newsXpress offers half-price POS software connected Shopify websites to newsagents

Online is the biggest opportunity of 2024 without a doubt. The latest benchmark for Aussie retail reports online as 10% of total business revenue.

In the Aussie newsagency channel, the average figure for those with a website is under 5%.

If you don’t have a website, what would a 5% bump in revenue feel like?

We have businesses we have helped achieve a 20% bump in revenue in a year from online.

We leverage our Tower Systems experience and our newsXpress experience exclusively to help you be open 24/7, serve new shoppers and add valuable net profit in using existing overheads. Our skillset is unique, our experience backed by plenty of success.

newsXpress exclusive. We offer access to a half price, fixed price, beautiful Shopify website connected to your Tower POS software. We back this with advice and mentorship to help you find a profitable niche you like.

If you can’t increase local physical shopper traffic, online is a smart move to improve business reach and profitability.

One newsXpress member launched a website with us last year and added $50,000 in good margin revenue in six months.

Another newsXpress member used their website to pitch an entirely new product category and found a profitable second business as a result, using existing labour and facilities in the shop.

We showed another newsXpress member how to expand the reach of their website and within two months they achieved thousands in additional good margin revenue.

It’s easy to say no to a website if you don’t have one because you don’t know what you don’t know. It’s also easy if you had one in the past and it failed.

Most websites don’t work. Smart people use a failure to do better next time.

Core to website success is filling needs and wants. While needs and wants are quite different, they compel good online business.

Here are the top reasons why we think every retail business needs a website:

  1. Capture sales when you are closed. Typically, more than 50% of online purchases are then the brick and mortar business is closed.
  2. Engage when you are closed. Use chat to answer questions from anywhere, or you geek-out and have an AI chatbot do this.
  3. Reach people not currently shopping with you. Typically, 75% of sales are from people located nowhere near your shop.
  4. Have a second outlet for quitting stock.
  5. Have a place where you can experiment.
  6. Playing with a plan Bin case your shop finds itself in choppy waters.
  7. To learn. A website, especially your first website, teaches you so much: What people want. What they could pay. Haw awful some people are.
  8. To get you out of a rut. If you’ve been in your shop for ages and are mailing it in each day, a website could put a spring in your step.
  9. To make your shop more valuable. Having a website can make your shop more appealing when you decide to sell.
  10. To find a secondary brand. Could be the first step in a shop rebrand.
  11. To drive traffic to the shop. People will find products on your website and visit as a result, for sure.
  12. To give you another source of revenue that is completely unrelated to anything you do in your shop.
  13. To harvest email addresses. Email marketing from Shopify is a breeze.

Having a website gives people a landing page from your Facebook, Instagram and TikTok posts. This is important.

Advice for local retail newsagents on navigating economic headwinds

Whether we agree with it or not, there is plenty of news and chatter about economic headwinds. That chatter often reaches the counters of local retailers, like local newsagents.

newsXpress helps newsagents strategically and operationally. In addition to excellent supplier deals and new traffic through new categories, newsXpress provides strategic advice. This article is an example of that advice.

The negative economic coverage, especially in media outlets that love to run negative stories, impacts local retail.

Relentlessly, media outlets overload with recession stories, fuelling worry and anxiety and challenging consumer confidence.

It’s tempting to get drawn to the doom and gloom stories, to amplify the woe is me narrative. But that does not help.

Plenty of people in business, especially small business, prefer to look ahead, to focus on the other side of the recession as it is that view of what could be that motivates.

We think a back to basics approach is what is needed to get us through the chatter and coverage. We think it’s right for our software business, the retail shops we own and for the many local businesses we serve.

The back to basics guiding principles we share here are focussed on this, focussed on providing sure footing today and encouraging optimism for tomorrow.

This is not a list from which you choose what you like. Our advice is that you do everything on this list, because in our experience, together they provide the best chance of navigating the recession well.

