Siku cars & trucks popular with all ages

sikuThe range of collectible Siku cars and trucks offered to newsXpress members are a very special price is selling well.

Having access to such desirable product at better than usual newsXpress member discount helps our members make even more money from this wonderful opportunity.

This is an excellent example of the newsXpress difference. Good buying, easy merchandising and terrific shopper engagement.

The result is money in the bank and a more valuable business. What a great story!

Newsagency management workshop dates

newsXpress is hosting a FREE half-day newsagency management workshop around Australia in mid July – offering an excellent opportunity for learning, networking and motivation. Here are the dates:

  • July 15 – Adelaide: Rydges South Tce
  • July 16 – Perth: Rendezvous Scarborough Beach
  • July 22 – Brisbane: River View Hotel
  • July 23 – Sydney: Bonnie Doon Golf Club.
  • July 29 – Melbourne: Kooyong Tennis Club, Glenferrie Road.
  • July 30 – Hobart: Hadleys Hotel

All newsagents are welcome.

Free newsagency management workshop agenda

newsXpress is hosting a FREE newsagency management workshop in capital cities around Australia in mid July. Here’s the agenda:

  • 07:30 BREAKFAST
  • 12:45 CLOSE

All newsagents are welcome.

Plush in the window attracting shoppers

plushbeaniesthlandnewsXpress members are loving success with plush from our partner suppliers such as Big Balloon the suppliers of the Ty product. Having early access to the latest large Beanie Boos ahead of so many others has given us an excellent advantage through which we have been able to attract new traffic for these plush items and other products they then purchase in-store.

Offering newsXpress members strategies and tactics through which to attract more shoppers is a key offering from newsXpress. While they group offers excellent deals, it is the information on how to get the most from the deals throughout which the group is able to deliver genuinely excellent benefits to members.

As the photo shows, the latest Ty Beanie Boos products help us appeal to collectors as well as first-time shoppers.

Back to the future with Ravensberger

ravensbergernewsXpress members are enjoying wonderful sales and benefiting from new traffic through their support for the respected Ravensberger range of jigsaw puzzles.

Offered to members at a stunning discount through a recent special offer from our supplier, these puzzles are being used by newsXpress members to re-position their businesses, taking back traffic and sales from toy and other retailers in shopping malls and on the high street.

The Ravensberger offer works well when the retailer understands the opportunity. This is where newsXpress helps – ensuring that retailers have good product knowledge with which to be most effective in selling the products.

Three new preferred supplier relationships

newsXpress this week has announced three new supplier relationships , delivering more value from newsXpress membership for newsXpress local businesses.

These new supplier relationships provide access to product discounts but more important is the knowledge and advice our members can access from these engaged suppliers. One is in a completely new category that will sit nicely next to other categories already in-store.

newsXpress continues to evolve its offer to help newsXpress members to grow their businesses.

Great deals on ink at newsXpress stores

hotinkjune2014newsXpress newsagency marketing group members right across Australia are promoting great deals on brand name ink and toner with the latest HOT ink! campaign. Promoted out of store, online and in-store, this latest HOT ink! comes with professional marketing collateral for newsXpress members to use to drive business sales and shopper engagement.


Newsagency marketing group newsXpress expanding

nxpstoresNewsagency marketing group newsXpress is expanding its reach with more members coming on board in each state of Australia. The expansion is thanks to wonderful support from newsXpress members as well as support from our supplier friends. The result is a stronger and more diverse group through which we can share the newsXpress values and service commitment with shoppers right around Australia.

newsXpress is having a terrific 2014.

Sarah Jessica Parker cards out now

nxsjpMany newsXpress stores are thrilled with early results from the new Sarah Jessica Parker range of cards that are in-store now.

These inspirational cards are attracting younger card shoppers. We are leveraging learnings from the successful launch overseas to maximise opportunities for newsXpress members. newsXpress has been confidentially sharing these insights with newsXpress members at recent member meetings.

The Sarah Jessica Parker range is from Hallmark, a strategic partner of newsXpress. We are thrilled to have this range on our shelves.

Win a Canon Pixma printer only at newsXpress

nxfreeprinterOnly newsXpress stores are offering the opportunity to win a Canon Pixma printer. It’s all part of the latest HOT ink! promotion that is running in store. With exclusive collateral supporting the display of the free printers in-store, newsXpress members have all they need for stunning displays to drive ink sales.

newsXpress newsagency marketing group members actively support Red Nose Day

nxrednosedaynewsXpress newsagency marketing group members are actively supporting Red Nose Day with in-store promotions as well as products available.

