Promoting Pacific Magazines car competition … with a car!

Way to go newsXpress Maryborough in Victoria by bringing in a Barina Spark! to promote the Pacific magazines Win a Barina Spark! competition. Thalk about making a statement!

Placed brilliantly at the entrance to the business there is no missing the car and the prize opportunity it presents.

What a bold promotion of the magazines which re part of the competition!

newsXpress stores right across Australia are behind this promotion, making the most of the opportunity to give shoppers a wonderful opportunity to engage with magazines.

newsXpress Inverloch promoting Win a Barina Spark! competition

Throughout the newsagency and at the sales counter, newsXpress Inverloch is prom opting the Win a Barina Spark! competition.

This multi-location approach to supporting the high-profile consumer competition is excellent for the business and the magazines being promoted by the competition. It certainly connects the business with the bonus value represented y the competition.

Mother’s Day range on show at newsXpress Watergardens

newsXpress Watergardens has been promoting Mother’s day gifts which this wonderful display facing into the shopping mall. The display is packed with gifts cosourced from newsXpress preferred suppliers and displayed in a best practice way … making the most of the wonderful and eye-catching newsXpress marketing collateral.

Click on the image to see the detail of the display.

EXCLUSIVE: newsXpress offers pre-sale of 2013 One Direction calendar

newsXpress earlier this week was the first retailer in Australia to offer the 2013 One Direction calendar for pre-order. This first mover advantage opportunity came the way of newsXpress given our extraordinary success with calendars and our experience and success with calendar pre sales in the part – Michael Jackson and the Royal Wedding.

newsXpress members can tap into the certainty of the purchase with part or full payment up front, driving return traffic from each shopper and excellent word of mouth support among One Direction fans.

The 2013 One Direction calendar preorder form is another example of newsXpress proactively engaging with popular culture – to make the most for our members.

Some newsXpress members have already reported terrific sales success with this newsXpress exclusive initiative.

Promoting Simson Mother’s Day cards

newsXpress Ascot Vale is promoting the range of Simson Mother’s Day cards in-store as part of their Mother’s Day displays.

Outside of the commercial engagement, the display is equally important in raising awareness of the contribution made to cancer research by Simson Cards, an Australian card company and a newsXpress preferred supplier.

newsXpress Ascot vale also has a wonderful range of gifts for Mother’s Day, adding value to the card purchase.

Great prizes on offer for Mother’s Day

newsXpress stores across Australia are offering great prizes for Mother’s Day 2012.

A Breville Food Processor is available from each Hallmark newsXpress store. This is valued at $299.00. newsXpress has funded this prize giveaway for newsXpress members, ensuring a local prize for each store,making for many happy shoppers.

The Hallmark Mother’s Day range is wonderful this year. There are Mother’s Day cards for all situations and sentiments … driving an excellent seasonal opportunity for newsXpress shoppers.

The photo shows the wonderful display by the team at newsXpress Deception Bay.

Receipt advertising for Pacific Magazines promotion

newsXpress over a week ago provided members with this art for an on-receipt coupon to help promote the Win a Barina Spark! magazine promotion from newsXpress Strategic Partner Pacific Magazines. This sales-driving coupon was developed with Tower Systems can be served in newsXpress locations using smart newsagency software.

newsXpress members are loving the high-profile Win a Barina Spark! promotion and enjoying excellent sales growth of Pacific Magazines titles and other products in-store as a result.

Mother’s Day in the window at newsXpress Sunbury Square

The creative team at newsXpress Sunbury Square got in early with Mother’s Day, promoting the major season in the front window of the newsagency.

This Mother’s Day display featuring Hallmark’s Breville giveaway has made great usage of newsXpress collateral in the shop front window. The Hallmark Mother’s Day cards are just inside, near the window display. This is an excellent display for attracting shoppers.

What an outstanding job to newsXpress Sunbury Square!

Mothers Day is also a great time to take advantage of anything you may have in store that aim at all mothers.


Newsagents should take a look in store to see what’s on offer to the mothers of your area. It may be cooking magazines or even art supplies from newsXpress preferred supplier Educational Colours. Children always like to make things for their mum. Get creative and send in your display photos so we can share them with all newsXpress stores.

newsXpress Sandgate supports Anzac Day

newsXpress Sandgate in Queensland has been supporting Anzac Day with this display of a range of commemorative material in the absolutely best location in-store.

Part retail display and part remembrance of what Anzac Day means, the display has been an important centrepiece not only for the business but all who have visited in the lead up to today.

Promoting AWW at Sunbury Square

newsXpress Sunbury Square went out big in promoting The Australian Women’s Weekly and achieved good sales as a result.

Giving visual ownership to the high provide title made this issue of AWW the focus point for shoppers entering the store. Having a hero focus point is vital in colour drenched newsagencies. This is a great display.

These and other principles are part of the newsXpress magazine training and another reason newsXpress stores enjoy magazine sales success.

Win a Barina Spark! buy your magazines at newsXpress Aacot Vale!

newsXpress Ascot Vale has been promoting the Win a Barina Spark! competition being run by newsXpress Strategic Partner Pacific magazines in a number of locations including this display with daily newspapers.

There is no better location to promote impulse purchase opportunities than with newspapers.

Promoting the wonderful competition ink multiple locations helps connect shoppers with the opportunity … especially given the regular promotion of the competition through newsXpress radio.

Promoting the Food for Friends cookbook

newsXpress Melton has been promoting the Women’s Weekly Food for Friends cookbook with this high profile display facing shoppers as they enter the business.

