2022 calendars out now at newsXpress

We have an awesome range of 2022 calendars a newsXpress.

The range of 2022 calendars we have is broad and expanding every few days, from the fun to the quirky to the artistic.

These are calendars to nurture an awesome 2022.

For a wonderful range of calendars, be sure to look at the whole range as there are calendars for 2022 that will cater tom many different tastes, age groups and situations.

2022 calendars are selling well already.

Shopping in-store or online, take your time, look at the images for each month, explore the special interest calendars and be sure to find what they will truly love if the calendar is a gift you plan to give.

There are many 2022 calendars out there, but they don’t all work for everyone! It’s best to go over the options with your team or family before buying anything just in case you need something different than what is available on the market today. Make sure you start early so that if they run out, you have time to make another 2022 calendar purchase.

2022 calendars are a great way to track 2022 events and deadlines! Make sure you get the right one for your needs by using these tips today.

Giving a calendar for 2022 is like giving hope and encouraging dreams for what everyone hopes will be a good year, a better year, a happier year and a safer year. Your 2022 calendar gifts are all about looking forward, and so many people have an appetite for that right now.

Calendars are a wonderful gift because they can be easily posted. This is why we say show now for calendars, get the ones you want and get them in the post to those you care about. They are a wonderful gift for saying – hey have a wonderful 2022.

If you are not sure where to start or what to buy, ask us and we will be glad to offer some suggestions. If you would rather browse the range yourself, take your time, immerse yourself in all the 2022 calendars we have and find ones that serve your needs.

Right now is the time to buy your 2022 calendars if you want the best range from which to choose. Now, get calendar shopping!

2022 Silo Art calendar available now

newsXpress is grateful to offer the 2022 Silo Art Calendar, featuring art from the Silo Art Trail. This calendar features art by Australian artists painted on silos in regional towns across Australia.

What a treat. What a gift.

This 2022 Silo Art Calendar is perfect to bring colour, joy and happiness to those you buy gifts for.

Each page, each month, features beautiful silo art, making this a calendar you will want to display for all to see and to give as the gift they will love all through the year.

The 2022 Silo Art Calendar is a special treat bringing joy after a challenging year of Covid that impacted plenty.

The 2022 Silo Art Calendar features 13 of the 49 silo art murals from around the country. It has been beautifully and thoughtfully printed on 150gsm high quality artwork paper, with a 200gsm laminated cover.

Local newsXpress stores are supporting the 2022 Silo Art Calendar, bringing this work of art to shops right account the country.

You can also buy the 2022 Silo Art Calendar online too at our online calendar shop.

The images in the 2022 Silo Art Calendar feature on the famous Australian Silo Art Trail. Here are some fun facts about this art trail: it stretches over 8,500km beginning in Northam WA and ending in Three Moon Qld. It is believed that the first silo to be painted in Australia was in Northam, Western Australia in March 2015. Artist Heesco Khosnaran has painted five, Weethalle, Grenfell and Karoonda, Gunnedah and Murrumburrah. Artist Jimmy DVate has painted four, Goorambat, Rochester, Waikerie and Picola. Five silos have been painted by women. Rupanyup, Tungamah, Rosebery, Brunswick & Albany. One silo has been demolished – Fyansford by artist Rone stood from December 2017 to April 2020.

The Silo Art Trail is now a piece of art history in Australia and we are so proud here at newsXpress to bring it to homes around the world through the 2022 Silo Art Trail calendar.

This really is a wonderful Christmas gift, something you can confidently give as a gift they will cherish and appreciate all through the year.

newsXpress shops are locally owned and run. We seek our locally made gifts that you will be proud to give.