  1. Nurture what makes the business money and fix or stop what does not make the business money. Leverage strengths. Fix or eliminate weaknesses.
  2. Embrace ways to broaden the reach of the business.
  3. Make safe decisions, decisions you know will work. For example, buy well. That is, buy what will sell easily, quickly.
  4. Embrace ways you can add value to what you sell without spending more.
  5. Be frugal. Before every spending decision ask 2 questions: do we need this? Will this add value? Review every business expense. Cut those that do not add value.
  6. Your next step is in front of you. Look ahead, not behind. Talk up, not down.
  7. If you feel overwhelmed, take it one step at a time. Every day, do something that makes you happy.

When should you start? Now. But not alone. This is a whole of business project. Involve the whole team and embrace all the points at every opportunity.

How do we know these principles work? We have experience trading through two recessions, one country wide and the other sector wide. We also traded through Covid with excellent results – because we embraced these principles back in early March 2020.

Let’s take a moment to unpack principle #3, make safe decisions. Safe decisions are those you can bet on because they work every time. They may not be exciting, but they are safe. They may not be the best margin, but they are safe. Safe decisions are all about certainty, providing a small step that is stable, sure-footed. Put a few of those in a row and you feel better. Feeling better is key to helping you navigate the Covid recession.

While we understand the value of news, there may be value in consuming less news, staying away from the negative stories. Your success is the most important news right now.

If you would like support in running your newsagency, consider newsXpress. We are a group that provides practical support without any obligation for you to do what we suggest and without any obligation to buy from any specific supplier.

It is cliché, but …. We are here for you. If you think we could help, please reach out to us at

How to Be Motivated Every Day: Advice for Local Retailers from newsXpress

When it comes to local retail, to owning and running a local retail newsagency shop, motivation is key. As a local retailer, it can be tough to stay motivated every day. The hours are long, the work is challenging, and sometimes it feels like nobody appreciates all that you do. But it’s important to remember why you got into retail in the first place, and to find ways to stay motivated throughout the day. In this blog post, we will share some advice on how to stay motivated and keep your energy up!

First, it’s important to have a clear goal or vision for your local retail newsagency business. What are you hoping to achieve? Write down your goals and refer to them often. This will help you stay focused and motivated as you work towards something specific.

It’s also important to take care of yourself physically and mentally. Get enough sleep, eat healthy meals, and take breaks when you need them. This will help you stay focused and energized throughout the day.

Finally, remember to have fun! Retail can be challenging, but it can also be rewarding, it should be rewarding, you can make it rewarding. Find ways to enjoy your work, and don’t forget to celebrate your successes along the way. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to being motivated every day!

Here’s a secret that works every time for motivation: have a list.

Yes, it is that simple. try it. End the day with making a short list for the next morning. This means you start the day with things to go, goals to achieve and joy to feel when you tick them off. make sure that the list kicks off with some easy wins.

Never let the list get out of control. Always have it with you, so you can pick something to do, something you know needs doing. Then, do it.

And, if something does feel overwhelming, rather than getting sucked down a sink hole of thoughts, m worry and doubt, take a step, a single step, yes take a step forward because even one step, some small step, can help you feel you have achieved something toward that goal.

While we are not mental health professionals, our experience in local small business retail and working with many retail newsagents is that a small step toward a goal can be motivating, encouraging. In some cases this is the foundation of motivation. It’s why a list can work, why it can be the answer to motivation for a local small business retailer like a newsagent.

newsXpress helps local retail newsagents run more enjoyable and valuable shops. We do this is a range of unique ways that we have developed over the years of working with newsagents, primarily local retail newsagents on the high street and in regional and rural Australia.

newsXpress is a marketing group delivering support, ideas, motivation and commercial opportunities to newsagents – from which they can choose what works best for them.

Advice for anyone considering buying a local retail newsagency

Buying a newsagency can be a good move. They are solid businesses with plenty of opportunity. From the traditional to the innovative, the local Aussie retail newsagency is a good business to own, one in which new retailers and experienced retailers can thrive.

newsXpress helps local Aussie retail newsagents make the most from their businesses.

There has been a surge of interest in buying a newsagency in the last couple of years. It makes sense. newsagencies are good businesses to own. Hard work, for sure, but good solid businesses that can improve in value.

Retail businesses in our channel are appealing, and, looking out in the market, there are some excellent opportunities.

A common question we are asked by people who find me through is what should I ask for when looking at buying a newsagency?

