Newsagency marketing group helps newsagents sell jewellery

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress is helping members to expand further into the lucrative jewellery space thanks to a series of exclusive supplier relationships.

In a first for the newsagency channel, newsXpress is offering expanded product lines with which newsXpress members can expect to mark-up product between 300% and 500%.

This is the value of the exclusive newsXpress supplier relationship.

The added benefit is that the products are location-managed. meaning other newsagents who seek to copy will struggle since they will not be supplied by the newsXpress highly sought after supplier.

Winning in 2015!!

Beautiful jewellery helping newsXpress members drive a point of difference

nxjewelnewsXpress members are embracing more of the jewellery options we have delivered to members this year. They are loving the additional sales, the new traffic and the extraordinary 300% mark-up quality jewellery attracts.

Key to the success of newsXpress members – beyond amazing supplier deals for quality product – is the strategy behind the jewellery opportunity delivered by newsXpress. having worked deeply with several suppliers, newsXpress is helping members evolve into a new category with excellent success. Strategy is the key here.

Newsagency marketing group members love more jewellery options

nxjewellNewsagency marketing group newsXpress is receiving kudos from members for the broader range of jewellery product options being pitched.

Covering a broad rand of gift giving opportunities, these jewellery items are bringing a product point of different to members – helping expand the appeal and engagement of their business with locals.

Driving traffic and delivering excellent margin, the latest jewellery offerings are helping newsXpress members create a more valuable future.

Newsagency marketing group members love new jewellery range

jewell1NewsXpress newsagency marketing group members love the new range of jewellery launched by the group through a new and exclusive preferred supplier relationship that was announced last week.

Expanding the jewellery offer into a new area, newsXpress is helping its members to offer deeper value for greeting card and related product shoppers.

More details on the new range will be on show at our Gold Coast conference tomorrow.

Jeweller offer for newsagency marketing group members

newsXpress last week launched an exclusive high-margin jewellery offer for members of its newsagency marketing group. Sourced directly from the manufacturer, this jewellery offer is exclusive for newsXpress members and is sure to drive traffic and deliver excellent basket-building results.

This new range of jewellery is unlike any offered currently by a newsXpress supplier – hence the move by the group to import directly and create new business development opportunities for newsXpress members.