Connecting with St Patrick’s Day

newsXpress Milson’s Point has had (and is having) fun connecting with St Patrick’s Day this year.  With a terrific range of product on offer from newsXpress preferred suppliers they have been able to crate this display as well as some terrific window displays with which to lure traffic from off the street.

Minor seasons such as St Patrick’s Day presents newsagents with an excellent opportunity to drive traffic at a time when major retailers tend to drop the ball. This is where newsXpress and its preferred supplier suite can help.

Lolz hip stationery at newsXpress Parkmore

Check out the range of very cool Lolz stationery at newsXpress Parkmore in Victoria. Sourced through one of our newsXpress preferred suppliers, the Lolz stationery range is fun and functional – brightening the traditional stationery offer in a newsXpress newsagency compared to what you see elsewhere.

The Lolz range at newsXpress Parkmore is well displayed and presents the business with an excellent and valuable local point of difference.

Lolz is another brand supported by newsXpress in our brand commitment. We understand and respect the position of brands. A good brand drives loyalty and good word of mouth for the business.

newsXpress members loving the Sydney gift fair opportunity

newsXpress members attending the Sydney Gift Fair over the last few days have benefited from newsXpress assistance with supplier connection. We hosted a drinks evening and caught up with members through the days. Connecting exclusively with our members in a co-ordinated approach has produced better outcomes for our members.

New positions help boost newsXpress infrastructure

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress has announced details of two new staff members joining the team promoting and managing newsXpress.  Enhancing the skillset of the group and the resources delivering results for newsXpress members, the two new team members make newsXpress more valuable not only for our members but also more valuable for our supplier partners.

The two new roles were created in response to the expansion of the group and the services it offers newsagency members.

newsXpress will be introducing the new team members at our national conference in Melbourne next week.

Beanie Kids Easter promotion at newsXpress Ballarat

newsXpress Ballarat has the newsXpress Beanie Kids Easter promotion setup in-store and facing shoppers as they enter the newsagency.

Being promoted nationally across all newsXpress stores, the Easter Beanie Kid products are sure to be a sell out hit … just like the Christmas Beanie Kid packs sold out across our retail network.

newsXpress supports respected and well-known brands like Beanie Kids because brands drive traffic and sales. As a national brand ourselves we understand the importance and value of brands.

While cheap China product can sometimes carry a better margin, shoppers are less likely to remember where they purchased a product on price compared to where they purchased a brand they know and love. Anyone can differentiate on price. few can differentiate around respected brands … like Beanie Kids.

Maped stationery products continue to sell well

Long after Back to School is over as a season, newsXpress newsagency stores are supporting the Maped range with great displays and in-store locations.

Maped is a year-round range … quality European made stationery with a higher than average for stationery margin thanks to newsXpress negotiation.

As the only authorised stockist of Maped products in the newsagency channel newsXpress members are positioned to do very well.

The photo shows the Maped range on show at newsXpress Lismore Square in New South Wales  – another excellent place for purchasing quality Maped products.

Virgin Mobile Broadband promotion at East Maitland

newsXpress East Maitland is another of the newsXpress locations which has been promoting the Virgin Mobile Broadband offer in-store diving sales of Virgin Mobile products and providing shoppers an opportunity to win one of two scooters valued at over $2,000 in a newsXpress exclusive in-store promotion.

We are thrilled to bring such exciting retail competitions and margin boosting opportunities to newsXpress members.

Promoting Better Homes and Gardens at newsXpress Bairnsdale

newsXpress Bairnsdale has been promoting Better Homes and Gardens magazine with this excellent high-impac in-location display in-store.  It’s bold, attention-grabbing and successful. Having been up since the launch of the magazine it is the type of display which accounts for excellent success for Better Homes and Gardens at newsXpress Bairnsdale in country Victoria.

Better Homes and Gardens is from pacific magazines a strategic partner of newsXpress.  We have only two strategic partnersHallmark Cards and Pacific Magazines.

Thanks to Pacific Magazines, newsXpress members have access to floor stock to enable us to get replenishment stock while other retailers sell out. This helps us achieve our fullest sales potential.

Displays like this one at newsXpress Bairnsdale for a key Pacific Magazines title is part of our commitment to support their titles. The reward is wonderful sales growth.

Virgin Mobile Broadband promotion at Wollongbar

newsXpress Wollongbar has been promoting Virgin Mobile Broadband at the entrance to the newsagency, right at the sales counter.  The Virgin Mobile offer is one which has been running right across the newsXpress network as part of a commitment around mobile recharge margin.  This simple tactical placement is all about driving brand awareness and leveraging impulse purchases of the Virgin Mobile Broadband offer.

Introducing gifts at newsXpress Rutherglen

newsXpress Rutherglen slightly trimmed display space allocated to magazines and introduced an expansion to the gift offer in-store – as shown in the photo.

