Father’s Day at Ascot Vale

Check out the Father’s Day power end display at newsXpress Ascot Vale. Bold. Compelling. Driving sales.

Using the newsXpress Father’s Day collateral in this way to head the display makes the purpose of the display clear.

newsXpress members had access to a broad range of Father’s Day products from many suppliers – enabling them to choose the product mix appropriate to their business needs.

Well done Ascot Vale on Father’s Day 2012.

newsXpress Woden promoting Father’s Day

newsXpress Woden in Canberra has been promoting Father’s Day across the front of the store, supporting newsXpress preferred suppliers inclusing startegic partner Hallmark Cards.

Giving over the whole front of the business in this way is a tremendous commitment which is rewarded with sales.

The range of gifts and cards is excellent and the merchandising professional and compelling.

newsXpress meeting with Hobart area newsagents today

newsXpress is meeting with Hobart area newsagents today to pitch the benefits of our group and how we help people grow more valuable newsagencies.

We are indebted to GNS and the ANF for giving us the opportunity to meet with Hobart area newsagents.

Our message is one of growth through embracing change.

Promoting The Blob with t-shirts

The t-shirts provided by newsXpress for promoting The Blob have been a hit across our retail network. newsXpress team members love them. They tell us that the choice of yellow was a masterstroke as it cuts through the visually bold array of colours in a newsagency.

The latest fashion shoot is from newsXpress Salamander Bay where two stars of the runway donned their t-shirt for The Blob to show off this exclusive to newsXpress product.

Everyone smiles when they hear about and use The Blob.

This is a fun product for all ages.

Colourful watering cans brighten the shop

Purchased at the Melbourne gift fair, these colourful and funky watering ‘cans’ from one of our preferred suppliers are selling very well at newsXpress Inverloch in Victoria. They make a great display in-store, especially when displayed near gardening magazines – hitting the same market.

newsXpress members have access to a wonderful range of preferred suppliers and terrific back office help in product ideas and placement adjacencies.

newsXpress meeting with Launceston area newsagents

newsXpress is embracing a terrific opportunity today to meet with Launceston area newsagents at a trade day organised by the ANF and GNS.

newsXpress COO Rob Henderson got to speak at the pre trade day conference and is now manning our stand meeting with plenty of tasmanian newsagents and showing off The Blob, an exclusive to newsXpress members product opportunity.  Elsewhere on the stand there is a strong pitch for other newsXpress deliverables: marketing collateral, supplier deals, in-store radio, business management support and visual merchandising.

Only Newspower and newsXpress are participating in this important event for northern tasmanian newsagents.

Stunning display for The Blob in Goondiwindi

Check out the display promoting The Blob at newsXpress Bishops Goondiwindi. They have created an oversized version of The Blob and a phone – making the display the must-see location in-store.

You can’t shop in the business without noticing this. The use of the collateral provided by newsXpress is also terrific.

The display reflects the fun of The Blob and shows off its usefulness.  This is excellent visual merchandising.

Well done to everyone behind the stand!

newsXpress Deception Bay supports The Blob

Check out the power-end display promoting The Blob at newsXpress Deception Bay in Queensland. You can click on the image for a larger version.

The display makes good use of newsXpress collateral.  It also includes elements created in-store specifically for the display.  This is excellent visual merchandising.

Getting noticed is the key next step of any display. The Deception Bay certainly achieves this.

newsXpress members are embracing The Blob for the wonderful opportunity that it is. They are also having plenty of fun!

newsXpress Woden promotes The Blob at Westfield Woden

newsXpress Woden in the ACT is promoting The Blob with this terrific front of store display facing into the mall.

As the only shop in the shopping centre in Woden ACT with The Blob, giving prime position to promoting such a unique and high margin product is a good move for the business and good for brand newsXpress.

There is another promotion of the product in store.

newsXpress members are seeing excellent results when they promote The Blob in two locations as this leverages traffic and gets into shopper awareness.


newsXpress Darra gets behind The Blob

Luke and Kaitlen La and the team at newsXpress Darra in Queensland is behind The Blob in store with a terrific display and engagement with The Blob t-shirts.

Displaying the product, engaging with the t-shirts and badges and being ready to demonstrate the product … it’s all part of making The Blob a wonderful success for newsXpress stores and the group.

Having fun is the key as Luke the showman shows!

newsXpress Beechworth supports The Blob

newsXpress Beechworth is making excellent use of posters and t-shirts for this display promoting The Blob in-store. It makes a statement everyone entering the shop will see and thereby help drive sales of the Blob.

It is terrific seeing so many different uses of The Blob marketing collateral yet all with a common theme thanks to the nationally supplied collateral for the product.

newsXpress members are getting additional stock to help keep with demand for The Blob.

The Blob is an exclusive direct-sourced newsXpress product.

Kudos to Warrick Hosking at newsXpress Gympie

Warrick Hocking at newsXpress Gympie came up with the idea of promoting The Blob at his EFTPOS terminal.

This is a brilliant idea as The Blob is an easy item to sell on impulse at the counter. Promoting it this way will be noticed and sales will increase … and that’s what The Blob is about.  Sales.

Thanks to Warrick’s innovation, more newsXpress members are chasing impulse business at their EFTPOS terminal.

newsXpress members help each other out with good business advice.

newsXpress members are loving The Blob and looking forward to getting replenishment stock.

The Blob fashion

James, part of the newsXpress corporate retail team, was asked to model The Blob fashion at our newsXpress Watergardens store.  He’s smiling.

With the team in T-shirts, there is no mistaking the arrival of The Blob in-store.  This is terrific for promoting the EXCLUSIVE  product.

This is a product for having fun with, engaging and leveraging the exclusive opportunity – at individual stores and across the newsXpress network.


Promoting The Blob at the counter

newsXpress Inverloch has been promoting The Blob at the counter with this display. This is the second promotional location for the Blob at Inverloch … ensuring that shoppers see the product a couple of times each visit. This is a smart move, certain to drive sales.

It’s rare for newsagents to have a genuinely unique product available in-store. newsXpress is proud to have delivered that for its members and thereby to have unlocked another opportunity to prove the value of commercial unity to newsXpress members.

The Blob is a good value product from a consumer perspective and a great value product from a retailer perspective. newsXpress members are winners!

Newsletter helps drive traffic for newsXpress retailers

The newsXpress In Store Offers newsletter provided free to newsXpress members prior to the end of the month for the next month is loved by newsXpress members as it provides a professional marketing tool with which to promote their businesses.

The August newsletter promotes wonderful competitions from Pacific Magazines and ACP Magazines as well as the soon to be released exclusive product from newsXpress: The Blob.

In the bottom right corner of the newsletter is a reminder about the One Direction 2013 calendar. This product is selling its socks off in newsXpress stores with plenty chasing extra stock. newsXpress helps members source product at competitive prices and then helps stores to sell the product – this is the key. Stock sitting on the shelves is dead. newsXpress helps its members move stock in a timely and profitable way.

Amazing display for The Blob at Riverlink

Check out the brilliant display promoting The Blob at newsXpress Riverlink in Queensland.

Click on the image to see a higher resolution version and see the time they have invested.

This is bold, dramatic. Just what The Blob needs to drive sales. It’s the type of display an EXCLUSIVE product deserves.

Well done to Belinda and they team for creating the display and making sure that Riverlink shoppers know about The Blob and that you have it exclusively.

The Blob is newsXpress in action: exclusive product, excellent margin and plenty of fun!