Sydney gift fair report for newsXpress members

newsXpress has published a confidential report to members of insights and opportunities explored at the recent Sydney gift fairs. This document highlights to members newsXpress exclusive and preferred opportunities, helping those who could not attend to gain benefits for themselves off of which to drive business growth in terms of traffic and sales.

The newsXpress merchandise team had a busy time at the fair negotiating with suppliers and unlocking some new opportunities for members.

Last day of HOT ink!

amicroToday is that last day of the latest HOT ink! campaign from newsXpress. newsXpress member feedback has been that this has been a ripper of a campaign – driving excellent sales and engaging shoppers with a terrific in-store giveaway.

The EXCLUSIVE ink opportunities embedded in the latest HOT ink! campaign have been leveraged by newsXpress members to attract new shoppers and to get existing shoppers engaging in the ink category.

newsXpress has actively promoted the campaign externally as well as by providing free collateral and a free gift valued at $150 to each participating store through which to drive shopper engagement.

This is a great newsagency marketing group in action – driving commercial success for its members.

Promoting the gift range using traditional newsagency fittings

giiftrangeChanging fixtures can be a challenge in newsagency businesses and so smart retailers become skilled at repurposing existing fixtures.

The photo shows what has been achieved at newsXpress Pakenham using regular shelving and dressing this up to hold an excellent range of gifts covering several gift categories.

This is a wonderful display laid out in a browser friendly way – giving a wonderful shopping experience.

newsXpress visual merchandising expertise helped achieve this.

Creating a welcoming retail environment

warmretailThanks to great buying and expert visual merchandising help, newsXpress Pakenham is pitching a warm retail experience. This photo shows just part of the shop floor transformation pitching the business as a warm and friendly shopping experience for people shopping for themselves or for gifts for loved-ones.

Through the newsXpress preferred supplier relationships we are able to help our retail partners make the most of excellent opportunities through which to tell visual stories like this.

It’s displays like this that get shoppers browsing longer.

107,000 view newsXpress Facebook ad

nxpfacebookOur newsXpress Facebook ad promoting newsXpress outlets as the places to purchase a range of Pacific Magazines titles and get into the running for a new car has been seen by more than 107,000 according to Facebook data.

This is an excellent result, promoting the newsXpress brand widely on the popular social media website and through its apps – connecting our retail locations with the opportunity to win a car.

newsXpress actively uses social media in support if its member businesses.

Another exclusive Beanie Boos helps newsXpress differentiate

nxexclusiveplushnewsXpress members are thrilled with the EXCLUSIVE TO NEWSXPRESS Beanie Boos item we have sourced for Easter 2014 and beyond. Getting this exclusive product in store early has helped us further leverage the exclusivity that newsXpress negotiated for pour members.

Halo is a delight, a welcome addition to the Beanie Boos family … EXCLUSIVE to newsXpress

Using the WIN A CAR promotion to attract shoppers

nxpacmagsfosnewsXpress members running bold front of store displays are reporting excellent results with the Pacific magazines WIN A CAR promotion – displays like that from one of our corporate stores on the weekend. While compact, the tactical placement of the display is key to its success. The display unit has to be checked regularly to ensure pockets have sufficient stock. To combat store-blindness, the display is moved during the week. This also helps drive sales as it interrupts different store traffic flow.

newsXpress is thrilled with another campaign that is helping members drive magazine sales.

newsXpress Darra promoting WIN A CAR campaign with terrific display

1781094_686441404739820_1293730285_oHere’s how newsXpress Darra in Queensland is promoting the Pacific Magazines WIN A CAR campaign in-store. There is no mistaking the opportunity here for lucky Darra shoppers.

newsXpress is thrilled to see the level of engagement from members like newsXpress Darra in such an important sales-focused promotion.

newsXpress Highlands Marketplace promotes WIN A CAR campaign

carmktplaceCheck out the of the the displays at newsXpress Highlands Marketplace in Mittagong in NSW for promoting the WIN A CAR campaign being run by Pacific Magazines.

This power end display pitched the titles and the car prize opportunity – all to drive sales of the magazines involved in the promotion.

newsXpress members are reporting good results from this campaign already.

newsXpress social media advertising of WIN A CAR campaign

winacaradnewsXpress is a day into a Facebook ad campaign promoting th Pacific Magazines WIN A CAR campaign to drive traffic specifically for newsXpress locations.

Attracting more than 44,000 views, many likes and many shares in less than 24 hours, this campaign is another high-profile social media campaign by newsXpress partnering with a supplier for the benefit of its members.

newsXpress is leading by example in running social media campaigns such as this.

newsXpress and its members love the WIN A CAR promotion.

WIN A CAR @ newsXpress

magswinacarknoxnewsXpress stores across Australia are promoting the wonderful WIN A CAR campaign, offering customers the opportunity to win a car by purchasing a participating pacific Magazines magazine title.

This is a wonderful campaign that we know from past experience will drive incremental magazine sales.