The question itself, when asked, indicates how green a prospective purchaser is when it comes to purchasing a business. Our first advice is that they better understand the newsagency business of today, to understand what they could be buying into.

There are newsagencies for sale today that are ready to run, and that are easy to run. There are others that need some love and attention. Either could be right for you, depending on your circumstances and what you are looking for.

This is why it is important to you are sure about what it is you are looking for from a retail newsagency you buy. Yes, it starts with what you want.

Here is an updated list of data we suggest prospective newsagency business purchasers access from the vendor or their representative:

P&L from the accountant for the last two years. i.e. not a spreadsheet created for the purpose.

A list of add-backs used to achieve a profit figure on which the asking price is based.

Tax returns for the same two years. While note always appropriate given business structures, they can provide a cross check with the accountant P&L.

Sales data reports, for the last two years, from the POS software in use – to verify the income claim. This source data is key.

Sales data reports from the lottery terminal to verify the income claim.

BAS forms to confirm data in the P&L.

A list of all inventory in the business including the purchase price and date last sold for each item. And, copies of invoices from which you can randomly select to verify.

A copy of the shop lease.

A copy of any leases the vendor expects you to take on board.

A list of all forward orders placed on behalf of the business.

A list of all employees: name, hourly rate, nature of employment, start date, accrued leave and accrued long service leave.

This is good basic information, a starting point, which will enable any purchaser to undertake reasonable assessment of a business.

Our advice to newsagents looking to sell who may be concerned about this list is: think about it now and focus on your business so the data we have listed looks good. The time to prepare your newsagency for sale is every day you are in the business.

This is why we say every day is your pay day. Run a smart, lean and profit focused business and you will have a good pay day today and a good one when you come to sell.

The most appealing businesses are those that are easier to run and are making money.

Sure a purchaser can turn a business around. They should get the rewards if they are expected to do that for your business.

The price you can sell your business for will be based on what it is making now.

But back to those considering buying a newsagency:

Know what you want.

Know what you are capable of.

Know what you could achieve in a retail newsagency.

Buy based on opportunity.

Own the decisions yourself. It would be a mistake to buy a business Ess solely based on what someone else tells you you can do if they themselves are not going to be there to help you achieve those things. It’s why we say you need to own the decisions yourself in terms off what you can do.

newsXpress supports local retail newsagents. We do offer advice and practical help. we nurture, encourage and train. We provide a toolkit and commercial opportunities.

newsXpress can be the sounding board, the support network, the well of assistance. But, ultimately, your local retail newsagency is yours to run how you choose.

newsXpress can be a good support for anyone buying their first newsagency business. We can help you achieve.

Why shopping local matters to the local community and how newsXpress helps local retail newsagents serve locally

Shopping local has a big impact on the local community. Here are four reasons why shopping local matters:

1. It supports the local economy.

When you shop at a locally owned business, more of your money stays in the local economy. This is especially important in small towns and rural areas, where every dollar counts.

2. It creates jobs.

Local businesses are often the biggest employers in their community. By shopping local, you’re supporting the businesses that provide jobs for your friends and neighbors.

3. It helps the environment.

Local businesses tend to use less energy and resources than big box stores. They also generate less waste. And since they’re often located in downtown areas, shopping local can also reduce your carbon footprint by cutting down on transportation emissions.

4. It builds community.

Local businesses are usually owned by people who live in the community. They’re more likely to give back to local causes and sponsor community events. When you shop local, you’re investing in the community that you call home.

Where you shop is a choice you can make, and 100% it is your to make. But if you are in a community group that needs support, the more local businesses you support the more they are able to support local community groups.

Additionally, many local business donate a certain amount of their proceeds to local charities or they fundraising for local groups and often sponsor local community events. So, not only are you supporting the local economy, but also causes that may be important to you.

When people shop at large corporations, very little of that money actually stays in the community. In fact, most of it goes to shareholders who live in other parts of the country or even in other parts of the world. Corporations have a primary responsibility of driving shareholder value.

But when you shop local, the vast majority of the money you spend stays right here in town, benefiting everyone who lives and works here.

