Buy your Charlie Bears online now from our respected Australian website and business

The best place to buy Charlie Bears in Australia is online from Charlie Bears in Australia, the website run by newsXpress on behalf small business newsXpress Charlie Bear retailers.  Our website connects all the small businesses in the newsXpress group – providing access to an excellent pool of Charlie Bears.

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Welcome to Charlie Bears in Australia!!

Charlie Bears are adorable cuddly hand made plush bears and the best place to purchase them in Australia is our Charlie Bears in Australia website.

This website was created by newsXpress so Charlie Bear fans can find that special new addition to take home and hug.

All newsXpress Charlie Bear stockists are searchable through this website, making it easy to find that elusive Charlie Bear and have it shipped directly to your door. If you are local to a newsXpress store with your bear, you are more than welcome to pick up your bear in-store, see the full range and have a chat about all things Charlie Bears!