The change at newsXpress Ruthergen was completed as part of magazine range review and the result, thanks to a small shop fitting change is this selection of homewares gifts next to magazines.

While we understand and respect magazines and their very important place in the product mix in a vibrant and growing newsXpress store, occasionally, thanks to a data based range review, we are able to unlock space for more product, This is what has been done at newsXpress Rutherglen – creating a win win … magazine sales growth and gift sales growth.

The move at newsXpress Rutherglen was achieved with a very small capital investment for a good commercial outcome.  This is excellent for the business and for the newsXpress preferred suppliers who now have better representation in the business.

retail today is all about serving the customer. This requires data based business decisions tweaking and finessing your business to serve your customers. This is exactly what is being done at newsXpress Rutherglen.

Promoting New Idea with gifts

newsXpress members were fortunate to be in a position to offer shampoo and conditioner with New Idea from strategic partner Pacific Magazines this week.

This excellent value gift was only available to limited newsagents including all newsXpress stores. It’s a wonderful point of difference for a very popular title, one which newsXpress is happy to endorse and support.

newsXpress stores have been promoting New Idea in an high traffic locations to make the most of the opportunity … such as at the main sales counter at newsXpress Riverlink in Queensland as shown in the photo. The result has been excellent sales!

newsXpress Grovedale display wins award

Congratulations to newsXpress Grovedale for winning an award from ACP magazines for this display for Wheels magazine.

We love this display as it brings to life the magazine it is promoting in a way which will connect with the target purchaser of the title … perfect for visual merchandising.

newsXpress believes in magazines and feels that they play an important role in traffic generation and basked building in newsXpress newsagency businesses across Australia.

Congratulations to everyone at newsXpress Grovedale who made this display happen … it’s excellent!

Promoting Beanie Kids at newsXpress Parkmore

newsXpress Parkmore at Parkmore Shopping Centre in Victoria is promoting Beanie Kids with this excellent in-store display printing the range.

Available from one of our preferred suppliers, the beanie Kid range is developing as a terrific newsXpress success story, delivering excellent traffic growth and basked building sales for each business in which the opportunity is installed.

newsXpress Parkmore is providing excellent space and great customer service for the beanie Kid range.  This is another example of smart engagement around a trusted brand … a great way to grow retail sales on today’s marketplace.

Coca Cola joins newsXpress

newsXpress announced to members last week that Coca Cola had joined our community of preferred suppliers.  This new relationship will bring special deals, promotional opportunities and other commercial benefits to newsXpress members.

The C0ca Cola deal reflects the newsXpress commitment to brand name products which are backed by nation advertising campaigns.

As a group we have no interest in cheap China products which try and differentiate on price. This price based marketplace is packed, shoppers are not loyal and product quality is often poor. National brands reflect quality, value and shopper loyalty.

The newsXpress commitment to brand is proving to be a valuable move.

Welcome Coke to our family!

newsXpress national conference brimming to capacity

With more than one hundred newsXpress newsagencies booked for our national conference in Melbourne next month there is no doubt that it will be the biggest newsagent conference event outside of the ACP Connections conference held last year in Sydney.

We are thrilled with the member support of the conference and the EXCLUSIVE Toy Fair buying events being held the day before the conference.  Tapping into commercially valuable and exclusive buying opportunities at Toy Fair will help newsXpress members to broader their product mix, network and learn from experts about success with toys.

The conference, pre-conference buying day and Eureka Tower Cocktail Party will provide us with an excellent focus for success in 2012 and beyond.  The agenda provides for some value-packed announcements for newsXpress members.

New members for newsXpress

newsXpress will be announcing details of several news members at its conference next month in Melbourne.  The latest new member acquisitions are in New South Wales and Queensland and are as a result of our rigorous member vetting process which looks for proactive newsagents committed to growing their businesses with newsXpress.

The new members are signed up and ready to roll from the start of March.

In addition to looking for members who want to engage with our strategies and programs, we look for members who can add to the body of the group. We know that growth is a collective and mutually respectful experience.

My Family sticker success rolls on for newsXpress stores

newsXpress members continue to enjoy excellent sales success with the My family stickers from The Sticker Family.  The photo shows a family making their purchase selections at one of our member stores just a couple of days ago.  Parents, grandparents and extended families are identifying their family units with the fun stickers on the rear windows of cars, windows at home and on fridges with the wonderful range of fridge magnets.

Key to the success of the My Family stickers is the placement of the pull up banner at the front of the newsagency. Every day it draws shoppers to the business and they purchase not only My Family stickers but also other items in-store.

The Sticker Family range is a tremendous success story for newsXpress, a success story which is loved by customers and newsXpress members alike.

The latest sales data shows that there is tremendous success sill to be had from the My Family sticker range.