Plus, local businesses are more likely to hire people from the community, so you’re also supporting your friends and neighbors.

So the next time you need to buy something, think about shopping local first. It’s good for the community, and it’s good for you, too.

So, the next time you need a birthday card, some stationery, pens, pencils, magazines or even wonderful gifts, shop your local retail newsagency and see the difference in and value from supporting local retail businesses.

newsXpress helps local retailers, local retail newsagency businesses to transform into more valuably current retail experiences, offering more products people want today and doing this in a way that respects the local community.

In your local newsXpress retail; business you are bound to find plenty of Aussie made products, which help support local Aussie jobs.

newsXpress helps local newsagents create more value in and from their local retail businesses

The value a retailer derives from their business depends on decisions they make daily.

In a newsagency it can be challenging with some of the requirements relating to some of the products sold.

newsXpress helps local retail newsagents pours value in a range of ways from the big picture to the small and local – like at the individual product level.

The value of a product depends on the gross profit for that product, what you sell it for less what you paid for it. The real value of a product is the gross profit less the labour, and retail space costs for the product. The value of a product over a year is these things times the quantity of the product sold.

If you sell a gift for $250 with a GP% of 50%, you make $125.00. That’s the same as the GP you would make from around 380 newspapers, 85 magazines or 100 or so lottery tickets.

The challenge is to have the right higher price point items that sell at good volume to deliver more bankable margin dollars than you will make from lower margin legacy products.

This is where newsXpress helps its retail newsagent members grow profit, and through this cultivate greater value for their businesses, and from that flows enjoyment.

Can anyone sell items worth $250 or more? In our experience, yes!

But, value is about more than the ticket price of an item. Other factors:

– Buy price.

– Stock turn.

– Shrinkage.

– Differentiation.

newsXpress offers advice and support to local retail newsagents on these, helping you to maximise every value opportunity.

We know that if we help you maximise value at the transaction level, it plays our wonderfully when the time comes for you to sell your business.

Helping local retail newsagents cultivate value.

We guide local retail newsagents to harvest greater value, profit, and thereby make your business worth more.

Our community of supporting and engaged preferred suppliers offer members better margin opportunities.

We shine a light on products that turn faster.

We have preferred suppliers who: provide exclusive product and who offer first to market opportunities.

Exclusive. Plenty of our preferred suppliers do not sell to other newsagents.

Our central billing program unlocks for you delayed billing terms, and more.

Our shop floor tactical training and guidance can help you achieve higher inventory turn rates, delivering a better return on investment, better return on floor space, and better return on labour.

This is key – buying a product at a deal price is good, but not the answer if that product does not sell in an efficient way. newsXpress helps you drive product turn efficiency.

Enjoying your local retail newsagency business.

Okay, this is important for any retailer and especially for local retail newsagents.

Enjoying your business helps you make better decisions. It also helps those with you in the business make better business decisions.

Through our newsXpress community you have friends you can have a laugh with, and folks you can trust to decompress with.

In our Zoom meetings and other contact points we, together, have a laugh.

The business itself becomes enjoyable when speed bumps are overcome and stormy weather guided away. Having access to your own business mentor can help achieve these things.

Success is enjoyable. We encourage and help to find success so you can feel the happiness it brings.

We understand, too, that enjoyment can be different for each of us. We are keen to know what enjoyment feels like for you, to make sure that we tap into enjoyment in a way that is meaningful to you.

Now, let’s turn to the how

Nurturing your success – a message for local retail newsagents.

newsXpress helps local retail newsagents nurture success through opportunities you can leverage, often needing little or no capital investment. We share these in one of our regular (at least twice a week) member emails, or our regular member Zoom meetings.

Opportunities can be new suppliers, new products, in-store tactical changes, out of store marketing ideas. Often, they are early adopter opportunities that can help our members win before other retailers know about the opportunity.

We lay out for your consideration a pathway to a success. These are curated by business, considering local needs and owner situations.

Opportunities can be sales to people who will never visit your shop through any of several national #1 ranked consumer facing websites, and / or your own exclusive website, under a brand you choose.

newsXpress is a local retail newsagency marketing group. Our goal is to help our newsXpress member retail shops to be the best locally, the happiest, and the move valuable. What we offer and do is different business by business, depending on their needs, and focussed on their situation.