Having supported the Red Nose Day campaign and SIDS for Kids for many years, newsXpress is thrilled to be partnering again in 2014 – to help this wonderful charity.

With Red Nose Day products at all newsXpress counters, this is another way we are driving awareness of this important charity event.

Look for your red nose products at newsXpress.

Win a Tablet promotional display at newsXpress Caboolture

pacmagscabonewsXpress caboolture is another newsXpress store actively promoting the Pacific Magazines Win a Tablet competition designed to drive shopper loyalty.

This display in the photo is in prime position in-store and is easily seen by all shoppers approaching the counter, offering an excellent opportunity for up-sell.

newsXpress encourages all members to support the Win a Tablet promotional opportunity.

Pacific Magazines is a strategic partner of newsXpress.

newsXpress members loving the Win a Tablet promotion from Pacific Magazines

wintabnewsXpress members are embracing the Pacific Magazines Win a Tablet competition promotion at the counter, with magazines and front of store and in the front window. This promotion is also being marketed through newsXpress member Facebook pages and by newsXpress in a paid Facebook ad campaign that promotes newsXpress retailers as the retailers to purchase from to get in the running to win a Tablet.

Great HOT ink! prices at newsXpress show small business newsagents are the best!

hotinkjune2014Newsagency marketing group is showing real leadership with the latest HOT ink! campaign offering excellent prices on brand name ink, a discount voucher offering further $$$ off and a chance to win a terrific Canon printer – with one printer being given away in each participating store.

The latest HOT ink! is just two weeks old and already newsXpress members are reporting excellent shopper growth as people bring in the catalogue and embrace opportunities to save and to win.

This latest EXCLUSIVE TO NEWSXPRESS marketing campaign is another way newsXpress is helping members to make more money from every day habit based product like ink and toner.

newsXpress shoppers are winners!

25% off deal helps newsXpress newsagents win!

It’s not often a supplier to newsagents offers 25% off their regular wholesale price but that’s exactly what newsXpress delivered for its members for two weeks when a MAJOR supplier in a very important and valuable product category offered newsXpress members 25% off top-selling products.

That’s a wonderful and valuable additional margin opportunity for many highly sought after and popular product lines.

This 25% off wholesale was EXCLUSIVE to newsXpress. Talk about delivering value to members keen to drive above average business margin and to build an even better bottom line.

Many claim to help newsagents improve GP. newsXpress regularly delivers on this promise with EXCLUSIVE buying deals plus proves strategies for turning product on the shop floor into sales faster than is usually the case.

newsXpress helps newsagents get more money in the bank as this latest deal shows.

newsXpress supplier factory tour adds value to our relationships

fctorytourLast week, a group of newsXpress members benefited from a factory tour with one of our preferred suppliers – taking us behind the scenes and learning about what makes these products so special and saleable. Hearing from the manufacturer direct helps newsXpress better pitch to their customers and better differentiate product from this supplier compared to other suppliers.

Getting newsXpress members behind the scenes with suppliers is providing to be an invaluable point of difference for newsXpress and its members. we are grateful to many of our suppliers for enabling us to do this.

newsXpress member meetings unlock excellent opportunities

supmeetvicnewsXpress members have got together in local area meetings over the last week in Newcastle, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth to talk business, hear about some stunning supplier deals and network with colleagues. The photo shows our Melbourne meeting held at the offices of Artwrap where we got to see some exciting new products and tap into some exceptional deals. The opportunity proved wonderful for our members who actively engaged with what was on offer.

A feature of these meetings has been showing off exclusive to newsXpress product lines that offer a valuable point of difference to newsXpress members.

newsXpress ink prices beat Officeworks and others

hotinkcompnewsXpress have provided members with additional free marketing collateral to pitch our network as offering ink at more competitive prices that Officeworks, JB Hi Fi, Australia Post and Harvey Norman.

These professionally designed and printed EXCLUSIVE to newsXpress A2 posters are part of a concerted campaign designed to better educate shoppers that the newsXpress ink offer is competitive, that the savings we offer are real and can be trusted.

The latest HOT ink! campaign started June 1 and runs until July 11.

newsXpress members giving away $20,000 worth of Canon printers

canonwinnewsXpress members have launched the next HOT ink! campaign with more than $20,000 worth of Canon Pixima printers being given away. each participating newsXpress store has a printer on offer as a prize for a lucky customer.

The printers have been provided free to newsXpress members along with marketing collateral for in-store promotion of this wonderful prize that connects brilliantly to the sale of ink which it at the core of the HOT ink! campaign.

Having a prize opportunity like this which is EXCLUSIVE to newsXpress helps us further differentiate our businesses from others nearby selling ink and toner.