Kids love beanie boos as gifts

Kids love beanie boos, and beanie boos are a perfect gift for kids. We all know how hard it is to buy gifts for children, but beanie boos are the answer! Here’s why:

1) Kids love beanie boos because they’re soft and cuddly like a stuffed animal;

2) Beanies come in many different styles so you can find one that matches your child’s personality perfectly;

3) The price of these toys makes them affordable enough to purchase more than one at once;

4) The beanie boo range continues to grow.

5) there are beanie boos that are loved by boys as well a girls.

6) a family can collect beanie boos and this way be connected with their own boos when they are apart from each other.

A beanie boo is a soft and cuddly toy made from beautiful fabric. The beanie boos come in many different styles, so you can find one that matches your child’s personality perfectly! They are affordable enough to buy more than one at once. Kids love beanie boos because they’re just like the stuffed animals we all know and love, but with no stuffing to clean up when it gets dirty! It doesn’t matter how old kids get-from toddlers to teenagers, beanies will always be their favourite toy ever.

Beanie boos are as good on day 100 as they were on day one! They are bright and colourful. They are cuddly. They make kids smile. And, adults love them too.

Beanie boos come in many different styles so you can find just the right one to match your child’s personality.

Wonderful for collecting, beanie boos encourage kids to understand caring for something they love. They also learn about family given the different sizes of each beanie boo character available. beanie boos are toys that provide many teaching moment opportunities and that is another reason they make a wonderful gift for kids, and even sometimes for adults.

Your local newsXpress is a wonderful place to shop for beanie boos, an easy place to shop, where you will find range and plenty of new characters to love, hug and collect.

If you love hugs, cuddles and the comfort of collecting, look at beanie boos as a wonderful family waiting for you.

Jigsaws make a perfect gift for family and friends

It’s that time of year again, and you’re looking for a gift to give your friends and family. There are many different types of gifts out there: clothes, jewelry, books; the list never ends. But what about gifting them with something they will love? Give them the gift of time! A jigsaw is an excellent option for those who enjoy puzzles or just want to spend some quality time on themselves.

A jigsaw is a great gift because it’s an investment in your friends and family. They can use them to spend time with their loved ones or enjoy some alone time by themselves. It also has the potential of sparking new conversations, so they will have something to talk about with you for years to come! And don’t forget that puzzles are not only fun but educational! There is always a lot of interesting information hidden inside one puzzle; learn more about geography, history, animals – all sorts of things await those who take on this challenge.

If you’re looking for a creative way to give someone the gift of time then we have just what you need: A beautiful jigsaw which comes ready-to-assemble and is a true delight for any seasoned puzzle-lover.

Your friends and family will be thankful that you gifted them with time when you given them a jigsaw as a gift.

– A jigsaw can provide loved ones with quality time or alone time.

– Puzzles are educational and fun for those who enjoy them.

– Give someone you care about this creative present which comes ready to assemble – they will be grateful that it’s the gift of time!

Jigsaws are wonderful gifts for young and old, family and friends, teachers and others. Jigsaws are an easy gift too post, too, which in 2021 is a thing for sure.

When you want to give a jigsaw they will love, consider newsXpress. We can help with selection, make shopping easy and even help you get it to them. Our range of jigsaws is vast and ready for your consideration. From the traditional to the pop culture connected to the fun to the artistic, our range of jigsaws is broad and ready for your consideration.

How important is giving a birthday card in Australia?

Birthdays can be a birthday card or just a few words of birthday wishes. However, it’s the thought that counts! Giving someone a birthday card is about showing them how much they matter to you. In this blog post, we’ll explore why giving someone you love a birthday card matters and what you should put in the birthday card when you give one.

What’s the impact of giving someone a birthday card? The impact is showing them how much you care about their birthday and letting them know that they matter to you! Next time, give someone you love a birthday card to let them know how much they matter to you.

What birthday card should I put in the birthday card? There are many different birthday cards that you could choose from. At your local newsXpress we have many birthday card options from which to choose, from serious to funny, classic to on-trend, from naughty to calming.

The birthday card should have the person’s name on it, and a birthday greeting inside. The birthday card could also be more personal with some humorous elements in it or an inspirational quote that you think they would appreciate.

