newsXpress March newsletter out now

nx-instore-march2011.jpgnewsXpress provided its March 2011 newsletter to all newsXpress members a week ago to send out with monthly accounts.  By publishing a week prior to the start of the month, our members have time to get wider coverage of the newsletter.

As with all of our newsletters, the A4 and A5 files can be customised to offer a local looking newsletter, promoting each newsXpress location individually. The March 2011 newsletter is a good mix of product features and consumer offers … and a terrific pitch for newsXpress.

newsXpress members distribute the newsletter in a variety of ways including: on a stand in front of the business, in customer bags, mailed with customer accounts, emailed to the customer database, included with product deliveries and handed out across the counter.

The newsletter, is bright, breezy and inviting.  It is proving to be an important part of the business marketing armory of proactive newsXpress members.

This newsletter is another example of the valuable newsXpress difference.

Promoting My Family Stickers in Bairnsdale

stickerf-bairnsdale-card.JPGnewsXpress Bairnsdale has been promoting the My Family stickers from The Sticker Family on the back of the family car using stickers from the set as well as our newsXpress car sticker which is of similar material.  This idea is now being used by other newsXpress members.  It is a terrific way to promote this unique range of products which are sourced through a newsXpress preferred supplier.

While many newsagents put products on the shop floor and expect them to sell.  newsXpress members proactively get outside their businesses in a variety of ways to attract new shoppers and embrace the fun of new and innovating products such as the My Family stickers range.

The innovative approach by newsXpress Bairnsdale is great for sales and appreciated by locals who want to know where they can get stickers for their family.

The Sticker family has been such a success for newsXpress that others are chasing the range for their businesses.

newsXpress Woden promoting the Sticker Family

stickerf-woden.jpgnewsXpress Woden is promoting The Sticker Family range of My Family TM stickers on the rear of their vehicle.  This range has taken off right across the newsXpress network.  Thanks to the deal negotiated by the newsXpress merchandise team and the support newsXpress is providing members, sales are fantastic.  Local out of store promotions, like the display on the rear car window by newsXpress Woden is brilliant at letting locals know where they can source these stickers.

The Sticker Family range is attracting new traffic to newsXpress stores and is helping drive a deeper and more valuable basket.

This is what a good newsagency marketing group does, brings on products which drive traffic and margin dollars.  It’s the newsXpress difference in action.  Indeed, our success with this range has been so good that others chasing a similar deal.  try as they might, they will not be able to copy the newsXpress strategy and enthusiasm, key elements in the success of the range.

The Sticker Family range features in the newsXpress March In Store Offers newsletter.

I Love Magazines at St Clair

ilove-stclair.jpgThe team at newsXpress St Clair in New South Wales is right behind the I Love Magazines promotion being run by ACP Magazines with the display unit at the front of the newsagency facing out into the mall.

All newsXpress stores received this display unit for the I Love Magazines promotion from ACP and are using it to promote the ACP range and the cash prizes available for lucky shoppers.

This campaign is a further demonstration of the compliance and associated value offered by a group like newsXpress to publishers and other newsagency suppliers.

Terrific training for newsXpress newsagents

nxpmtg-bal.JPGnewsXpress newsagents across Australia have been participating is an excellent business building workshops from newsXpress preferred supplier Sanbrook, Australia’s premier party supplier.  This hands-on training has been delivered as part of our one day mini conferences.  newsXpress members have been learning how to grow the party goods department, how to handle the various components, how to use balloons for terrific in-store displays and how to own this high margin category.

This is the newsXpress difference … we bring a respected supplier to our members with exclusive commercial benefits, we back to up with in-store collateral, we facilitate quality training and we lead by using our corporate stores as test best for developing the new offer.

newsXpress is proud to draw together so many elements to create a holistic solution for members in its approach to party goods.  Our work since last year is enabling newsXpress members to fast track their entry into party goods, way beyond the traditional newsagency offer.  We deliver access to market intelligence, tips, advice and product ranging knowledge which would take independent newsagents years to build up.  Those who attended the recent member meetings saw this first hand.

newsXpress members are embracing the new party opportunity right across Australia.  While other newsagents will try and copy and some marketing groups may claim that they have the same offer, what newsXpress has created is exclusive to our group.  The products, training, collateral, pricing, ranging, tips and business building advice combines into a newsXpress exclusive package.  Brilliant!

Let the newsXpress party begin!

Nextra flatters newsXpress

Representatives from Nextra have been busy visiting and calling newsXpress members telling them to leave newsXpress and join Nextra.  We are flattered that they prize our champion newsagents and their businesses so much that they invest their time and money trying to woo members from our group.

newsXpress continues to attract quality newsagents who want to be part of a proactive marketing group with a plan to help newsagents create more efficient and valuable businesses.

newsXpress retains members because of what we deliver.  We do not have a long term locked in contract.

Nextra handcuffs newsagents to their group with a five year contract followed by a one year lockout from another group.

I Love Magazines at Engadine

ilovemags-engadine.jpgnewsXpress Engadine is promoting the ACP I Love Magazines campaign at the counter between two two busiest sales points in the business.  Pursuing good impulse business and promoting the opportunity for customers to win cash, the tactical placement of the display unit is a win win for newsXpress Engadine.

newsXpress is actively promoting I Love magazines through all newsXpress stores as a great tool for growing magazine sales. We secured excellent collateral for our retail network as well as on the ground assistance through our exclusive Business Development Manager team.

Helping those buying a newsagency find their feet and grow their businesses

newsXpress is successful attracting people new to the newsagency businesses.  Whether it is people buying a newsagency or those who have purchased a newsagency and already running it.