This is not a one size fits all approach, because local retail is not one size fits all. It’s what makes local retail so loved by folks in the local community.

How does newsXpress compare to Newspower, and are they the same?

newsXpress is not Newspower and Newspower is not newsXpress. While they may at first glance appear to be similar in their work for and support of newsagents, they are very different.

Newsagents looking for support for their business need to know for sure what they are looking for before they start to compare newsXpress and Newspower, they need to be sure of what matters to them.

Since we are newsXpress, we can speak to what we do, and this is what we will do here, rather than speculate as to what Newspower may not do. That research of the comparison between Newspower and newsXpress is something that only a newsagent can do for no one at Newspower understands what newsXpress offers and jo one at newsXpress understands what newspower offers.

newsXpress helps local newsagents run more enjoyable and valuable businesses. That’s our goal. It’s our focus every day, through every action.

With almost all of our newsXpress member newsagency businesses on the high street in the suburbs and in regional and rural Australia, our work is truly small business focussed.

We are a practical bunch, people with this local retail experience, which we bring to life when working with newsagents to help them grow more valuable and enjoyable businesses.

At newsXpress, we think every newsagent has the opportunity to make their own future.

It’s true, we all make our own future.

And, in the newsagency channel, in 2022, the opportunities for making a brighter future are terrific.

From what you sell to how you sell to when you sell to those you sell to … it’s all changing, which is terrific news because in change there is opportunity.

We can help. In fact, we’d love to help you.

How newsXpress helps is 100% up to you.

We help businesses that have limited or no capital grow in value. Our team of twelve retail professionals has a deep well of skills and experience.

For $175.00 a month, we offer value on which you can rely.

2022 is going well for many of newsXpress members.

Our free Thank You card promotion drove above-average card sales in our newsXpress newsagency businesses.

Our new EFTPOS deal is delivering excellent savings on EFTPOS fees.

Our support of Fight MND in our local newsagency shops has raised our community engagement profile.

Our Royal Australian Mint relationship has delivered exclusive opportunities for newsXpress newsagents, with more opportunities on the way.

Our card relay strategy is driving double-digit growth in card sales for newsXpress newsagents.

Our financially subsidised hosted 3-day supplier showroom visits in May were a massive hit!

Our US retail study tour is full with active retailers keen for experiencing local small business retail innovation.

Plus, we have added more preferred suppliers, delivered bonus margin and welcomed more new members to our community.

We’re loving 2022.

newsXpress believes that for each newsXpress newsagent, each retailer in our group, their future is theirs to make, to embrace, to celebrate.

Our pitch is backed by actionable items you can take. You can bank on it.

To us, the future is about value, the value of your business – what you make today and what you will make when you decide to sell.

Profit is the measurement of success, and key to value today and in the future.

The newsagency channel was created in the 1880s to distribute a magazine through the goldfields of Victoria. Some of the agency arrangements put in place then can be seen in business arrangements today.

While we understand and respect the history of the channel, the future for our shops is the future. It’s nothing like those goldfield days.

Making the most of the opportunities of the future is about what we talk about in this document.

What you sell. How you sell. When you sell. The customers you sell to. It’s all up for grabs, there for the taking. It starts with the narrative of your business, how you pitch yourself.

Our advice can include encouraging you to let go of some things that don’t make money and don’t, as Marie Kondo says, spark joy.

How far you go is 100% up to you. Our job is to pitch ideas and opportunities. What you do with them is up to you. Once you decide, we can help with practical steps.

While we understand that for plenty of newsagents, old-school products and services are valuable, their value is declining. Acting now can protect your business against those declines.

You’re not alone. We help you, work with you, hold your hand and encourage you – as much or as little as you want.

For each of us in business, what we achieve is up to us. Our future is about what we do today.

But back to the hypothetical question of how newsXpress compares to Newspower? Take your time. Do your own research. Look at the evidence, and decide which group is right for your needs.

Find a newsagent near me – helping Aussies find their local newsagent

If you are looking for your local retail newsagent, a newsagent near you, you are probably looking for somewhere to buy awesome cards, or everyday stationery or magazines you love or newspapers.