Promoting the campaign at multiple locations in-store, newsXpress members are actively engaged and helping customers WIN A CAR.

We love this campaign.

Busy start to Sydney Gift Fair

The newsXpress team has had a very busy two days so far at the Sydney Gift Fair and the Home & Giving Fair meeting with existing preferred suppliers and connecting with a range of potential new suppliers.  Saturday and Sunday sped quickly as we gathered an excellent selection of opportunities.

In between meeting with suppliers we are guiding members on suppliers to speak with and even ordering on behalf of some.  With two days to go, the three shows stand to be among the most successful newsXpress has participated in.


newsXpress beats Officeworks, Big W, JB HiFi and Harvey Norman on ink prices

hotink2014Local newsXpress newsagencies across Australia are beating much bigger retailers when it comes to ink and toner right now.

We have brand name ink and toner at excellent prices – showing that locally owned and operates small businesses can beat the majors.

Beating Officeworks, Big W, JB HiFi and Harvey Norman on ink prices is proud for newsXpress and its members. We’re crowing because we are helping our customer save money – it’s what we do regularly!

newsXpress helps newsagents grow!

Promoting cards and gifts for Valentine’s Day

valch2newsXpress newsagency locations across Australia have been promoting Valentine’s Day with excellent displays and promotiong in-store. newsXpress members have been sharing photos or inspiring displays with each other privately.

Featuring the Maggie Beer gift pack on offer in store as well as an excellent range of cards, soft plush and wonderful gifts, it’s a season for all ages and all circumstances as people feel that love is in the air.

The photo shows part of the pitch at the entrance to newsXpress Central Highlands in Queensland.

Promoting Valentine’s Day in Emerald QLD

valch1Here’s the front window at newsXpress Central Highlands in Emerald, Queensland promoting Valentine’s Day using newsXpress and Hallmark supplied collateral. It’s a terrific pitch for the season, promoting an excellent range of gifts for the important season in the newsagency calendar.

newsXpress members are provided seasonal collateral and other support.

newsXpress connects radio, in-store, catalogue and social media with integrated newsagency marketing campaign

inkcounterNewsagency marketing group newsXpress has engaged in a professional and integrated marketing campaign promoting ink in newsXpress stores. Running across multiple consumer-engaged marketing platforms, the latest HOTink! leverages the very latest social media innovation with a highly targeted campaign, in-store live radio, in-store shopper opportunities and other marketing platforms to drive traffic and sales of ink for newsXpress members.

This is the newsXpress difference – driving traffic for members and encouraging shoppers.

newsXpress newsagency marketing group members benefit from better terms

newsXpress this week is announcing details of even better terms with another major supplier, continuing the trend of recent weeks of enhancing trading terms for members.

The goals of the merchandise team at newsXpress are to help members buy better through range, exclusivity and terms. These goals are backed with insights and assistances to help turn the excellent margin product faster than might otherwise be the case.

The latest term improvement has come about because of the success delivered by newsXpress and its members to the supportive supplier.

We’re not publishing the details here as the terms are exclusive to newsXpress members.

HOTink! driving customer traffic and ink sales for newsXpress newsagency businesses

IMG_1716newsXpress members are loving the latest HOTink! promotion. The photo shows part of the HOTink! promotion at newsXpress Eli Waters. They are using the collateral provided for the tablet computer give-away in-store, a terrific price that will be won by one lucky shopper at newsXpress Eli Waters.  We have shipped many tablet computers for similar in-store give-aways.

Driving additional traffic and achieving incremental sales and locking in new ink customers is a great way to start off 2014 for newsXpress members.

The latest HOTink! campaign shows off a real newsagency marketing group point of difference: good buying, excellent marketing, in-store engagement mechanics and extra special value for newsXpress shoppers and newsXpress members.

This is fun!

Newsagency marketing group helps newsagents grow their businesses


It’s one thing for a newsagency marketing group to negotiate excellent prices – as newsXpress does – and another to provide marketing merchandising and other insights to help move stock – as newsXpress cones. But these opportunities turn into excellent success when the products are EXCLUSIVE. newsXpress has more exclusive products, high in demand product, for its member newsagents.

Charming the Monkey is a very popular line in the highly sought-after collectible Beanie Boos range. It’s a Valentine’s Day special and it is EXCLUSIVE TO NEWSXPRESS.

newsXpress Highlands Marketplace helps Mittagong shoppers save on ink

1013227_583281128416110_757918686_nnewsXpress Highlands Marketplace is promoting the latest HOTink! opportunity in-store as well as in the mall with this display promoting the tablet computer competition and listing all the ink cartridges that are being promoted in the latest HOTink! catalogue.

With many hundreds of thousands of homes having the catalogue, showing it off at the front of the shop is ideal as it reminds customers that this is the shop with the great deals on ink.

As the newsXpress collateral pitch says: SAVE MONEY ON BRAND NAME INK!