newsXpress Streaky Bay promotes Go Green & Gold

Check out the display facing shoppers as they enter newsXpress Streaky Bay. This is brilliant positioning of the GO GREEN & GOLD supported EXCLUSIVELY for newsXpress by ACP Magazines.

On offer is four entertainment systems valued at o ver $17,000. There will be four very happy and lucky newsXpress shoppers.

This display by newsXpress Streaky Bay is excellent as it ives the business a wonderful point of difference in town, a newsXpress point of difference thanks to ACP.

newsXpress members across Australia are behind this promotion … watch for more photos coming soon to this place.

newsXpress supports exclusive ACP Magazines competition

newsXpress stores across Australia have been sent collateral for supporting the GO GREEN AND GOLD competition – an opportunity being run by ACP Magazines exclusively for newsXpress members.

The photo shows one of three promotion points for this competition from newsXpress Knox City in Victoria.

Tapping into national pride, this competition is perfectly times for newsXpress, ACP and our customers.

Four lucky customers will win an entertainment system. The prizes on offer are valued at over $17,000.

Running for four weeks, the competition is an opportunity for our retail network to show off the newsXpress point of difference in-store.

newsXpress Wetherill Park taps into Giggle & Hoot success

Giggle & Hoot is a hit TV series shown in Australia in the ABC. Our friends at Jasnor have a wonderful line of Giggle & Hoot merchandise and newsXpress Wetherill Park has this on display, facing shoppers as they walk into the business.

Connecting with loved brands is a core message newsXpress has promoted for years. It is easier to sell a product connected with a well known brand than a no name brand product in the same category. In the kids space this is especially true as parents, grandparents and friends like to make kids happy.

Merchandising the Giggle & Hoot range as has been done at Wetherill Park is key to making the most of the opportunity. Shoppers will notice the brand if presented in this way … more than if the products were part of a larger display.

newsXpress can help members get into this and other branded ranges. We can do this through our preferred suppliers and with access to newsXpress pricing and other benefits which can help drive sales.

Well done newsXpress Wetherill Park.

Go for Green and Gold at newsXpress

newsXpress stores today launch the Go For Green & Gold campaign in partnership with ACP Magazines.

On offer is four entertainment packages with one being given away every week. That’s over $17,000 worth of prizes.

This is a wonderful promotion you will see featuring in newsXpress stores over the next four weeks – on the shop floor, in windows and at the counter.

The promotion taps into the Aussie spirit at a time when this is high thanks to Olympics coverage.

This EXCLUSIVE promotion is another reason to shop at newsXpress and enjoy the newsXpress difference.

newsXpress Eli Waters promotes cash prizes

newsXpress Eli Waters is promoting the Pacific Magazines SIGN UP AND WIN opportunity for shoppers by creating an entrance through which shoppers pass to get into the shop. Hung right around the entrance are posters promoting the $250 cash prizes on offer for shoppers who enter the competition.

Once shoppers are in the store, they will see posters for the same promoting hanging from the ceiling. Then, as they head to the counter, they will notice promotion of tho $250 cash prize opportunity again.

newsXpress Eli Waters is pushing hard to win the retailer prize on offer for this promotion – a Samsung Galaxy Tab contributed by Jenlist – suppliers to newsagents of these wonderful devices.

Smart retailers know that promoting a competition in multiple locations – as shoppers enter, browse and leave – is vital to driving success for the promotion.

newsXpress preparing for a sweet Father’s Day

Thanks to a sweet offer for a special Father’s Day pack of the delicious Toblerone product, newsXpress members are loving the opportunity to create a bold display in-store of the 400 grams of deliciousness.

The stack of 400g Tolerone product is a strong visual message in-store … sure to attract shoppers in-store and from outside the store.

The offer was provided to newsXpress members last week.  It’s part of an ever evolving product offer put by newsXpress preferred suppliers to members.

Participating in the offer is voluntary.

Lolita shot glasses a nice add-on gift

With the Lolita glasses range having been a huge success in newsXpress stores across Australia, it is no surprise that the shot glasses range is on display.

Covering a range of gift giving occasions, the shot glasses are a simple yet fin gift, a wonderful compliment to a card purchased form a newsXpress store.

The best location for the shot glasses, like any gifts, is adjacent to or near the card department. Since customers won;t walk in with shot glasses as a destination, they need to be presented as a viable option. hence the tactical placement with or near cards.