Take your time when writing in the birthday card. Write from the heart. There is no right or wrong set of words as the words you write are your words, they are the words that matter the most when you write on a birthday card.

If your birthday card is for someone in the family or close friends then think of what birthday messages would make them smile on this special day. If it’s for an acquaintance then consider using one of our pre-written birthday cards that are suitable to every occasion – from formal, funny or caring. We have so many options at newsXpress that we’re sure there will be something perfect for everyone: choose from colourful designs with beautiful graphics; traditional fonts; humorous sayings like “My wishes come out as fart bubbles”; boxed cards complete with matching envelopes…the possibilities here are endless.

What birthday card should I put inside the birthday card? Begin by writing a birthday message in your birthday card for that person, i.e., “I hope you have an amazing day” or “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”. You could also consider making it personal, for example: “It was great to meet you at _________ and happy birthday”, or even more personal with something like: “Happy Birthday! It has been such a pleasure getting to know you over these last few months”. If you’re feeling creative then why not write some words of wisdom on the back of your greeting (or inside) e.g.:

-“Persistence is sometimes all we need.”

-There are no mistakes – just lessons.”

-“I have a birthday wish for you”

-Enjoy the little things in life, they’ll make your big days even better.

This is all about YOU! So why not add something that will help them to remember this birthday card forever? It doesn’t matter if it’s on the front of the birthday card or inside – just as long as it has some meaning and sentiment behind it. Keep an eye out when choosing what should go on a birthday message: think like a child with bright colours, funny faces and lots of doodles; choose words written from your heart (and maybe show love towards someone else by referencing their face).

Why buying Australian made birthday cards matters

You might be wondering why it matters whether your birthday cards are from Australia or not. Well, there are actually many benefits to buying Australian made birthday cards! For one thing, they’re made by Australians for Australians so you know that the sentiment is 100% genuine and sincere. They also have a wonderfully unique Aussie flavour as well as being a great way to support local jobs and manufacturing. Read on for 9 reasons why you should buy birthday cards from Australia today!

-It’s a birthday card from Australia – You know the sentiment is 100% genuine and sincere.

-The cards have Australian aesthetic, which makes them unique and great to support jobs in your country that are local!

-They’re made by Australians for Australians.

-Buying these birthday cards helps support manufacturing here at home. Yes, this is about local jobs.

-Supporting local jobs gives back to our communities too! Schools, roads, healthcare … they all benefit.

-Aussie made cards help make is more Aussie.

-Many locally made cards are ethically made with recycled materials, which helps reduce our carbon footprint while also keeping waste out of landfills and oceans!

-A birthday card from Australia is the perfect way to celebrate someone’s birthday on their special day here in Australia. It will make them feel loved and cared for because it comes directly from home!

-Supporting Australian Made Greeting Cards has a positive impact on the economy by providing employment opportunities as well as increasing local business profits. What better way to start your birthday celebration than knowing that you are supporting jobs and making an economic difference? Buy Australian Made Birthday Cards today!

newsXpress stores are grateful to offer more and more Australian made cards. This means more Australian jobs. This helps boost our economy, our schools, roads, healthcare and more. Buying Australian made cards is a good move for all Australians, it is good for you, for sure.

Thank you for giving birthday cards, anniversary cards, thank you cards, new home cards, christening cards, baptism cards, new baby cards and just because cards.

Thank you for buying Australian. Thank you for shopping local. Thank you for shopping newsXpress. We are over 200 locally owned community-connected retail businesses, serving you.

Finding the right Father’s Day gifts in 2021 for dad, pop, granddad and others

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and fathers all over will be in need of a gift. For fathers who love to collect, play and read, or who love some other unique and fun gift.

Whether he collects coins, does jigsaws, reads, plays games, likes a good tea, enjoys chocolate or likes a long bath, you can find many items at newsXpress that they will love having. Shopping locally has the bonus of supporting the local economy.

Dads who enjoy reading will also be able to find something in the shelves of many local newsXpress. If they enjoy a good novel, fathers will be able to find books that are perfect for their reading level, as well as books which might appeal to specific preferences fathers have when it comes to story and content.

News and magazines are another option you might want to consider when looking for gift ideas. With so much going on in the world of politics and sports, fathers might like to sit down for an hour or two with a good magazine. They can relax while looking at the articles as well as reading the latest news about the things fathers care most about.

