Mother’s Day in Clarendon Street Victoria

newsxpress-clarendon.jpgnewsXpress Clarendon (VIC) has a Mother’s Day gift range and an excellent range of Hallmark Mother’s Day cards on display for this important retail season. Facing onto the busy Clarendon Street in South Melbourne, the folks at newsXpress Clarendon are making the most of passing foot traffic to pitch their Mother’s Day story.  They are doing this with the support of Hallmark and newsXpress collateral to promote the season.  Customers shopping for newspapers, magazines and stationery cannot miss the Mother’s Day offer.

HOT Ink! drives great sales for newsXpress

hotink-newsxpress.JPGnewsXpress members are reporting excellent sales from the latest HOT Ink! campaign.  HOT Ink! has been promoted by close to 1 million flyers into letterboxes as well as a mixture of some local print and radio.   This is bringing new traffic to newsXpress stores.  Each new customer is an opportunity for sales beyond ink.  They are also an opportunity for repeat business – we understand the loyalty of ink customers once they have found a retailer offering what they want at a competitive price.  This is what HOT Ink! drives for newsXpress members.

In-store, HOT Ink! is supported with flyers as well as professional shelf talkers.

newsXpress is proud to be the innovator when it comes to driving traffic for printer ink and toner for newsXpress locations right around Australia.  Our members are banking terrific rewards.

BTW Winner at newsXpress Kingaroy Mall

kingaroy-bike-winner-2.JPGThe latest winner in the exceptional newsXpress ‘Back to Work’ promotion received his prize this week at newsXpress Kingaroy Mall. Donna Walker and her team wholly embraced the promotion in their local community and the results and hundred of entries were great reward for their efforts.

Mr. Dixon the lucky winner (featured in the photo to the left) was extremely appreciative to newsXpress and Donna for his fantastic new prize – a  20″ Girl’s Butterfly Bicycle sponsored by Pacific Magazines.


newsXpress first with Lady Gaga calendar

lady-gaga-calendar.jpgnewsXpress is proud to be the first retail network to offer preorders for the 2011 Lady Gaga calendar.  Our marketing team has put together an exclusive and attractive preorder form which guarantees preferential access to the 2011 Lady Gaga calendar the moment they are released to retail.newsXpress took the same initiative last year with the Michael Jackson calendar and already this year has started promoting the Justin Beiber calendar.

Our support for this much anticipated Lady Gaga calendar will help newsXpress members maximise revenue and margin well before its is released.  Presales data will help manage inventory at the store and group level.

Mother’s Day gift hamper on offer at newsXpress

hallmark-hamper.JPGnewsXpress stores across Australia are gathering entries for their local Mother’s Day giveaway. The prize this year is a luxury hamper packed with pampering goodies for mum. To enter, all you need to do is purchase a Hallmark Mother’s Day card, complete the entry form and place it in the specially marked entry box. The Hallmark range for Mother’s Day 2010 is extensive and includes the popular Hallmark sound cards and the recordable Hallmark sound cards.

Lest we forget

Across Australia, newsXpress businesses, their owners, employees and connected families take time today to remember the Anzacs and indeed all who have served this great country of ours.

We are privileged in our businesses to connect with local communities in many personal ways. The stories we have heard of bravery and challenges flowing from those who have put their lives on the line for Australia touch our hearts.

So, today, we salute, remember and give thanks for the fallen and all who have served.

Lest we forget.

BTW Winner at newsXpress Woden

photo.jpgRocky, winner of one of 5 Optus Pre-paid 8Gb Apple iPhones valued at $899 each was over the moon at his good fortune. Upon being told the good news he recounted he still had his first mobile phone from 1999 which was only just hanging on as he weighed up the benefits of a fancy new phone!

Nik McCormack from newsXpress Woden seen with Rocky after handing over the prize was delighted to be able to hand over such a significant prize to a customer as part of the successful newsXpress ‘Back to Work’ promotion.

BTW Winner at newsXpress Tin Can Bay

tin-can-bay-btw.JPGThe fantastic newsXpress ‘Back to Work’ promotion keeps benefiting members as the bounty of prizes are presented to lucky customers over the next couple of weeks. Jill McDonald and the team at newsXpress Tin Can Bay were rapt to have sold one of the lucky entries to local customer Mr. Smith.

Mr. Smith joked he wished he had a bicycle like this when he was growing up and was now faced with the tough task of choosing which of his grandkid’s would be the proud new owner of the 26″ Men’s Bicycle sponsored by Pacific Magazines.

BTW Winner at newsXpress Leongatha

leo-btw.jpgAfter submitting more than 5,000 entries chances were pretty high that one of newsXpress Leongatha‘s customers would claim a prize in the recent newsXpress ‘Back to Work’ promotion. And so it was with Mr. Rowlands proudly showing off the Boy’s 20″ Bicycle sponsored by Pacific Magainzes that would make an ideal gift for one of his grand children.

Jesse from newsXpress Leongatha expressed thanks to newsXpress for the promotion that saw unprecedented support from locals as the overwhelming number of entries clearly illustrates.

The Back to Work campaign has been tremendously successful for newsXpress members, customers and suppliers.

Big Lotto win at newsXpress Sarina

1-030.jpgA lucky newsXpress Sarina customer purchased one of the winning 1st division lottery tickets in last week’s Saturday Gold Lotto Draw earning a cool $500,000 reward!

