Exclusive deals envelope to benefit newsXpress members

The newsXpress team packaged together another terrific deals envelope Friday packed with deals and opportunities from ur suppliers and set to provide newsXpress members with even more money making / traffic generating opportunities. This latest package is set to deliver excellent results for engaged newsXpress members.

Newsagency marketing group launches first deals of 2015

dealsNewsagency marketing group newsXpress has sent out its first deals envelope to members for 2015.

Packed with excellent offers, the latest deals envelope is an excellent opportunity for newsXpress members to buy at excellent discounts to usual wholesale and to access products many other retailers do not have access to.

This leading service from newsXpress is another way the group is helping its members grow form valuable and stronger businesses.

Newsagency marketing group negotiates 25% off special offer

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress has delivered an excellent start to 2015 for its members with a very special 25% off a popular line of products from one of our EXCLUSIVE suppliers.

This deal delivers to newsXpress members trading terms through which members will be able to leverage greater gross profit from the highly sought after rapidly-turning items.

This deal will make newsXpress businesses more valuable in 2015.

Exclusive newsXpress calendar deal adds thousands in GP

One newsXpress store which embraced the exclusive calendar deal put to newsXpress members ten days prior to Christmas has banked thousands in sales in just seven days leading to Christmas.  This will easily double as calendar sales switch into top gear over the next two weeks. This newsXpress member stands to bank in excess of $6,000 in GP … all thanks to an exclusive deal negotiated by newsXpress with one of Australia’s top calendar companies.

newsXpress is proud to have been able to offer newsXpress such an excellent deal which has been such a tremendous success for newsXpress members who took up the offer.

Thanks to central buying for the group and moving quickly, newsXpress was able to maximise the return for group members.  Our quick move denied others an opportunity for similar buying as we took all available stock.

This is the newsXpress difference in action … excellent margin dollars achieved from brand name products purchased at a better price than any other retailer in Australia.

newsXpress has an excellent relationship with more than 100 key suppliers to newsagents and similar businesses. Thanks to the efforts of our merchandise team we make the most of these opportunities, enabling newsXpress members to bank excellent results.

Optus Mobile Phone Handset Deal Promotion for newsXpress

optus-deal.jpgnewsXpress stores across Australia are promoting a $39 handset deal is association with Optus. Sourced through newsXpress preferred supplier Jenlist, the $39 Optus mobile phone handset deal is a terrific offer and shows that newsXpress members are competitive when it comes to mobile phone prices.

We know from experience that selling mobile phones helps drive mobile phone top-up / recharge business.  This is why newsXpress members are embracing this opportunity from Optus.

This promotion from Optus is included in the newsXpress In-Store Offers newsletter for September – post Father’s Day.

Exclusive product offer from newsXpress

newsXpress is starting 2010 with an exclusive product offer from a key supplier.  This offer provides newsXpress members with high-quality good-margin product backed by a respected brand name.  The new products fit into a new niche for our channel and thus leverage an excellent opportunity to improve shopper efficiency.

newsXpress has been working with the supplier for most of 2009 on new traffic generating opportunities.  The product announcement on New Year’s Eve is the first initiative from this work.

This is the newsXpress commitment in action: new traffic, new money, brand focused and margin growing.

A great deal from newsXpress – digital photo keyrings a hit

The digital photo keyrings we have in our exclusive Merry Giftmas catalogue are proving to be a huge hit in newsXpress locations across Australia.  Competing with the likes of Harvey Norman, newsXpress members are reporting sell outs two and three times over.  Thousands of sales attest to the success of this product and further prove the value of a professional merchandise team negotiating great group deals.

While some photo keyring sales are as a result of the catalogues delivered to homes around newsXpress locations, other sales are on impulse by shoppers in store for another purpose.

The newsXpress visual merchandising strategies have helped make these photo keyrings a tremendous success for our members and for our partner supplier.

The other aspect of the photo keyring success is that it is further evidence of our success in focusing on brands and using the buying power of our national group to show that we are competitive retailers.  This is a goal of newsXpress, to position our offer differently to traditional newsagencies which are not known for being price competitive or as brand focused.

newsXpress is proud to be innovating for its members and helping deliver a better Christmas season.

newsXpress launches Back to Work campaign

newsXpress has created a new campaign for the newsagency, Back to Work.  This will launch to consumers in January toward the end of our 2010 Back to School campaign.  Back to Work is built around trusted brands across several key product categories.  A key driver for the campaign will be the competition which offers a Toyota Yaris to one lucky newsXpress customer.  newsXpress is grateful to the support of suppliers, Toyota and its members for enabling us to deliver such an excellent prize for this truly innovative new season.

This is the newsXpress difference.  New marketing opportunities around quality branded product delivered in store for competitive prices.  If newsagents want deals they should consider newsXpress – the complete package deal of Back to Work (good product, good prices, out of store marketing and an excellent national prize) makes for a compelling story for newsagents wanting to build their business.

Our Back to Work offers will also be supported on newsXpress Radio, our own live in store radio network, as well as though a letterbox campaign to homes and offers around all participating newsXpress stores.

Back to School book deals from newsXpress

newsXpress has launched several excellent margin Back to School book deals for members.  Books are a good basket building category for Back to School traffic and the newsXpress offer provides our menbers with a strategy for making Back to School business more profitable.  Several products in the offer will be advertised on radio and newsXpress will be tagged on the commercials.