From pop culture to jigsaws to books to homewares to BBQ tools to man cave items, your local newsXpress offers many different father’s day gifts that can help bring to life wonderful gift giving opportunities to shower dad, granddad, pa, pop and others with love this father’s day.

News and magazines are a wonderful gift fathers will be able to enjoy for years to come. Finding gifts fathers will love doesn’t have to be hard when fathers go shopping at local newsXpress locations across the country. With fathers day just around the corner, fathers who want to find really great gifts they will love should start shopping at their local newsXpress today!

Your local newsXpress is grateful to bring to the local community many father’s day gift ideas ready to give. Offered with Covid safe and fast shopping, our father’s day ranges are ready to purchase and give or send to dad and others you will buy for this 2021 father’s Day.

newsXpress supports RU OK? this Father’s Day

Every year, fathers day is a time when fathers and father figures receive more than just traditional gifts. It has become an opportunity for the public to demonstrate their love and gratitude toward fathers by raising awareness about mental health issues. This year, newsXpress is supporting the RU OK? organisation and its campaign to help educate people about mental health, to seek professional support if they are finding it difficult to cope with life’s challenges.

The RU OK? organisation operates a free national helpline that has become an integral source of support for many Australians. The fathers day campaign aims to raise awareness about the services available. It is important for fathers to address their emotional wellbeing.

Buying a Father’s Day card from many local newsXpress stores supports RU OK? and their good work in the community.

Shopping in-store for Father’s Day cards at newsXpress is Covid safe and easy. fathers

Father’s Day is celebrated on 19th September in Australia. International fathers day, on the other hand, is celebrated on 3rd June.

Australia Post released a survey on fathers day spending trends in 2013. The results show that the average Australian will spend $65 on fathers day cards for dad and $54 on fathers day gifts for their children’s dad. newsXpress stores offer an excellent range of fathers day cards to celebrate your father, fathers day gifts to buy for dad and unique fathers day cards that address the challenges fathers may face in today’s society.

With over 200 stores across Australia, newsXpress makes it easy to find a fathers day cards store in your local area. We encourage locals to drop by their local newsXpress store for their fathers day card needs this fathers day.

If you or someone you know may be struggling with mental health issues, visit the RU OK? website.

By supporting RU OK? this father’s day, newsXpress is grateful to support a vital organisation that does much good in the community. We are thankful to our customers for their support of us and through that their support of RU OK? too

. Let’s all get behind fathers day and mental health awareness this fathers day by supporting RU OK? and other organisations doing good work in this area.

For more information about the newsXpress, visit our website at

Supporting RU OK? this Father’s Day

newsXpress retailers are proud to support the good work of RU OK? with the sale of Henderson Greetings Father’s Day cards this year.

RU OK? is a wonderful and loved organisation:

R U OK? is a harm prevention charity that encourages people to  stay connected and have conversations that can help others through difficult times in their lives.

Our work focuses on building the motivation, confidence and skills of the  help-giver – the person who can have a meaningful conversation with someone who is struggling with life.

R U OK? contributes to suicide prevention efforts by encouraging people to invest more time in their  personal relationships and building the capacity of informal support networks – friends, family and colleagues – to be alert to those around them, have a conversation if they identify signs of distress or difficulty and connect someone to appropriate support, long before they’re in crisis.

newsXpress is proud to support the work of RU OK? by raising funds through the sale of the Henderson Greetings Father’s Day cards. Made in Australia, these Henderson Greetings Father’s Day cards are wonderful, cheerful and loving.

We are so happy helping to keep jobs in Australia and to raise important charity funds at the same time. Your support means a lot to us and those relying on these cards for income and charity help.

The  cards are available in many newsXpress stores a range of styles, with many featuring the artwork and signature of Australia’s leading artists.

The proceeds from the sale of these cards will go towards helping those who are hurting, educating our kids and creating a more comfortable place for everyone.

newsXpress would like to wish all that special dad amongst us have an amazing time this Father’s Day with their family and friends. Let

For more information about RU OK? please visit or the newsXpress Facebook page at

newsXpress is proud to support the work of RU OK?, and would like to wish all fathers have an amazing time this Father’s Day with their family and friends.

newsXpress shops are locally owned and run, serving local communities, making a difference.