This display works a treat as it’s not competing with anything else in the location. It makes the title the hero, this drives attention and it is attention which drives sales.

newsXpress is the premier newsagency group in Australia when it comes to magazines. Our members engage with the category on a more professional level and this results in better sales results for our businesses and magazine publishers.

Using technology to promote the Win a Barina Spark! competition

newsXpress Ballarat is using the LCD display on their POS terminal to promote the Win a Barina Spark! promotion we are running with newsXpress Strategic Partner Pacific Magazines.

This clever use of the LCD display at the sales counter – it is showing a slide show – connects the shopper with other collateral in-store as well as regular promotion live on newsXpress radio.

Setup for the store by their newsXpress Business Development Manager and using their newsagency software, the promotion on the customer display is smart and certainly helping to drive incremental business through the promotion.

Wonderful newsXpress window promotion at newsXpress Deception Bay

newsXpress Deception Bay has been promoting Mother’s Day with this truly wonderful widow display.  The promotion of the season from the window and into the shop, using Mother’s Day collateral, is excellent.

The display shows how the newsXpress and Hallmark collateral can compliment each other and create a strong message to drive traffic and sales for this vitally important retail season.

The Mother’s Day gift range at newsXpress Deception Bay is broad and appealing, helping the business to drive good sales not only of Hallmark Mother’s Day cards but also of Mother’s Day gifts in-store.

newsXpress EXCLUSIVE magazine training drives sales

newsXpress has run four in-store training opportunities for employees of newsXpress newsagency businesses over the last month. These EXCLUSIVE to newsXpress training experiences have attracted excellent numbers of team members to learn about best practice management management methods from newsXpress experts.

Discussing layout, beacon branding, co-location and other strategies, these in-store training sessions deliver training to people working at the coal face, training which is unique to newsXpress and offers practical value to the newsXpress businesses represented.

We are proud to lead in this field, to help enwsXpress members leverage their point of difference in the magazine space and thereby drive excellent traffic results for the business.

This training will be one reason newsXpress stores continue to outperform other newsagencies in magazine title sales.

The photo is from magazine training last week at newsXpress Sandgate in Queensland. In addition to a partial relay and refreshing key categories, we covered a range of newsXpress principles which are now being rolled out in newsXpress locations which participated in the training.

EXCLUSIVE Visual Merchandising training adds value to newsXpress

Last week, newsXpress delivered the fourth in-store group visual merchandising training for employees of newsXpress newsagency businesses.

The EXCLUSIVE training sessions were practical, working on live displays in-store and engaging with employees from other stores in building displays focused on preferred supplier products and using newsXpress collateral.

Run by newsXpress Chief Operating Officer (and VM expert) Rob Henderson, this training not only left the host business is a fresh professional display, it provided newsXpress retail employees with excellent practical experience with which to go back to their businesses to create equally stunning and commercially successful displays.

Already we have reports of a sales lift as a result of the training. Banking results is a key goal of newsXpress for its members.

The photo shows a small part of the group assembled at newsXpress Pacific Fair during the training early last week.

Cakebaking cookbook a feature at newsXpress stores

The Australian Women’s Weekly Cakebaking cookbook from ACP Magazines which hit the shelves earlier this month is proving to be a popular cookbook titles with newsXpress shoppers.

Featuring this tasty looking cookbook at the counter, with weekly magazines, with food titles and other high-traffic locations is generating excellent an valuable impulse purchases as newsXpress members are seeing.

Thanks to data and shopper insights from ACP Magazines, newsXpress is able to help its members drive incremental business from the cookbook space … and this is what we are doing through out network of on the ground in-store support. We are sharing advice and helping our members grow ACP cookbook sales.

This is exciting as we are showing that growth can be achieved in the traditional magazine space – contrary to what some would have newsagents believe.

Free magazine training shows off the newsXpress difference

newsXpress has this week hosted two more in-store group magazine management and visual merchandising training sessions for people working in newsXpress businesses.

These free training sessions provided access to best-practice business-building training which will lead to sales increases in participating newsXpress stores.

With content built around exclusive to newsXpress principles and tactics, newsXpress is extending the reach of its proven approach to driving core parts of each newsXpress business.

As far as we know, we are the only newsagency marketing group in Australia providing this retail employee training … showing off not only a newsXpress difference but also building the knowledge assets within the group – all in pursuit of better business outcomes.

The commercial results of the magazine department are evidence that the newsXpress approach works.  We have found a way to nurture and leverage existing excellent magazine traffic into good business results for the rest of the business.

My Family stickers continue to drive traffic and incremental sales

newsXpress members are finding innovative ways of promoting the My Family sticker range in-store from the magnetic counter displays to small spinners with top selling stickers to the traditional pull up banner in high-profile areas.

Changing the merchandising approach and engagement points can drive a terrific sales kick even in newsXpress stores which have carried the My Family stickers for more than a year, in some cases generating hundreds of dollars of additional revenue in a month.

The photo shows the counter-based innovation from the team at newsXpress Bairnsdale.  They are pitching the relatively new magnet range along with a small spinner of popular car window stickers plus an order form and the My Family stickers promotional counter mat. All these items combine to provide an impactful promotion at the sales counter and thereby drive impulse purchases of the stickers.

Sometimes we lose focus on products which, with a little creative attention, can drive basket depth and through this deliver a more valuable return on investment. This is why smart newsXpress members are achieving with the wonderful My Family stickers range. It is also where newsXpress can help with insights and reminder like this blog post.

newsXpress is unique in the product insights, market intelligence and other help it provides to members with which they can drive sales and thereby achieve a more valuable financial result for the business. We have partners like our friends at The Sticker Family to work with us on pursuing these goals.