newsXpress newsagency marketing group promotes Poo Pourri

poo2Newsagency marketing group newsXpress was on to Poo Pourri early thanks to very early engagement with the Australian distributor. newsXpress members had early access to ordering and exclusive access to marketing collateral months ago – making for an excellent suite of commercial opportunities for newsXpress members.

First move advantage feels good.

This is the newsXpress advantage.

newsXpress members are reporting good sales of this fun product.

Newsagency marketing group pitches to Melbourne newsagents

nxpmelNewsagency marketing group newsXpress had a terrific session at the hallowed Kooyong Tennis Club on Tuesday where many prospective newsXpress members came to hear about the group and what we have to offer. Sharing information about the newsXpress difference, newsXpress revealed a comprehensive explanation of opportunities – showing where newsXpress members achieve real gains.

newsXpress promoting Pacific Magazines competition

pacmagspromonewsXpress stores across Australia are promoting the new competition being run by Pacific magazines.

This promotion is part of the Nexus program and newsXpress members are thrilled to be Nexus members – embracing the opportunity to grow magazine sales using marketing like this.

newsXpress members have been encouraged by newsXpress to actively promote this as we know the tremendous success available from harvesting shopper details.

Promotion of the campaign also reaches to our social median engagement with newsXpress running a national campaign promoting its stores and the prize opportunity on offer.

Newsagents flock to newsXpress newsagency management events

nxpsydnewsXpress is thrilled with responses to its national newsagency management workshop series.

Attendances have been strong. Newsagents have stayed for the full four hours. Many have stayed long after – networking with fellow newsagents and talking with the team of experts assembled by newsXpress to help newsagents grow more valuable businesses.

Explored over four hours, in detail and with supporting evidence is the newsXpress story: how we help newsagents grow and enjoy their businesses.

We are grateful to Hallmark for their support and to the newsagents who have taken time out of their day to participate.


ittybittyhalnewsXpress newsagency marketing group members have access to another terrific EXCLUSIVE thanks to the generosity of Hallmark. This time it’s two Halloween themed Itty Bittys. Both are only available for order from Hallmark through newsXpress stores. The will be here for Halloween.


When Hallmark offered us this opportunity we jumped at it. The success of Itty Bittys since the launch in Australia offers an excellent reason to embrace the opportunity.


giantittynewsXpress outlets will be the only retailers in Australia with the giant Mickey Mouse Itty Bitty thanks to a deal between Hallmark and newsXpress. This opportunity will drive traffic for newsXpress members given the tremendous success of the Itty Bitty range since its launch here by Hallmark.

Having an EXCLUSIVE such as this is great kudos for newsXpress and a wonderful opportunity for newsXpress members.

newsXpress has delivered more exclusive opportunities for members in 2014 than in any year previously, making membership of our group more enticing.


Colour blocking to help drive sales of everyday stationery in newsXpress businesses

italnewsXpress members have access to an excellent range of colourful desk accessories from one of our partners. This range is supported with professional advice on colour blocking provided to members some weeks ago, advice that provides a perfect outline for how to colour block for maximum impact and excellent sales. This range of desk accessories lend themselves to colour blocking based on the latest advice from newsXpress.

Hallmark Itty Bitty takes off – newsXpress members love the range!

nxhmkmeltonnewsXpress members are loving the Hallmark Itty Bitty collectible range. Promoting them using insights newsXpress gained exclusively earlier this year in a study trip to the US, newsXpress members are armed with information to drive sales – and that is exactly what we are seeing as members achieve excellent sales for the Itty Bitty range.

Newsagency marketing group members love the monthly deals opportunities

nxdealsnewsXpress newsagency marketing group members are loving the deals pack they get in the mail. Offering products from a broad selection of suppliers, the latest deals pack has already resulted in a surge of orders as newsXpress members race to grab excellent opportunities for their businesses – often saving even more than the excellent newsXpress pricing available through the supplier.

Here is what one newsXpress member said about the latest deals envelope: Received and orders faxed! Also have some inspiration for later in the year. Appreciate the exposure to new companies.

More promotion of Men’s Health at newsXpress

mhagenewsXpress Knox City  is promoting the 200th issue of Men’s Health with this aisle end display.

Men’s Health is a popular title. It is used by newsXpress members to draw attention to this important area of the magazine department.

newsXpress is encouraging all members to get behind this 200th issue of Men’s Health.

Nextra promotes newsXpress lease negotiating services

Newsagency marketing group nextra has sent a postcard out to newsagents promoting its services including lease negotiation. The postcard includes quotes reportedly made by three ex newsXpress members. Two of the businesses named have leases negotiated through newsXpress lease advice service.

More Newspower newsagents switch to newsXpress newsagency marketing group

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress is thrilled to welcome more newsagents switching out of the Newspower group to join newsXpress.

newsXpress offers a more proactive success-focussed opportunity for newsagents. Through a portfolio of valuable supplier relationships, skilled on the ground business development managers, energetic back office staff and strong success-focussed leadership, newsXpress is helping more newsagents grow.

Profit is at the heart of what newsXpress does – profit of newsagent members. It’s in the area of profit that newsXpress helps newsagents the most – from cash flow management to margin growth to basket depth, newsXpress helps its members to mine greater success in their businesses.

The success is truly wonderful.

newsXpress would be happy to provide details of Newspower members who have switched to newsXpress who can share the success they have accessed as a result.

Newsagency management workshop series starts this week

newsagency-workshopnewsXpress is thrilled to be connecting with more than one hundreds newsagents over the next three weeks as it brings a proactive and valuable newsagency management workshop to capital cites around Australia – helping newsagents learn more about business management and marketing.

This free workshop series has generated excellent interest and engagement beyond the upcoming sessions with newsagents reaching out to newsXpress for help and advice on business matters.

This series of workshops is another example of newsXpress helping the newsagency channel.

Newsagency marketing group runs another successful social media campaign for newsagents

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 7.56.18 amnewsXpress has promoted its network of engaged newsagent retailers with another social media campaign using the popular Facebook platform. This highly targeted campaign put the newsXpress name and a specific in-the-news offer to 117,213 shoppers at no cost to newsXpress members. This campaign is the latest in a group of campaigns run by the newsagency marketing group to help newsXpress members connect with more shoppers.

Newsagency marketing group connects with Game of Thrones

licgiftsNewsagency marketing group newsXpress is helping members leverage Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who and other mega brands with a range of mugs and Pop Vinyl products from a preferred supplier.

With many international brands covered, newsXpress members are being trained on who to target with the opportunities as well as how to best merchandise in-store.

The newsXpress difference is knowledge and insights that combined help newsXpress members turn excellent product opportunities into cash sooner.

newsXpress members loving the new ty stand and amazing trading terms

tystandnewsXpress members are loving this new ty products stand from our friends at Big Balloon. the stand is not widely available.

newsXpress members are embarking it to give them a song presence in their areas for promoting the wonderful ty products from Big Balloon – a preferred supplier of newsXpress.

First pitched to members months ago as part of our exclusive relationship, this stand shows the value of embracing an internationally respected brand and making the most of the opportunity on the shop floor.

This is another newsXpress difference.