As you can see from the photo to the left, newsXpress Sarina team members Rachel (right) and Cobie (left) were almost as ecstatic as the winner themself! After hearing many stories of jackpot lotto wins at newsXpress the owners and staff take a great deal of pleasure and pride in being able to change their customers lives so dramatically.  One of the many delights of small business.

newsXpress first with Justin Bieber calendar promotion

justin-beiber-calendar.jpgnewsXpress stores across Australia are the first to offer preorders for the 2011 Justin Bieber calendar.  Our marketing team has put together an exclusive and attractive preorder form which guarantees preferential access to the Justin Bieber calendar the moment they are released to retail.

newsXpress took the same initiative last year with the Michael Jackson calendar with tremendous success – preselling close to 1,000 calendars.

Our support for this much anticipated calendar will help newsXpress members maximise revenue and margin before release.

Exclusive Partworks offer

newsXpress is proud to have be offering newsXpress members exclusive access to partworks support which helps ensure supply and other benefits to enable newsXpress members achieve greater success from partworks products.

We understand the commercial value of partworks in terms of new traffic and sales efficiency.  We leverage this through a good supplier relationship to the benefit of newsXpress members.

Mother’s Day at newsXpress Redcliffe

redcliffe-shop-004.jpgnewsXpress Redcliffe (QLD) makes a strong pitch for Mother’s Day business with this stunning display at the front of the store and into the dance floor.  They are making excellent use of gifts from newsXpress preferred suppliers, cards from Hallmark – including the sound cards which feature on Hallmark’s TV commercials – and exclusive newsXpress marketing collateral.

The gift table is one of the flexible gift tables newsXpress has become famous for in recent years with many newsagents copying them.

Mother’s Day at newsXpress Leongatha

mothersday-leongatha-newsxpress-004.jpgMother’s Day cards, books and gifts are being promoted on the dance floor at newsXpress Loengatha (VIC).  These are all part of the newsXpress Mother’s Day offer – a broad range of good margin gifts catering to the interests of mums of all ages and situations.  The team at newsXpress Leongatha has created a wonderful Mother’s Day environment by framing the gifts with cards as they have done.

newsXpress Gympie promotes printer ink deals

img_0124.JPGnewsXpress Gympie (QLD) is promoting the latest newsXpress HOT Ink! deals on large posters placed on the footpath in front of their business.  The brilliant posters draw attention to hero brand-name ink and toner products which feature in the HOT Ink! #14 catalogue produced by newsXpress and which has just been distributed to a million homes around the country.

Warrick and the team at newsXpress Gympie are demonstrating the importance of markeing by promoting the latest ink deals through flyers, posters in-store and these posters out the front of the shop.   The co-ordinated saturation campaign makes it clear to everyone in Gympie that the best placefor printer ink locally is newsXpress Gympie.

Great printer ink deals at newsXpress

hotink-14.JPGHOT Ink! #14 flyers have hit close to 1 million homes across Australia offering excellent deals in printer ink and printer toner. Based on respected brands HP, Canon, Brother, Epson and Lexmark, the newsXpress HOT Ink! #14 flyer offers HOT prices for quality brand name product. No compatibles, just brands from the original manufacturers which shoppers can trust.

To support HOT Ink! #14, stores have been sent marketing collateral kits including the shelf talkers shown in the photo. These help present the product professional and drive sales efficiently.

Two newsXpress finalists in ACP Magazines’ Retail Scholarship award

newsXpress is proud to see two newsXpress representatives among the three finalists for the 2010 Connections Retail Scholarship.

Fiona Matthews from newsXpress Salamander Bay and Jason Schwarten from newsXpress Forest Hill are in the finals which will be judged in Sydney next week.  The winner receives seat on the next Westfield World Retail Study Tour. The major prize, valued at $18,304, runs for 17 days and visits Tokyo, Los Angeles, New York, London, and Barcelona.

The judging of all entries was undertaken by a panel of retail experts without the entries identifying the entrants name or the newsagency with which they are connected.

newsXpress wishes Fiona and Jason the best for next week’s tough judging.

Mother’s Day at newsXpress Bairnsdale

bairnsdale-newsxpress.jpgThe team at newsXpress Bairnsdale (VIC) has put together a terrific window promoting Mother’s Day – demonstrating the wonderful blending of newsXpress and Hallmark developed marketing collateral.

Promoted in the window display is the Hallmark Mother’s Day sound cards as well as a terrific selection of Mother’s Day gifts.

The is attractive and commercially focused all at once – an ideal blend for a community focused newsagency.

Proud to support the QNF

newsXpress is proud to support the Queensland Newsagents’ Federation as a Platinum Sponsor of their State Conference today in Brisbane. As a sponsor of many years standing, newsXpress respects the work of the QNF and is grateful for an opportunity to once again put something back into this body which so well helps newsagents.

In addition to financial support, newsXpress will have a full contingent at today’s conference including senior management and our on the ground Business Development team – those working at the coal face helping newsXpress members transform their businesses.

Four creative winners at Yarram

yarram-winners.JPGThe four winners of the Easter colouring competition were happy to be photographed outside newsXpress Yarram (VIC) when they came in to collect their prizes. The extent of entries can be seen in the background with artwork covering the windows – there is considerably more than in the photo. What a terrific result for newsXpress Yarram, and the fine young artists in their midst.

Awards like those at Yarram were made across the country as newsXpress members heaped praise on winners in local easter colouring competitions.