jpgnewsXpress last week provided all stores in the group with details and materials for local Halloween colouring competitions.

Designed to help build community and local group engagement in this fun season, newsXpress stores are already reporting strong interest with some entries already received.

The colouring competition is part of a range of engagement opportunities for newsXpress members to drive a great halloween season.

Product deals pay off for newsXpress members

oceangrove-cheek.jpgnewsXpress is demonstrating the financial value of well sourced innovative product with the range of reusable drink bottles which we started promoting earlier this year.  newsXpress Ocean Grove, for example, has reordered this range six times since following the newsXpress advice just a few months ago.  How great is that!  Great impulse business, extending the shopping basket and demonstrating that newsXpress Ocean grove is not your average newsagency.

Product deals are one thing, sourcing products which sell well is another.

This is another newsXpress success story.

Great innovation at newsXpress Deception Bay

deceptionbay-recordable-innovation.JPGThe placement of the innovative Hallmark recordable Storybook range in with magazines by the team at newsXpress Deception Bay is sheer genius.

What a great way to show off this innovative product from Hallmark to more customers!

Off location displays, placing a product outside of the usual space for its category, is a tactic newsXpress encourages for its members.

The placement by newsXpress Deception Bay in their magazine fixturing will get plenty of customers browsing the Hallmark storybooks and browsing leads to buying.