Our training, our networking sessions, our preferred suppliers, our in-store support and our personal assistance on a broad range of issues is proving to be a boon for new newsagents.  We help them fast-track to make decisions as if they had been in the business of many years.

newsXpress membership can substitute for experience.

Tapping into the deep well of newsXpress experience in our staff team as well as in our broader membership base, we leverage the group on behalf of these new newsagents and help them more effectively compete than if they were not in newsXpress.

The support for new newsagents has been evident during our recent round of newsXpress member meetings where new newsagents have been able to access a d leverage opportunities which one usually only sees far more experienced newsagents accessing.

This is the newsXpress difference in action, helping newsXpress members create more profitable and successful businesses.

This is another reason newsXpress locations are much sought after by other newsagency marketing groups.

I Love Magazines at Ocean Grove

ilovemags-ocean2.JPGnewsXpress Ocean Grove is promoting ACP Magazines’ I Love Magazines offer on the dance floor free of visual competition.  This tactical placement ensures that the opportunity is seen by all customers entering the store.

The benefit, in addition to driving sales of the promoted titles, is the promotion of the opportunnity for customers of newsXpress Ocean Grove to win cash prizes.

I Love Magazines is proving to be a very successful magazine promotion across newsXpress stores.  We’re loving it!

The Sticker Family at Cooma

cooma-sticker.jpgnewsXpress Cooma is promoting The Sticker Family with terrific success. Driving good sales and nice traffic this range promoted on the street in front of the store is working a treat.

The Sticker Family has now been embraced by two thirds of newsXpress stores across the country, making it another newsXpress preferred supplier success story.

The Cooma experience is a good example of the wonderful word of mouth around The Sticker Family product.  Happy customers tell their friends who seek out newsXpress Cooma for stickers for their family.

newsXpress understood this opportunity when it first embraced The Sticker Family last year.

Congratulations to some great Victorian newsXpress members

Congratulations to newsXpress members who were finalists at the Victorian Newsagent of the year Awards held on Saturday night.

New Technology Finalists
Ocean Grove
Beechworth (Winner)

Retail Finalists

Retail Nominations
Ocean Grove

newsXpress is proud to be the only newsagency marketing group with senior management representation supporting the night.

newsXpress prize packs for lucky UFC magazine customers

ACP Magazines and newsXpress offered members a valuable prize pack as a giveaway to a lucky UFC magazine customer as part of the launch strategy for the new title through our group.

Packed with UFC merchandise, the pack was offered across the newsXpress network last week to members.  The prize packs will be in store in the next day or two to help promote sales of the title.

Only a limited supply of prize packs was available.  Proactive newsXpress members jumped on the opportunity to show off their point of difference.

newsXpress featured in I Love Magazine TVC

newsXpress is tagged in the I Love Magazines TV commercial currently running promoting this popular consumer campaign.  We are one of only two newsagency marketing groups tagged in this way.

Being supported in this way is kudos for our structured and exclusive approach to the management and promoting of the overall magazine category across the newsXpress retail network.  It demonstrates the value ACP magazines sees coming from our point of difference.

Newsagents belonging to the groups not tagged will certainly be asking questions.

newsXpress members do the newsXpress brand proud when they engage with our points of difference around magazines.

I Love Magazines at Knox City

ilove-knx.JPGnewsXpress Knox City is promoting the I Love Magazine campaign behind the counter as well as using the display unit from ACP magazines.

The display unit is being used to attract shoppers from the mall into the store while the behind-the-counter display is used to drive impulse purchases of these titles.

The co-location approach engaged by newsXpress Knox City is one of the pillars of the exclusive newsXpress magazine strategy.  Pretty displays are one thing, tactical engagement which leverages a campaign like I Love Magazine to its maximum commercial is another.

This is the another example of the newsXpress difference in action … driving value for our member businesses and for our suppliers.

Happy St Patrick’s Day for newsXpress Members

stpatricks.jpgnewsXpress has created all new collateral for celebrating St Patrick’s Day 2011.  The new material will help newsXpress stores embrace the day and have fun in store while enjoying good sales with the excellent range of St Patrick’s Day products which are available from newsXpress preferred suppliers.  newsXpress has it all for St Patrick’s Day: an excellent mix of products, good collateral and ideas for in-store engagement … all designed to have fun and drive sales.  Now that’s the newsXpress difference in action.

Product based newsXpress meeting in Melbourne

nxpmtg-vic.JPGOur newsXpress member’s Meeting in Melbourne on Thursday this week we were presented with an excellent in-depth workshop on making money in the extended party category. The workshop was run by Sanbrook Brands, a newsXpress preferred supplier and the dominant supplier in Australia in this space. The workshop was followed by a factory tour, further enhancing the product knowledge of newsXpress members.

The meeting also included an excellent presentation from newsXpress National Merchandise Manager Rob Henderson on strategic visual merchandising (see photo).  This delivered exclusive to newsXpress content on how to take preferred supplier product and newsXpress collateral and create compelling and basked building product displays.

Rich content like that presented in Melbourne two days ago demonstrates the total business value offered by newsXpress.

newsXpress newsagents meet in Brisbane

nxpmtg-bne1.JPGnewsXpress newsagents met in Brisbane on Tuesday of this week for a day of terrific business building sessions including this excellent presentation on how to make money from calendars presented by newsXpress preferred supplier Browntrout.  The action packed agenda covered a broad range of topics, demonstrating the value of the newsXpress approach to backing excellent supplier deals with strategies and tactics which newsXpress members can use to drive better business outcomes.

This is the newsXpress difference, taking great product deals, supporting this with excellent and innovative collateral and backing it with training which enables stores to during the products and collateral into cash in the bank.  The whole of business approach by newsXpress is loved by members who engage and bank the results.