Marketing collateral for promoting the school holiday connection

newsXpress stores are wonderful places for school holiday shopping.  We have an excellent range of products … craft items, magazines, toys, games.  To help promote newsXpress as places of school holiday fun, newsXpress has created marketing collateral.  Two different sets of artwork have been provided to newsXpress members, each in A3, A4 and A5 sizes.





















This is another example of newsXpress adding value for members.  We have published marketing collateral for more than thirty-five marketing campaigns in addition to the major seasonal campaigns.

Promoting the magazine Club Card at Southport Park

newsXpress Southport Park is promoting the newsXpress Magazine Club Card with this placement of collateral promoting the offer. The collateral is part of the newsXpress collateral pack provided free of charge to members earlier this year. newsXpress members don’t pay extra for access to marketing collateral packs.

The newsXpress Magazine Club Card is the most widely used loyalty promotion run in the newsagency channel.  Operating since 2005, this program continues to show off the newsXpress difference.

The newsXpress Magazine Club Card offers newsXpress shoppers access to valuable rewards quickly and simply.  It drives magazine sales and shopper loyalty beautifully.

Optus handsets on sale at newsXpress Yarram

Yarram shoppers have had to pass the tactically placed Optus display unit at newsXpress Yarram when wanting to purchase a newspaper from the store.  This is a terrific way to draw attention to the excellent Optus handset deal and through this to drive Optus recharge business.  A very smart move from newsXpress Yarram … well done.

Mum wins $250,000 shopping at newsXpress Deception Bay

A Deception Bay mum and shopper at newsXpress Deception Bay will pay off the mortgage and take her husband on a dream overseas holiday after scratching the $250,000 top prize on a $5 Crosswords ‘Penguin’ Instant Scratch-Its ticket.

The lucky mum explained that she didn’t realise she had won the top prize until her daughter checked the ticket.  “I scratched the game panel and saw that I’d revealed ten complete words, but it didn’t click that I had won a major prize,” she said.

“I handed the ticket to my daughter, who was sitting next to me on the couch, and asked her to check to see if I’d won anything.  Her face lit up and she said – Mum, you’ve won 250 thousand dollars!

“Well I couldn’t contain my excitement and started jumping up and down and running around the house like a mad woman!

When asked what she plans to do with her windfall the mum said she would pay off the house and take her husband on a dream overseas holiday.

The woman purchased her winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket from newsXpress Deception Bay.

Great placement of Landmark signature frames

This placement of the Landmark signature frame range at newsXpress Pakenham in front of the greeting card department is inspired as shoppers in the market for an opportunity of a gift for a birthday easily see the display ad purchase.

Landmark are a newsXpress preferred supplier and their signature frames are proving to be a popular line among newsXpress members.

The key to success is placement in a good location in store – to make the most of the traffic generated, especially by shoppers looking for greeting cards.

newsXpress Ballarat promotes Top Gear

newsXpress Ballarat is getting right behind the latest issue of Top Gear from ACP Magazines.  This terrific and captivating window display connects with the upcoming racing season and is sure to drive sales of Top Gear magazine.  Layering the magazine with a chequered flag look is a wonderful touch for this display.

2012 diaries on show at newsXpress Runaway Bay

Diary sales are set to take off at newsXpress Runaway bay thanks to an excellent range merchandised well using newsXpress exclusive 2012 diary marketing collateral.  This is an excellent display in a high traffic location at newsXpress Runaway Bay, perfect for leveraging existing good foot traffic in store and making the most of the opportunity.

The newsXpress merchandise team has done a great job ensuring that members have access to a broad range of diary product at excellent prices for this year.

Diaries on offer at newsXpress Beechworth

newsXpress Beechworth is embracing the Diary 2011 opportunity with this terrific in-store display.  They have an excellent range of diaries on offer from newsXpress preferred suppliers including The Last Diary Company and are backing this up with great use of our newsXpress marketing collateral.  With 2012 diary sales already strong newsXpress members like newsXpress Beechworth are positioning themselves to drive excellent early sales from this opportunity.

newsXpress corporate stores help with product testing

We are using our newsXpress corporate store at Knox City Shopping Centre to test a new product range which is quite unlike anything seen in a newsagency before.  In addition to trialling this new product, we are also showing off the excellent visual merchandising skills available from the newsXpress team.  Having corporate stores in which our team can play and experiment is important in enhancing the merchandise and other opportunities for newsXpress members.

This latest product range is expected to be available to newsXpress members shortly, following an evaluation of the results from newsXpress Knox.  Watch this space.

FOOTNOTE. We have deliberately kept the resolution of the photo low to blur details of this new product range.

