Easter colouring competition at newsXpress newsagents

colourMany newsXpress members are running and easter colouring competition, offering opportunities for fun engagement with younger shoppers while at the same time drawing attention to the Easter range of cards and gifts in-store.

Organised through our newsXpress marketing team and deployed through our weekly email to members as well as on our private Facebook page, the colouring competition opportunity is just part of newsXpress shopper engagement opportunities designed to connect our member locations with local shoppers.

We’re making Easter fun.

newsXpress adds three more locations

newsXpress this week has signed up three new members, recently bringing to fifteen the new members joining our newsagency marketing group. This is great news. But it does not stop there with more good news on new members set to be announced in the next week.

newsXpress is growing on the back of excellent services to members including great supplier deals, access to exclusive products, traffic generating marketing campaigns, new free IR advice and support on awards and a fresh-eyes in-store advisory service.

Hallmark Sarah Jessica Parker range @ newsXpress newsagency outlets

sjpThe Sarah Jessica Parker range of greeting cards through Hallmark will be a feature in newsXpress outlets as they embrace another excellent licensing opportunity from Hallmark.

With excellent collateral, this range will call out to a range of shoppers retailers covet. newsXpress is helping members with background information with which to leverage more sales.

In a recent visit to the Hallmark head office, many newsXpress members were able to tap into insights that set them up for excellent success with this brand.

Newsagency marketing group embraces Hallmark licences opportunities

hmklicHallmark, a strategic partner of newsagency marketing group newsXpress, offers the best greeting card licences in the world. take Peppa Pig – newsXpress members are enjoying excellent success with this mega brand with plush, activity packs, toys and other items from several preferred suppliers. Add the Hallmark cards to the mix and our members have a perfect range of Peppa Pig products. This is where the Hallmark relationship delivers excellent rewards – leveraging their many licences to sell with gifts and other items created under licencing agreements.

Newsagency marketing group announces better supplier terms

newsXpress last week announced better supplier terms with three existing newsXpress preferred suppliers.  These better terms ensure newsXpress offers best-practice genuine discounts off invoice to newsXpress members, delivering excellent commercial benefits to members in return for their support of the preferred suppliers.

Our supplier discounts are off published wholesale figures. Suppliers are not encouraged to inflate their prices before applying our member discount.

the new discount opportunities announced help newsXpress members to save even more money through their membership.

Newsagency marketing group announces eight new preferred suppliers

newsXpress announced eight new preferred suppliers at its national conference last week in Melbourne. These new suppliers added in recent weeks have enhanced the commercially valuable supplier range offering available to newsXpress members. It’s part of an extension of the newsXpress opportunity for members, an opportunity through which newsXpress members can expand their product offering, reach more customers and make more thanks to preferential pricing.

Each supplier has been vetted, considered and brought on to complement existing opportunities in the newsXpress portfolio.

More commercial benefits for newsXpress members.

How to avoid a Fair Work dispute – practical help for newsXpress members

lawyerA popular session at the newsXpress national conference earlier this week was a presentation from a lawyer expert in the field of industrial relations. From hiring with professionally prepared contracts to managing employee relationships, the advice shared was insightful and valuable – helping newsXpress members take care of business – & enjoying a point of difference.

Social media advice for newsXpress members

socmediaTrevor Young, a social media expert, commentator and coach provides wonderful insight into the best-practice use of various social media platforms at our national conference in Melbourne yesterday. With more than 150 in the room including 100+ newsagents, the session provided newsXpress members with valuable practical advice on leveraging social platforms using our own voices.

Pacific Magazines and Hallmark help newsXpress grow

NXPStrategicPartnersPullupBannerWith our national conference in Melbourne today it is appropriate we take a moment to thank two particularly helpful business partners: Hallmark and Pacific Magazines.

Hallmark and Pacific Magazines are our two strategic partners. Their relationship with and support of newsXpress and newsXpress member businesses has been key to what we have achieved as a group so far.

The commercial agreements in place have helped newsXpress fund valuable activity for members such as today’s conference including flights for many members.

The return for Hallmark and Pacific is active support by newsXpress members. Support in the form of proactive engagement and promotion of their products – for mutual profit.

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress pitchers: GROW YOUR OWN WAY

NXPGrowYourOwnWayPullUpHere at newsXpress our commitment is to helping newsagents to grow their own way.

Hence our marketing pitch.


We offer help, advice and support. You have many choices. Ultimately, we understand that it’s your business.

This is why we are committed to our message in all we do for newsXpress members:


2014 is proving to be a terrific year!

Supplier deals for newsagents

newsXpress newsagency marketing group has launched supplier deals for members attending it’s national conference next week in Melbourne. These deals and more to come offer newsXpress members excellent exclusive buying opportunities that will provide even better GP than the excellent GP newsXpress delivers to its members through supplier relationships already.

While all eyes will be on Melbourne for the national conference next week, newsXpress members are already benefiting from the attention brought by excellent group buying.

newsXpress members share ideas on inspiring gift opportunities

giftopportunitiesnewsXpress newsagency marketing group members love sharing ideas, insights and inspirations with each other. They di this at member meetings and on the private newsXpress Facebook page which is open to members-only.

The collaboration and sharing between members speaks to the strong relationships in the newsXpress community – members supporting each other and supporting newsXpress preferred suppliers.

The image shows a series of photos shared by newsXpress Inverloch showing off some of the inspiring new gift displays they have created in-store.


newsXpress members promoting Loom Bands with exclusive collateral

LoomBandsA3Newsagency marketing group newsXpress has published exclusive collateral for promoting Loom bands in newsXpress stores.

Released last week, this latest collateral is being used by newsXpress members to tap into the extraordinary interest in Loom Bands.

The exclusive collateral is driving traffic from outside the stores and in-store driving engagement of existing shoppers.

newsXpress is helping newsXpress members make the most of the Loom Bands product opportunities.

This is another valuable newsXpress difference.

All supplier positions full at newsXpress national conference

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress has filled all available positions at the trade show which is accompanying the newsXpress national conference in Melbourne at the MCG next week.

The mix of suppliers is broad and the deals that will be presented offer excellent buying opportunities for newsXpress members.

This is set to be an excellent business-building and commercial event for participating newsXpress members.

newsXpress helps newsagency marketing group members promote toys

nxtoysnewsXpress has provided newsXpress members with fresh and exclusive collateral for promoting toys in-store.

Provided in multiple sizes, the artwork is designed to act as a sign-post – telling shoppers that the store carries an excellent range of toys in-store.

This new collateral is one design of several released gy the group to give newsXpress members options and variety when promoting their businesses.

The new collateral in in the private area of our website now.

Great win for newsXpress Eli Waters

winnerwk2Pacific Magazines awarded newsXpress Eli Waters a $500 prize as part of their retailer incentives for the WIN A CAR promotion currently running in newsagencies. The $500 win is a proactive member incentive from the Nexus newsagency marketing program funded by Pacific Magazines. newsXpress Eli Waters won for the excellent job they have done in promoting the campaign to their customers.

newsXpress shoppers are winners!

1980669_10203109273163750_1658650332_nnewsXpress members are sharing photos of customers who won the tablet computer that was part of the latest HOT ink! promotion. The $20,000 promotion made some newsXpress shoppers very happy including this lucky winner at newsXpress easy T in Robina Queensland.

This EXCLUSIVE TO NEWSXPRESS promotion drove ink sales and provided newsXpress members with an offer no one could match. It helped our members attract more traffic – this is a core goal of the HT ink! campaigns.

newsXpress is a marketing group that offers a layered well-considered plan for business growth.