What does being in an engaged newsagency marketing group look like?

There are more newsagents not in a marketing group than there are in one. This is why we thought it could be useful to explore what being in a marketing group looks like.

For newsXpress members, the cost of being in the group is around $10.00 a day. This provides each newsXpress member tangible value in the form of:

  • Higher profit. Thanks to an exclusive data based approach to driving high margin lines, helping you take control of buying – leading to significant sales growth.
  • Supplier discounts. Often worth $10,000 or more a year.
  • Buying rebates. Often worth $10,000 or more a year.
  • Lower lease costs. Thanks to practical advice and help on lease negotiation.
  • Lower labour costs. Thanks to a data based approach to rostering.
  • From community engagement with the newsXpress family.

Being part of newsXpress delivers more than this short list though. To explore what members receive, in specific and practical terms, this list details everything included in the membership fee:

  1. Regular member meetings. Via Zoom. Weekly and often at weekends for those who prefer that. Supporting each other. Sharing ideas. Learning. having fun.
  2. Supplier launches / presentations. Filmed by us, for newsXpress members exclusively. Includes insights that help drive sales.
  3. Seasonal marketing collateral. Exclusive. A1. Double-sided posters.
  4. Digital collateral. 100s of exclusive assets for your personal use each year. Images and videos that are Instagram and Facebook ready.
  5. Digital collateral for in-store use. Ready for you to print, and use.
  6. Buying rebates. Money put into your account, adding appreciated margin dollars.
  7. Free access to a cloud based commercial graphic design tool. Make what you posters and art need, easily.
  8. Customer loyalty cards. Free stock for 3 different product categories.
  9. Exclusive to newsXpress seasons. To help you attract new shoppers.
  10. 100+ preferred suppliers. Better margin. Faster selling. Good terms.
  11. National consumer facing websites. Connection for your shop is easy.
  12. Half price website. Based on Shopify. Connected to your business, made for you.
  13. Supplier problem resolution. We actively represent you.
  14. Landlord negotiation. We help you negotiate.
  15. Low EFTPOS rates. We launched least cost routing in Jan. 2018.
  16. Product buying. To your budget, we create orders for you to consider if you would like.
  17. Business management advice. Evidence-based advice.
  18. Team member training.
  19. Visual merchandising advice, training, and inspiration.
  20. Shop fit, and layout advice. We have helped save thousands of dollars.
  21. Timely access to award rates.
  22. Private Facebook group. Talk about anything, any time.
  23. Online knowledge base. 150+ exclusive business management articles.
  24. Deals envelope. Exclusive member deals from suppliers.
  25. Financial guidance. Helping you budget for profit.
  26. We can be your sounding board on anything.
  27. Mental health support. We will help any way we can.
  28. newsXpress does more than this every day.

In a practical sense, this is what members of the newsXpress marketing group have access to. It’s part about more profit, part about more enjoyment and part about strategic planning for the future.

Like any group one belongs to, what you get out of being part of newsXpress or any newsagency marketing group is up to you. Choosing to engage and seek out more value for your business is a good move.

newsXpress can be reached at help@newsxpress.com.au