newsXpress Gympie – ACP Newsagency of the Year

Warrick and Jo Hoskings and the team at newsXpress Gympie received long overdue praise from ACP and their peers at the annual ACP Gala Awards dinner last night in Sydney.


Beyond the bright green suit – to match the ACP magazines Emerald Club colours – Warrick and the team actively embrace every marketing opportunity possible in their business. They have to since Gympie in regional Queensland has seven newsagencies.

The team at Gympie drive newsXpress into new areas and this adds value to the 135 other newsagencies which are part of the newsXpress community.

Gift bags done right

Thanks to our work with Hallmark, newsXpress is rolling out a new approach to the merchandising of bags across its network of 120+ retail locations. Here is one example of a store to receive the new treatment:


We know from our work in a variety of test stores that the results are excellent. In addition to increased sales, there is always positive feedback from customers who enjoy the shopping experience more.

With bags replacing traditional wrapping paper sales it is important for newsagents to get their range and display right to demonstrate relevance to consumers. This is where newsXpress helps its members grow their businesses.

Greeting card marketing


newsXpress members have started receiving marketing kits as part of the new Hallmark Alliance Program. newsXpress is funding the $1,250 annual cost of Hallmark Alliance for its members. The first program many members are running with is a free card offer – based on rewarding loyal customers. This program is tied in with the newsXpress Care and Friendship Month.

The newsXpress Hallmark relationship is unique in the newsagency channel in that it goes beyond rebates and promotions. Hallmark and newsXpress share research and other data to the mutual benefit of their stakeholders. This is one reason newsXpress stores are seeing excellent sales growth in the greeting card category.

Kudos for Double A paper

newsXpress has been running an offer through some of its stores which includes an offer on Double A paper. Customer feedback is that the quality is been exceptional. What is interesting to us is that customers are making a point of complimenting us for carrying such a good quality paper and saying they are switching to this brand. So, kudos to Double A.

A Diddl success story


With the Diddl range now in half of our stores and on the way to another 25, we are seeing some excellent results. Diddl is another example of newsXpress experts discovering a new range which works well in a newsagency environment and delivering this on terms and with support to ensure the best possible commercial outcome for newsagents.

The folks behind Diddl in Australia continue to be wonderfully supporting to newsXpress and its members and for this we are grateful.

Each store is giving over either a high traffic aisle end (as shown in the photo from newsXpress Buderim) or an area of free standing space where the range can be promoted. newsXpress is supporting this exclusively for its members by sharing learnings among group members and providing marketing materials for local support.

Environmental strategy

newsXpress is proud of the environmental strategy it manages on behalf of newsagent members. From reducing use of plastic to reuse on used ink and toner cartridges to paper recycling and reduces carbon emissions, newsXpress newsagents are serious about being better citizens.

While the environmental strategy does not necessarily add to the financial bottom line of newsagencies, it does make for a better corporate citizen and a better connection with the community.

We take our social responsibility seriously and our environmental strategy is part of that.

On the road with newsXpress

newsXpress Van - Robina_6.JPG

The team at newsXpress Robina were the frist from the newsXpress group to promote their business everywhere with this corporate image van. newsXpress has an arrangement with the team behind the design of the van and offers access to the design service to all newsXpress newsagents who want to promote their brand on the road.

Exclusive diary deals for newsagents

newsXpress has launched a series of exclusive diary supply arrangements for its member newsagents. These deals make product available on substantially better terms than available to individual newsagents. The commercailk value of the arrangement is significant for newsagents of all sizes as the newsXpress deals trade off the collecting volume of our 120+ stores.

newsXpress Jamison

newsXpress Jamison is a new location opened to our brand recently. They have undertaken a creative shop fit which respects newsagency traditions yet pursues new sales opportunities in stationery and allied areas.


newsXpress Armidale

Take a look at the smiles on Ewan and Rod Carr from newsXpress Carr’s Armidale.


Ewan, Rod and their families are go getters in Armidale and have joined newsXpress to further grow their business and to help the newsagency group grow as well. We are thrilled to have them as part of the newsXpress team as they show how a regional / rural newsagency can be very competitive yet retain the enjoyment of a happy family business.