Member meetings in Queensland

Newsagents love to network – socially and to talk business. newsXpress facilitates this interest with regular member meetings in all capital cities as well as cluster meetings in regional centres. This past week we have hosted cluster meetings in Queensland.

Members met in Mackay and talked through common business issues as well as business development strategies on offer through newsXpress. These sessions are important in sharing the newsXpress culture and motivating our members to continue to lead the newsagent pack. We know that success begins with a healthy business attitude.

newsXpress newsagencies among the best

Congratulations to Forest Hill, Sugarland, Garden City, Indooroopilly, Castle Towers, Robina, and Nambour Plaza who, in that order, are the top performing newsXpress outlets for Lovatts titles. Well done to the all team members in these stores who have contributed to such an exceptional result for the stores and for our group as a whole. You’ve done the newsXpress brand proud!

What is even better is that newsXpress accounted for seven of the top sixteen newsagency outlets for Lovatts product. Newspower had five, Nextra three and one was unaligned to a marketing group.

Magazines continue to be a key point of difference for newsagencies. The newsXpress commitment to the category through Beacon Branding, the Magazine Club Card, our co-location strategy, header cards and our soon to be released Just Out bookmark provide our locations with multiple point of difference which, when pursued relentlessly, will drive sales and deliver personal and group wide success.

Ascot Vale Halloween

Take a look at the fantastic range of Halloween product at newsXpress Ascot Vale:

Ascot Vale - Halloween07_5.jpg

newsXpress is the only newsagency group in Australia to embrace Halloween. While it is good for business, it is even better for customers and the fun they have.

Hot ink – great service

Thanks to excellent supportive supplier relationships, newsXpress Hot Ink locations are able to satisfy special orders quickly. This great service is helping newsXpress hot ink win more business customers.

we’re serious about ink and toner and what we have in our borchures and on our walls is the tip of the ink and toner icebergs which we can access.

Expansion in Western Australia

newsXpress Gateway Lottery Centre at Shop 216, Cockburn Gateway Shopping City, Belliar Drive, SUCCESS WA 6164 is the latest Western Australian newsagency to join newsXpress. We’re thrilled to welcome them to our other eight members.

newsXpress is a boutique marketing group for proactive newsagents who want to sieze control of their businesses for a better future.

newsXpress gateway Lottery Centre is a beacon business others will follow.

Hot ink – saving money on ink

The hot ink website created by newsXpress exclusively for its members participating in ink and toner promotions is driving sales for these newsagencies. As well as promoting an excellent range of branded Canon, HOP, Epson, Lexmark and brother ink, the site lists store locations and facilitates easy contact.

Our view is that newsagents cannot put their businesses online as is – they need a separate identity which reflects an online approach to business marketing and management. This is why Hot Ink works and why newsXpress members like the website and associated collateral material.

If you are in the market for ink for your printer, contact your nearest newsXpress location now.

Halloween promotion

newsXpress stores across Australia are embracing Halloween with special offers and wonderful in-store displays. The photo shows part of the display at our corporate store at Watergardens.

Watergardens - Halloween07_3.JPG

We see Halloween as a fun time when families and friends can hit the streets for a candy fix. In retail it is good to have opportunities to dress the store outside of the traditional Mother’s Day, father’s day and Christmas.

Halloween lets us play with some retail theatre – something which is important to newsXpress members.

Kudos for ink promotion

newsXpress stores participating in the Hot Ink promotion are reporting extraordinary sales success. One store I spoke with yesterday was telling me that they are selling over $1,000 a week in Canon, HP, Epson and Brother ink which they were not selling three months ago. With this new category comes new customers and excellent add-on sales in other areas of the newsagency.

Winners at Margaret River

newsXpress Margaret River sold a winning ticket in the Saturday night draw with one lucky customer looking foirward to a cheque for $800,000. The newsXpress track record wins is excellent! Congratulations to Tanya and Andrew Wagner and their team at newsXpress Margaret River.

Halloween scones, yum!

newsXpress is helping its members really have some fun with Halloween this year. In addition to fantastic posters promotions and party products, we have also corralled Annette Sym for a recipe for Halloween pumpkin scones. Take a look at this tantalising batch made at the newsXpress head Office yesterday:

newsXpress Store Support - Halloween Scones!.jpg

newsXpress newsagencies are a fun place to be this October – as well as all this Halloween fun we have amazing ink and toner deals and some excellent stationery offers.

Supporting Rugby World Cup

newsXpress is the only newsagency marketing group actively promoting the Rugby World Cup. Through free posters to all member stores and a heap of marketing ideas, newsXpress newsagents are driving traffic and having a ton of fun as this photo from newsXpress Kingaroy shows:

Kingaroy Mall - RWC07.jpg

Any newsagency marketing group can put its name on a stationery flyer or get a card company to pay for a card deal, it takes real marketing effort to create a campaign from scratch such as newsXpress has done with the Rugby World Cup.

newsXpress team members, like the folks at Kingaroy, are the ones really making this and other marketing campaigns a success. By painting their face they support the Wallabies and newsXpress and provide some entertainment for their customers. This is great retailing!

This is another reason newsagents are switching to newsXpress – they want to enjoy the difference.

Hot Ink in Toowong, QLD

Paul Martin and the team at newsXpress Toowong have an excellent range of HP, Canon and Epson ink for a broad range of printers. They also have the quality compatible product from Q-Imaging. All o this is available at excellent prices backed by exceptional service:


Paul and th team are serious about ink. This shows in the range they carry, their product knowledge and their keen prices as part of the newsXpress Hot Ink promotion.

It can be tough for a small business to compete with the likes of JB Hi-Fi or Dick Smith. Paul Martin and many of his colleagues within newsXpress are doing this – probably at a store near you.

Quality HP, Epson, Canon and Brother ink

newsXpress is committed to stocking quality brand name ink. Our suppliers are the authorised suppliers in Australia. That is, we are not buying from grey market importers who do not have the endorsement of HP, Canon, Epson and other printer brands in Australia. This is important from a printer warranty perspective.

At newsXpress we take our advisory role to our customers seriously – this is why we stock quality product … at prices you will love!