The Blob coming soon to newsXpress

The newsXpress is gearing up to exclusively launch The Blob here in Australia. A terrific phone stand and screen cleaner, The Blob is a product for everyone with a mobile phone.

For use at home, at work, in the car … jus about anywhere, The Blob is a great gift for dad for Father’s Day or for anyone.

newsXpress has gone out and sourced The Blob as part of a strategy to provide our retail network with a point of difference, a profitable and valued point of difference.

We are delivering a product with good margin and backing it with excellent marketing collateral, a social media campaign and an advertising campaign.  This is what newsagents tell us they are looking for in a marketing group, a point of difference.

The Blob is about much more than just this product, it is about strategy and unity for businesses trading under a common shingle.

It is hard work finding products that can work in 170 different businesses and to provide collateral that works in a broad variety of retail situations. Undaunted by the challenge, newsXpress invests in its network, to help its members achieve beyond their local store view and to trade by working together with a common goal.

The Blob is here to take over the world … well, Australia at least. It is a product customers will love when they are shown how it works. It’s a perfect product with which to engage in retail theatre and to have fun. It’s a product all team members can play with. And they will.

newsXpress business owners will engage with the product and use it to drive mobile phone recharge business and mobile phone handset sales.  The Blob presents newsXpress members with a win win win opportunity!

Look out for The Blob soon in your local newsXpress store. It’s unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Note to newsXpress members: watch out for those who will criticise for they have started already. Too often those who cannot or will not innovate prefer to criticise those who do. Success is earned by hard work and not criticising a competitor.

newsXpress members loving One Direction calendar sales!

newsXpress members who seized the opportunity of exclusive early access to the 2013 One Direction Calendar are reporting excellent sales results this week. This boy band sensation continues to excite fans, especially young girls.

Some smart newsXpress members realised this and ordered big for the launch of the much-anticipated calendar.

The result this week has been excellent for participating stores – plenty of bonus traffic and sales, well in advance of the traditional calendar season – a nice early Christmas gift.

Some newsXpress members have long ago banked revenue from pre sales of the calendar.

newsXpress has an excellent track record helping newsXpress members to tap into pre-sale opportunities, leveraging traffic and revenue for members ahead of other nearby retailers.

In delivering a window of exclusivity is another example of the value newsXpress delivers to members. One newsXpress location expects to bank close to $3,000 in sales in this period. At a more than 60% margin this is an excellent result. The result gets even better when you consider the payment terms delivered by newsXpress.

One reason newsagents want to join newsXpress is to improve their businesses. The opportunities around just One Direction this year has contributed more than the total cost of newsXpress membership in several situations … making everything else newsXpress does cream on the delicious newsXpress cake.

Promoting to shoppers at the counter

newsXpress East Maitland promotes magazines and Optus SIM cards to shoppers as they enter the business with these tactically placed slim display units.

Each unit presents an clear value proposition.

The Optus unit promotes the $2 SIM cards – an easy purchase.

The Pacific Magazines unit promotes the opportunity to win $250 with three current a popular titles featuring in the floor display unit.

Placing these units in high traffic locations and ensuring they are stocked with current product is vital to their success. The placement at newsXpress East Maitland is perfect – shoppers see then units as they walk in the door and as they head to the counter with their purchases.

Getting shoppers to add to their shopping basket is the icing on the cake as they say. newsXpress presents its members with plenty of opportunities to ice their cake thanks to some wonderful impulse purchase opportunities from our partner suppliers.

AFL Beanie Kids selling well in WA

newsXpress stores in Western Australia are loving the AFL Beanie Kids. They are selling like a treat.  Many of the teams and not just WA teams.

The display in the photo is from newsXpress Whitford City. This shows the stand in a perfect location – easily seen by all shoppers entering the business.

newsXpress has helped members tap into this wonderful product and shares tactics and marketing tools for driving the opportunity to the max. This puts more money in the cash register and shows the added value newsXpress brings.

newsXpress EXCLUSIVE: Go Green and Gold promotion

ACP Magazines and newsXpress are proud to announce the launch on July 30 an EXCLUSIVE promotion for newsXpress shoppers and newsXpress members.

