Lottery win at newsXpress Maryborough in Victoria

A house syndicate shared in a first division prize at newsXpress Maryborough in Victoria.

This is the 31st Division 1 winning ticket sold at the newsagency.  That it was a house syndicate makes the victory even sweeter for the business.

The win continues the winning streak being enjoyed by newsXpress members across our retail network.

Congratulations newsXpress Maryborough!

Beanie Boos a hit at newsXpress

newsXpress members who have taken up the Beanie Boos opportunity presented at our last round of member meetings are enjoying excellent sales success. These fun plush toys are being snapped up as birthday gifts as well as Christmas gifts.  When placed near the counter they work a treat as an impulse purchase item, adding excellent margin dollars to any sale.

Beanie Boos are another success from one of our newsXpress preferred suppliers working with our newsXpress merchandise team, adding even more value to newsXpress membership.

December In Store offers published for newsXpress members

newsXpress last week published the December In Store Offers shopper newsletter for newsXpress member use.  This newsletter can be personalised by members and used by them in mailing, emailing and handing to customers to help better connect with them.

Packed with details of offers, promotions and deals, this newsletter is another in the suite of marketing channels created and offered by newsXpress to newsXpress members.  Plenty of the offers are EXCLUSIVE to newsXpress locations.  They demonstrate the value of shopping at newsXpress.

By using the newsletter, newsXpress members are able to present their businesses in a professional light.  They are also able to promote key national brands such as Better Homes and Gardens, HP, Canon, Hallmark, Epson and Optus.

By helping newsXpress members to leverage existing customer relationships and unlock new relationships through the use of this newsletter, newsXpress is delivering more value from membership to its newsagency marketing group.

Terrific Australian Women’s Weekly display at newsXpress Ballarat

Check out the excellent display for the Christmas edition for The Australian Women’s Weekly at newsXpress Ballarat.

This is an excellent example of an excellent display which is sure to attract shopper attention.

AWW is easily purchased from the display … which is a must for any visual merchandising in a newsagency.

Looking carefully at the display you can see the attention to detail which has been paid in the building of the display.

Well done to Sue and the team at newsXpress Ballarat.

Congratulations newsXpress Wetherill Park

Congratulations to the team at newsXpress Wetherill Park for winning General Retailers of the Year for the second year running for their Stockland shopping centre.

This latest award is well deserved kudos for the newsXpress Wetherill Park team headed by Ginella and Antonella.  They run an excellent business which is a delight to shop and enjoy.  The results of their hard and creating work are shown not only in awards but also in the results of the business.

Engaging in most newsXpress promotions, this business is also a testament to the opportunities presented by newsXpress and its partner suppliers.

Congratulations on the win newsXpress Wetherill Park!

My Family stickers now in fridge magnets

newsXpress members are fortunate to be able to introduce the magnetic version of the My Family stickers, leveraging off the already popular My Family sticker range.

The My Family sticker fridge magnets are already selling newsXpress locations which have taken up the offer.  Promoted on the My Family sticker pull up banner, the fridge magnets give families another way of connecting.  They make an excellent Christmas gift for families, especially those living away from their immediate family.

Offering the My Family stickers fridge magnets is another point of difference for newsXpress, demonstrating the value of respected supplier relationships and leveraging the wonderful support from proactive newsXpress members.

newsXpress members have a fresh reason to promote the My Family stickers using the pull up banner and the fridge magnet poster at the front of the shop as shopper traffic increases through to Christmas.

Hallmark boxed Christmas cards at newsXpress Bairnsdale

newsXpress Bairnsdale has been promoting this excellent range of Hallmark boxed Christmas cards in-store.

Leveraging the connection with the Pink Ribbon campaign, this display is stunning because of the clean and professional display and the sheer size of the offer around a single brand.  It makes a strong visual statement and quickly connects whoppers with the well known Hallmark brand.

As a Strategic Partner, Hallmark provides newsXpress members with access to excellent product, special offers and valuable business insights.  Combined, these assets enable us to make the most of major seasonal opportunities.

Tinco promotion at newsXpress Salamander Bay

newsXpress Salamander Bay has been promoting a range of quality tins from newsXpress preferred supplier Tinco.

Forming part of their Christmas offer, this display is visually impressive as it leverages the terrific Tinco products … sure to be noticed y shoppers in the store.

In addition to this large range of Tinco products, newsXpress also has Tinco represented in our Christmas 2011 catalogue.

newsXpress Top Ryde promotes Cash for Christmas

newsXpress Top Ryde City in NSW has been promoting the EXCLUSIVE TO NEWSXPRESS Cash for Christmas opportunity which offers cash prizes to newsXpress shoppers and newsXpress members.

This promotion offers excellent value for newsXpress members and provides a wonderful opportunity for promoting Pacific Magazines titles such as New Idea, Famous, That’s Life and Who.

Having a point of difference to other magazine retailers is a terrific opportunity which newsXpress members such proactive newsXpress members such as newsXpress Top Ryde City are grabbing with gusto.

2012 Diaries selling well at newsXpress stores

Check out the excellent diary display at newsXpress Glendale.  This is what we would consider a best-practice display as it shows off an excellent range, is easily shopped and uses the newsXpress provided marketing collateral.

Thanks to the excellent ranges available from newsXpress preferred suppliers and the terrific pricing, newsXpress stores have everything they need to make the most of the 2012 diary season.  And this is what is happening.  The sales reports we are receiving are excellent … 2012 diary sales are well up on the same time last year.