Today, many Australians shop at their local newsagency, the newsagency near them, for awesome gifts, and homewares, and toys, and games, and jigsaws.

The local Australian newsagency business has changed so much, has evolved into a wonderful retail business.

Years ago, the local newsagency business was your smokes, lotteries, magazines and newspaper shop. What many would call an agency business. Today, the local newsagency shop is more likely to be an engaged retail business, somewhere fun and enjoyable and innovating.

Retail has changed so much and so has the local Aussie newsagent.

newsXpress is part of that change. we help local Aussie newsagents transform their businesses into appealing, growing and more valuable shops.

We achieve this by working with local newsagents, providing them access to better products at great margins, improving their shop fit and appearance and driving traffic into their shops through our national marketing programs.

At every step of the way the newsagent is in control, owning their own future. newsXpress provides advise, ideas and access to resources. The actual decisions are for the local business owner to make.

This is the way local retail business should be – with the owner in control, determining their own future.

When you look for a local newsagent near me you are likely to be offered a range of quite different businesses because, today, no two newsagents are the same. The consistency of decades ago has gone, which is a good thing because a local business needs to reflect the local community, it needs to serve the local community – and local communities themselves have changed.

Your local newsXpress newsagency business will be a place of innovation and change, a place where you can find wonderful gifts, a range of truly beautiful cards your family and friends will love, a place where your home office needs can be met and a place where you can find items of happiness and joy.

Your local newsXpress newsagency is a local shop serving the local community, which is terrific for the community and all who live there.

When you are looking for a newsagent near me, we hope you will find your local newsXpress newsagency and shop there.

We achieved this by working with local newsagents, providing them access to better products at great margins, improving their shop fit and appearance and driving traffic into their shops through our national marketing programs.

Is being in a newsagency marketing group worth it?

Is being in a newsagency marketing group worth it?

I bought my first newsagency in February 1996. Today, I am grateful to own four, with the most recent purchased in December 2021 in Malvern Victoria.

Over the years I have owned businesses that were part of Newspower and nextra. That changed in 2005 when I invested in newsXpress. It would have been a conflict to remain in any other group.

I have found that being part of a proactive newsagency marketing group is vital and here’s why I believe this … a proactive marketing group will place before you opportunities and ideas beyond those you may have discovered for yourself, and they will do this ahead of the pack.

newsXpress is different to other groups. We have been first with traffic generating product opportunities, first with new and valuable supplier relationships and first through Covid withy real help.

newsXpress membership costs $175.00 (inc. GST) a month and for that our members have access to:

  1. Strategic planning. Based on your situation, your data and your budget … a plan for you to consider. Whether you embrace it is 100% up to you.
  2. Bonus rebates. Offering bonus margin opportunities off newsXpress member pricing.
  3. Curated supplier showroom visits. Exclusive early access to launch opportunities.
  4. Seasonal marketing collateral. Beautiful. Exclusive. A1. Double-sided.
  5. Digital collateral. 100s of exclusive assets for your use each year.
  6. Digital collateral for in-store use. Ready for you to print, and use.
  7. Catalogue opportunities. While catalogues don’t work the way they used to – just ask Coles, Woolworths or Ovato – we do offer specialty / niche product catalogue opportunities from time to time.
  8. Customer loyalty cards. For 3 different categories. Free to members.
  9. Exclusive to newsXpress seasons. To help you attract new shoppers.
  10. 100+ preferred suppliers. Better margin. Faster selling. Good terms.
  11. Social media collateral. Images, and videos ready for you to use.
  12. National consumer facing websites. Connection for your shop is easy.
  13. Half price Shopify website.  Connected to your business, made for you.
  14. Supplier problem resolution. We actively represent you.
  15. Landlord negotiation. We help you negotiate.
  16. Low EFTPOS rates. We launched least cost routing in Jan. 2018 and better new deal in March 2022.
  17. Product buying. To your budget, we create orders for you to consider.
  18. Business management advice. Evidence-based advice.
  19. Team member training.
  20. Visual merchandising advice, training, and inspiration.
  21. Shop fit, and layout advice. We have helped save thousands of dollars.
  22. HR. Timely access to award rates.
  23. Member meetings. Online. Via Zoom. Regularly.
  24. Supplier launches / presentations. Filmed by us, for you.
  25. Private Facebook group. Talk about anything, any time.
  26. Online knowledge base. 150+ business management articles.
  27. Deals envelope. Exclusive member deals from suppliers.
  28. Financial guidance. Helping you budget for profit.
  29. Listening. We can be your sounding board on anything.
  30. Mental health support. We will help any way we can.
  31. More. We do more than this every day.

