End of financial year promotions at newsXpress

eddba85c-7018-4fbe-a5da-730b809c82d4newsXpress members have been promoting the End of the Financial Year with in-store and social media promotions. Offered several forms of collateral by the group, newsXpress members have appreciated the choices available to them for leveraging what has become an important sales event in retail.

The promotional collateral from newsXpress has enabled newsXpress members to tap into consider interest generated by national retail groups around tax time savings.

The Rocky Road House a hit at newsXpress stores

nx-rockyThe Rocky Road House rocky road is delicious. better still, it is popular with customers as a recent facebook promotion by newsXpress discovered. People love this product and are seeking out our shops to purchase.

Gluten and nut free, products from The Rocky Road House are safe and tasty. we are thrilled to have them in our newsXpress businesses.

Our recent Facebook promotion generated more than 100 likes, plenty of shares and close to 15,00 views in a few short days.

This is another successful social media engagement by newsXpress on behalf of members.

Funko Pop! Vinyl in newsXpress stores nationally

IMG_7903Close to 100 newsXpress stores have Funko Pop! Vinyl characters – bringing these sought-after collectibles to businesses around Australia. We have Funko Pop! Vinyls for Star Wars, Inside Out, Ghostbusters, Game of Thrones, The Walking dead, Breaking Bag, Scooby Do, The X Files, Batman, Firefly, Adventure Time, Dr Who and plenty more.

newsXpress is the place for pop culture, the place for fun.

newsXpress adds five new members last week

newsXpress welcomed five new members last week in a continuation of the excellent membership growth in 2015.

We don’t name the members here as we have found it better to not provide our competitors with this information too early.

The latest growth is coming at a time when newsXpress members themselves are reporting good news around traffic growth, revenue growth and GP % growth.

Our goal is to help newsXpress members grow and be a local competitive force to be reckoned with. This is helped y our continuing to grow as a group.

We appreciate the support of newsagents switching to newsXpress and embracing the opportunities we present to them.

What an exciting year this is!

newsXpress members loving bonus jigsaw margin & traffic

newsXpress members are loving the bonus margin they are making on collectible jigsaws. Better still, they are loving the additional margin they are making on top of the bonus newsXpress exclusive margin. these extra deals backed by the smart social media and out of store campaigns guided by newsXpress are driving additional shopper traffic and resulting in extra margin dollars being banked.

This is another terrific and successful newsXpress exclusive opportunity through which our members are growing stronger and healthier businesses.


newsXpress members loving adult colouring

newsXpress members are loving the easy access to adult colouring products from the range of supplier partners we have connected with our group. The products and opportunities are proving valuable for members of the group with the result being an excellent traffic and sales boost.

The adult colouring phenomenon has been huge for some time and newsXpress has been on the front foot all through with valuable supplier relationships ensuring access to products to serve this need.

This latest success is another example of newsXpress helping members with products backed by strategies for driving traffic and revenue.

Kaycee Bears in Australia at newsXpress stores

newsXpress is thrilled to have Kaycee Bears available through its network of locally owned gift, toy, card and newsagency shops. Working direct with the folks at Kaycee in the UK including the inspirational designer, Kelsey Cunningham, we have many limited edition Kaycee Bears characters available now.

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 9.38.24 am

HOT ink! ink sale helps newsXpress members win more ink customers

Here is the front page of a HOT ink! flyer making its way to hundreds of thousands of homes across Australia.

HOT ink! is hot in terms of price, range and service. It is close to 200 independently owned businesses working together to bring big business deals to towns and cities across Australia.


newsXpress adds suppliers to its preferred supplier suite

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress this week added two more suppliers to its preferred supplier suite. Four days in the response from members has been excellent. The suppliers are thrilled … so are we.

newsXpress brings on suppliers that are a good fit for newsXpress businesses for the future. This is why many suppliers we connect with are outside what is traditional for newsagency businesses.

New suppliers help us work even harder at our mission of the Newsagency of the Future.

newsXpress supporting Red Nose Day on Facebook

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 6.25.52 amnewsXpress has been actively supporting its Red Nose Day engagement on social media through Facebook and Twitter in addition to actively supporting engagement with and by newsXpress members in-store to help raise awareness of this important charity as well as to raise funds for the charity.

Reaching out beyond the counter by promoting Red Nose Day on social media is newsXpress leveraging its brand and connections beyond its network of stores and demonstrating a more authentic and valuable commitment to its charity engagements like Red Nose Day.