The sales success of diaries for 2012 shows the value of having access to an excellent range of products at competitive prices and backing this with good marketing collateral and in-store displays.

The excellent profits being banked y newsXpress members for diaries are a testament to the good work of many in the newsXpress family.

Christmas offers at newsXpress Ascot Vale

In addition to the Christmas catalogue products promoted by newsXpress, newsXpress members source their own Christmas products from newsXpress preferred suppliers and sometimes from other suppliers as required to serve their specific needs.

newsXpress Ascot Vale is offering an excellent range of Christmas products, just some of which can be seen in this photo.

As is often covered at newsXpress member meetings, creating retail theatre like has been done here at newsXpress Ascot Value is important in driving shop pen interaction and, ultimately, sales.  Just having products on the shelves or tables is not enough.  They have to feel the season so that they can engage with the season.

EXCLUSIVE: Better Homes & Gardens Recipe Collection

Here is another EXCLUSIVE to newsXpress.

The Better Homes and Gardens Recipe Collection is out now and available only over the counter at newsXpress stores.

This luxurious recipe book is packed with wonderful content.  It is a perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook.  It is an ideal family gift.

At just $39.95, the Better Homes and Gardens Recipe Collection is an excellent value christmas gift.

Being EXCLUSIVE to newsXpress, newsXpress members are actively promoting the recipe book in prominent locations, to make the most of the exclusivity.

While it has been out for just a few days, this recipe book is already selling well.

We are grateful to our Strategic Partner Pacific Magazines for providing us with this opportunity.


newsXpress offers cash for Christmas to magazine shoppers

With newsXpress Strategic Partner Pacific Magazines, newsXpress is running a Cash for Christmas promotion exclusively across our retail network.  Giving away $1,000 each week, this campaign is driving traffic and sales in newsXpress stores.

The photo shows one of the displays last week at newsXpress corporate store at Watergardens Town Centre in Victoria.

Promoting this exclusive to newsXpress campaign shows the point of difference of our retail network and helps us leverage incremental business as a result.

In addition to the weekly shopper cash prizes, there is also a prize for a lucky newsXpress member.

newsXpress stores have access to excellent external marketing tools thanks to the resources of Pacific magazines.  These include a TXT marketing feature which can be used to attract shoppers to the business.

This whole campaign is about ramping up traffic and sales in the lead up to Christmas.  It is another example of the value of being part of newsXpress.

HOT Ink! drives ink sales for newsXpress newsagents

The latest HOT Ink! campaign run by newsXpress has been a terrific success by all accounts, delivering new traffic in pursuit of great deals for brand name ink.  This new traffic is also buying Christmas and other items, leveraging bonus value from this HOT Ink! campaign.

HOT Ink! continued to deliver the benchmark for ink in newsagencies: excellent brand name products at competitive prices, delivering healthy margin and backed by direct mail, online and TV advertising.

From country towns to shopping centres, newsXpress members are making the most of the ink offer through newsXpress.  From ranging advice through to in-store marketing, the newsXpress ink strategy delivers excellent results again!

newsXpress Riverlink wins award again

Congratulations to newsXpress Riverlink for winning BEST SPECIALTY RETAILER in Quest Ipswich Business Achiever Awards last night.

This is the fourth year in a row!

Well done to the newsXpress Riverlink team!  They work hard at creating an excising, enjoyable and valuable retail opportunity for shopper sin the Ipswich region.

This award is well deserved.

newsXpress Riverlink takes on just about every newsXpress promotion and opportunity. They embrace change and offer a retail experience which fun, exciting and commercial.

Boxed Christmas cards at newsXpress Streaky Bay

newsXpress Streaky Bay in South Australia has the newsXpress branded boxed Christmas cards on show in a good location in-store.  These RSPCA supporting Christmas cards form a key part of the Christmas card offer at newsXpress Streaky Bay and newsXpress stores around Australia.

The designs of the newsXpress boxed Christmas cards are EXCLUSIVE to newsXpress.  The RSPCA shows our group and our individual stores as supporting a much-loved charity.  The boxed cards themselves offer excellent value to the shipper and to the retailer as well.

newsXpress is proud to have delivered innovation, exclusivity, margin and opportunity with the range of boxed cards this Christmas.

Christmas TV commercial finalised

The newsXpress creative team and our friends at the Nine Network have finalised our very latest newsXpress TV commercial.  This new commercial will run for two weeks and will promote newsXpress stores as a destination for Christmas buying.

2012 will draw to a close with newsXpress having been on TV more often in more cities than any other newsagency marketing group!

Christmas at newsXpress Ballarat

newsXpress Ballarat has Christmas on show in a high traffic location.  Part of their display is shown in the photo featuring the Hallmark Jingle the dog and the Hallmark Merry-Okee items.  These are two features of a very interactive Christmas this year … delivering an excellent point of difference for newsXpress stores compared to other stores.

As Hallmark has shown over the last two years, interactive sells – in cards, books and albums.  The Jingle the dog book takes the opportunity to a new level, making for some fun in store.  There is nothing like an interactive dog to make for a buzz in-store at Christmas!

Christmas at newsXpress Engadine

newsXpress Engadine in New South Wales is promoting Christmas with excellent use of the marketing collateral provided by the group.  This marketing collateral supports products from the newsXpress Christmas catalogue as well as other gifts and the range of Hallmark Christmas cards.

The Christmas collateral from newsXpress included these A1 posters as well as two other sets of colour posters: A3 and A4.  This range of collateral helps stores connect with Christmas in a range of ways and with consistency.