newsXpress members set for more deals

IMG_0017 (1)newsXpress members are excited for the latest deals envelope sent by the newsagency marketing group to members on Friday last week. Packed with special offers, promotions and product insights, the latest deals envelope continues to build on the excellent product selection and management successes newsXpress offers its members.

This is another newsXpress difference.

newsXpress driving The BOY from OZ DVD sales

IMG_9739newsXpress outlets across Australia are reporting excellent sales of The BOY from OZ special edition DVD set on sale to commemorate the 7 Network mini series on Australian entertainer Peter Allen.

This newsXpress promotion has been driving traffic and sales thanks to smart and engaged social media marketing by the group and by newsXpress members.

The BOY from OZ special edition DVD is another opportunistic engagement by newsXpress for its members as it helps newsagents grow stronger, more valuable and more enjoyable businesses.

newsXpress newsagency marketing group collateral drives newsagency sales

Newsagency marketing group newsxpress provides excellent collateral for use by members in promoting their businesses. From seasonal posters to category posters to branded posters for key licences, the newsXpress exclusive collateral helps members drive business from shop windows and deep in-store. Here is one example of recent use of gift range posters at newsxpress Eli Waters in Queensland.


newsXpress Gympie brings Funko Pop! Vinyls to Gympie

newsXpress Gympie is now stocking Funko Pop! Vinyls. They have a wonderful range and more coming. If you live in Gympie and love Doctor Who, Batman, Spiderman, Orange is the New Black, Star Wars, the Flinstones and any other pop culture licence, get to newsXpress Gympie – the best newsagency in Gympie Queensland.


newsXpress at Lotterywest conference today

newsXpress is grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Lotterywest business conference in Perth today.

Invited by Lotterywest, newsXpress members and management are attending to network and share great news about newsXpress growth not only in the lottery space but overall as we grow stronger and healthier businesses in Western Australia and around the country.

Offering advice, deals and opportunities for newsXpress members, we have a set of relationships that benefit product categories across the business including lotteries.

Most recently, newsxpress published advice to its members on practical ways to grow lottery sales. The result is tools exclusive to our members that help them separate their businesses from others in this important product category.

Today’s conference will enable newsXpress to further enhance its lottery capabilities and connections in Western Australia. We are grateful for the opportunity.

newsXpress training video library expands

Last week, newsagency marketing group newsXpress released another comprehensive training package to its members including an in-house produced video speaking to new training.

The video is wide ranging, covering multiple product categories and exploring new traffic opportunities across valuable demographics. It is also confidential and hidden.

The new training is part of fresh resources on which newsXpress members can rely to enhance the benefits they leverage from their membership of our group of proactive and engaged newsagents. Here is a still from one of the new videos but don’t assume the content based on what you can see.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 8.22.24 pm