GO GREEN AND GOLD will leverage interest in the Olympics by offering the opportunity to win one of four entertainment packages being given away through the promotion.

The total prize pool is valued at over $17,000 for this four week promotion which is exclusive to our retail network.

The promotion will be supported with an extensive array of marketing collateral with which to promote the prize pool and the associated magazine titles.

To get in the running, newsXpress customers will need to purchase one of the following ACP titles:

  • Woman’s Day
  • Australian Woman’s Weekly
  • Australian House and Garden
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Street Machine
  • Zoo
  • Take 5
  • NW

At the counter and on marketing collateral in-store there will be details on how to enter. It’s easy … customers can go to the website or scan a QR code. In seconds they can be entered to win a highly-prized entertainment package.

newsXpress appreciates the support from ACP in making this exclusive opportunity available to us.

Better Homes and Gardens is the perfect Sunday promotion

Better Homes and Gardens is a top selling magazine in newsXpress stores. It is a particularly successful magazine on Sundays and all through the weekend.

The newsXpress members who do best with the title take a multi-layered approach to promoting the title.

The most success comes when newsXpress members promote: in-location, with newspapers and at the counter. This gives shoppers three opportunities to see the title.

Offering this support for BHG on the weekend works because of the TV show lead in, the radio show and that the weekend is when people tend to think more about the topics covered in the magazine.

Thanks to terrific support from Pacific Magazines with collateral and marketing tools, newsXpress members are achieving well above average sales success for this title.  This is money in the bank for newsXpress members.  It is also additional traffic which often results in purchases of other items.

The bonus is the newsXpress Magazine Club Card loyalty program which helps bring BHG and other magazine shoppers back.

inkoos – the fun gift

inkoos have started arriving in stores following the recent round of members meetings and they are looking terrific on display. These wonderful cute things come packaged with everything you need to create a wonderful keepsake.

Shoppers buy inkoos for themselves or as a gift.

newsXpress members who have ordered are ahead of the curve and are getting established as the go to retailers to make the most of the opportunity.

newsXpress is leading and delivering wonderful opportunities for newsXpress members – great products backed with great merchandising ideas and supported with marketing assistance to drive traffic and sales. Talk about a win!

Toblerone offer for Father’s Day from newsXpress

newsXpress members have been presented plenty of terrific opportunities for Father’s Day from a range of preferred suppliers. One offer is this KING DAD Toblerone. It’s 400g of deliciousness, a certain treat and tempter for Dads all over.

A tasty treat for Dad and the family to share while trading stories and good times on Father’s Day. It’s also a perfect gift to package and mail to a Dad far away.

newsXpress members are salivating at the opportunity of selling this delicious dad treat for Father’s Day. Some are planning on this as being a centrepiece for Father’s Day. Others plan on it being an impulse purchase item displayed with newspapers.

Some people could be disappointed given the interest in this terrific product. First in best dressed as they say.

newsXpress will support this item with promotion across a couple of our marketing platforms.

News range of Hallmark interactive cards impressive

newsXpress members are loving the new range of Hallmark interactive cards coming through from newsXpress strategic partner Hallmark Cards. Hallmark is the interactive innovator, having lead in this field for years now in Australia and internationally.

Shoppers have responded to the interactive cards with excellent business. This will increase as the new range of interactive cards rolls through the network refreshing stores and reigniting engagement in cards as an interactive product.

newsXpress members are reporting sales growth from Hallmark product and Hallmark is facilitating this with excellent service.

AFL big in WA

Check out the window display at newsXpress Whitford City.  For a Western Australian based business with some parochial shoppers in the centre this is a good display showing off AFL products from a newsXpress preferred supplier.

This display shows off to customers in the centre that the business offers range. The subtle message is that you’ll find what you are looking for here. And shoppers do. Jim and the team have a wonderful business with an excellent range of products from newsXpress preferred suppliers.

newsXpress promotes Pacific Magazines database campaign

newsXpress members across Australia are promoting the Pacific Magazines campaign to build a larger marketing database.

With cash of $1500 up for grabs for shoppers, this is a wonderful cash prize promotion to promote at the front of the newsagency, over the counter and in correspondence to customers.

newsXpress is 100% behind this campaign as we appreciate the value of a good database for marketing local businesses.

We are helping newsXpress members with advice on how to make the most of the opportunity presented thanks to Pacific Magazines.