If you want fresh ideas, new traffic ideas for your business, reach out today and see whether newsXpress could be right for you:

Mark Fletcher, Managing Director, newsXpress.

What newsXpress looks for in prospective newsagency marketing group members

We are keen to partner with business owners who look ahead, who want to run a more successful and enjoyable business, and who are open to change.

  • Your location is no barrier.
  • The size of your business is no barrier.
  • Being an Australia Post LPO is no barrier.
  • Your card supplier preference is no barrier.
  • Your financial situation is no barrier.
  • Having lotto, or not, is no barrier.
  • Your age, gender, and ethnicity are no barrier.

What matters most is what you want for your business, and for yourself from your business.

If, for example, you think your future relies on newspaper home delivery, lotteries, parcel collection, betting account top-up, and similar agency business, newsXpress will not be a good fit for you.

If what you want is a more successful, valuable, and enjoyable business, we may be the right fit for you.

Not everyone is, though. In the past there are times we have wished someone all the best and let them know we are not a good fit for them.

Successfully being part of newsXpress requires from you: energy, and engagement. Joining, and doing nothing would not be good for you, your business or our business. This is why we consider prospective members as much as they consider us.

The relationship is a partnership, one we both need to ensure is right.

It’s critical we get this right, critical that we welcome people who do want change, people who look ahead and not behind. We want people who want to contribute to the newsXpress community as much as we contribute to their business.

I love working with retailers who are excited by success. That first win is always the best, so motivating.
Michael Elvey, newsXpress Retail Development Manager / mentor.

newsXpress takes its service of small business newsagents, their businesses and those who rely on their businesses seriously. Our work is comprehensive, relentless and broad in terms of its application with and for a local newsagency business.

We are grateful to serve many wonderful retailers who themselves add value to what newsXpress means and is able to offer. This collective community is a wonderful thing of which to be part.

newsXpress helps local Aussie newsagent retailers to nurture success

Nurturing your success.

We nurture your success through opportunities you can leverage, often needing little or no capital investment. We share these in one of our regular (at least twice a week) member emails, or our regular member Zoom meetings.

Opportunities can be new suppliers, new products, in-store tactical changes, out of store marketing ideas. Often, they are early adopter opportunities that can help our members win before other retailers know about the opportunity.

We lay out for your consideration a pathway to a success.

Opportunities can be sales to people who will never visit your shop through any of several national #1 ranked consumer facing websites, and / or your own exclusive website, under a brand you choose.

Helping you cultivate value.

We guide you to harvest greater value, profit, and thereby make your business worth more.

Our 100+ preferred suppliers offer members better margin opportunities.

We shine a light on products that turn faster.

We have preferred suppliers who: provide exclusive product and who offer first to market opportunities.

We have preferred suppliers who do not sell to other newsagents.

Our central billing program unlocks for you delayed billing terms.

Our shop floor tactical training and guidance can help you achieve higher inventory turn rates, delivering a better return on investment, better return on floor space, and better return on labour.

Enjoying your business.

Through our newsXpress community you have friends you can have a laugh with, and folks you can trust to decompress with.

Success is enjoyable. We encourage and help to find success so you can feel the happiness it brings.

Joining newsXpress is one of the smartest decisions we’ve made in 33 years of business.

The ideas and encouragement from the wonderful team at head office, as well as other newsXpress members, has helped us transform our newsagency into a beautiful store that our customers love.

And even better are the many friendships we’ve formed with other members Australia wide.
Jenny & Craig Boyd, newsXpress Highlands Marketplace, NSW.