Optus mobile phone handsets on offer at newsXpress Upper Edward Street

newsXpress Upper Edward Street is promoting the excellent Optus handset deal at the entrance to the newsagency, making the most of excellent foot traffic already heading to the store as well as attracting new traffic to the store.  In addition to driving handset sales, the newsXpress Upper Edward Street team have locked in 100% bonus commission on Optus recharge as well for the business.  This is an excellent deal for the business, a deal negotiated by newsXpress for all newsXpress members.  Placement of the offer in a high traffic location is key to driving sales success.

Hallmark recordable storybook promotion at newsXpress Strathpine

newsXpress Strathpine has been promoting the Hallmark recordable Storybook range with this placement of a display unit featuring the range in a high traffic location in store.

Offering the range in a good location, passed y many shoppers, is key to driving success with the hallmark recordable storybooks – a great product success story for 2011 from Hallmark.

Hallmark has helped newsXpress members leverage sales of the recordable storybooks through the provision of marketing collateral, in store display assistance and product knowledge training.  This an other help has been terrific in driving excellent sales through our group.

Retro is in at newsXpress Leongatha

newsXpress Leongatha has been embracing the popular retro opportunity with this dance floor display of retro products from newsXpress preferred suppliers and backing this with collateral from our newsXpress marketing kit.    Retro is certainly in thanks to some terrific products from newsXpress suppliers.  It is proving to be an excellent niche with which to build gift sales in between major seasons … as they have done at newsXpress Leongatha.

Thrilled to welcome new newsXpress members

newsXpress was pleased to welcome eight new members to our newsagency marketing group at the round of member meetings just concluded in Sydney last week.  Each of the eight new businesses adds to the experience and value of the overall newsXpress community and strengthens the opportunities not only for our member community but also for our suppliers.

Watch for more new member welcomes in the coming weeks.

AFL Finals Opportunity Embraced at newsXpress Ocean Grove

newsXpress Ocean Grove is embracing AFL finals with this display at their sales counter.  Offering banners, streamers, face paint and other items with which to get into the spirit of supporting an AFL team, they are having fun and doing good business.

This is a very clever idea – well done to those behind this at newsXpress Ocean Grove.

newsXpress Eli Waters loves History and Heraldry products

history-eliw.JPGRight across newsXpress stores the History and Heraldry range deliver excellent business.  This is true at newsXpress Eli Waters in Queensland where a well-located stand of products from History and Heraldry product work a treat in a good traffic location.

Supplied to newsXpress members on preferential terms, this range of products works throughout the year and with greeting card purchases.  It is connecting suppliers from different categories where newsXpress adds value to supplier and member relationships.

With 130 preferred suppliers available to members, newsXpress is well positioned to help members drive good business … as is happening at newsXpress Eli Waters with History and Heraldry products.

Ready for the HOT ink! sale

ink-tag2.JPGnewsXpress stores are excited for the new HOT ink! sale which is just a few days away from starting.

Packed with excellent deals around brand name ink, this sale is sure to be another excellent traffic driver from the newsXpress team, delivering new traffic and basket building sales to newsXpress stores.  Participation is optional for newsXpress stores, enabling local decisions to be made on what is appropriate for their business needs.

When it comes to ink there is only one local business to consider: newsXpress.

Universal Magazines Opens up for newsXpress

Mark Darton
Mark Darton of Universal Magazines

We were grateful to Mark Darton, Circulation Director of Universal Magazines, for spending the day with newsXpress members at our New South Wales member’s meeting yesterday.  Mark presented on the newsXpress / Universal relationship and outlined how newsXpress members can make the move of the new commercial opportunity and the new commercial arrangements.

The category insights will be particularly helpful to newsXpress members as they learn of placement opportunities for driving sales.

Mark’s presentation was followed by an open Q&A session with Mark fielding newsXpress member questions along with Dale Smith, Retail Channel Manager for Network Services.  This was the first time a publisher and magazine distributor engaged in such an open forum with members of a newsagency marketing group.

newsXpress looks forward to hosting more sessions like this in the future.

2012 Calendars Out Now at newsXpress Leongatha

calendars-leongatha.JPGnewsXpress Leongatha has a terrific range of 2012 calendars out on show and sales are already strong.  These excellent retailers are enjoying terrific success thanks to excellent positioning in-store of a great range of calendars on offer.

Capped with newsXpress exclusive collateral, there is no mistaking the calendar department at newsXpress Leongatha.

Calendars are an important part of the overall newsXpress offer.  Preferred supplier deals help newsXpress members buy competitively.  Our marketing and retail strategies turn good buying into excellent profit.

Art Sale a hit at newsXpress Ocean Grove

montmarte-oceangrove.JPGnewsXpress Ocean Grove has been enjoying success with a terrific Art sale which has been supported by newsXpress preferred supplier Monte Marte.

Thanks to great buying and ranging, the team at Ocean grove has been able to bring to Ocean Grove shoppers excellent art deals on all sorts of items for all sorts of art lovers.

Monte Marte helps newsXpress members turn an opportunity into profit.