Fantastic Sydney Gift Fair for newsXpress

newsXpress and newsXpress members had a fantastic Gift Fair in Sydney over the last five days thanks to the pre-planning done by the head office team. The handy fair maps, meet-ups, dinners and other connections made the fair more useful for newsXpress as did co-ordinated buying, guided buying and the other services provided by the group to enhance the member experience.

This is a massive newsXpress difference – the care and attention to detail around events like the Sydney Gift Fair – helping newsXpress members get the best possible value from attending the fair and being part of newsXpress.

A bonus from this fair was the prospective members we got to connect with. What a thrill.

newsXpress National Conference kicks off

confThis photo shows the main conference room at the newsXpress National Conference in Melbourne at the MCEC yesterday. 180 people in the room. Stunning numbers.

This is the first day of a busy three day conference event focused on traffic growth, profitability and enjoyment in member businesses.

Yesterday was preceded by a buying day on Sunday.

newsXpress members network and talk business in Brisbane

nxbneIt was terrific to see so many Brisbane area newsXpress newsagency marketing group members meet at a supplier location in Brisbane last week. We talked business ideas, new product opportunities, marketing ideas and plenty else.

newsXpress members sharing ideas like this is inspiring!

newsXpress members meet in Rockhampton

nxrokCheck out the photo of newsXpress members meeting Rockhampton earlier this week. We have a terrific few hours together talking about business and opportunities.

These newsXpress members are a proactive group of newsagents … inspiring!

Cluster meetings are a newsXpress difference.

Melbourne Cup day in Bairnsdale

nxbairnsnewsXpress Bairnsdale is promoting the business and the newsXpress brand at the finishing post of Bairnsdale Racing Club for today’s Melbourne Cup race day. This is excellent local marketing for the business – showing strong support for a much-loved community activity.

In Race 1 we like Valjean, Race 2 Poet’s Ghost, Race 3 One Fine Cat, Race 4 Trevor, Race 5 Secret Wand and Race 6 Suave Hero.

Happy punting newsXpress Bairnsdale.

Fantastic gift fair for newsagency marketing group members

nxmemnewsXpress members have had a busy gift fair in Melbourne this week with lots of buying, lots of learning from suppliers about products and lots of networking in the halls and at dinner after the show doors closed each day. the photo shows one of the dinners where members met after a drinks function at Crown.

Massive Father’s Day opportunities from newsXpress

Newsagency marketing group has been promoting a host of Father’s Day opportunities to newsXpress members. From gifts to cards. From in-store offers to a fun catalogue offer, newsXpress has put together an excellent suite of Father’s Day opportunities to help newsXpress members grow their business with enjoyment and excitement.

This Father’s Day, newsXpress is offering an excellent point of difference.


ittybittyhalnewsXpress newsagency marketing group members have access to another terrific EXCLUSIVE thanks to the generosity of Hallmark. This time it’s two Halloween themed Itty Bittys. Both are only available for order from Hallmark through newsXpress stores. The will be here for Halloween.


When Hallmark offered us this opportunity we jumped at it. The success of Itty Bittys since the launch in Australia offers an excellent reason to embrace the opportunity.

Newsagency marketing group members love the monthly deals opportunities

nxdealsnewsXpress newsagency marketing group members are loving the deals pack they get in the mail. Offering products from a broad selection of suppliers, the latest deals pack has already resulted in a surge of orders as newsXpress members race to grab excellent opportunities for their businesses – often saving even more than the excellent newsXpress pricing available through the supplier.

Here is what one newsXpress member said about the latest deals envelope: Received and orders faxed! Also have some inspiration for later in the year. Appreciate the exposure to new companies.

Newsagency marketing group announces better supplier terms

newsXpress last week announced better supplier terms with three existing newsXpress preferred suppliers.  These better terms ensure newsXpress offers best-practice genuine discounts off invoice to newsXpress members, delivering excellent commercial benefits to members in return for their support of the preferred suppliers.

Our supplier discounts are off published wholesale figures. Suppliers are not encouraged to inflate their prices before applying our member discount.

the new discount opportunities announced help newsXpress members to save even more money through their membership.

Pacific Magazines and Hallmark help newsXpress grow

NXPStrategicPartnersPullupBannerWith our national conference in Melbourne today it is appropriate we take a moment to thank two particularly helpful business partners: Hallmark and Pacific Magazines.

Hallmark and Pacific Magazines are our two strategic partners. Their relationship with and support of newsXpress and newsXpress member businesses has been key to what we have achieved as a group so far.

The commercial agreements in place have helped newsXpress fund valuable activity for members such as today’s conference including flights for many members.

The return for Hallmark and Pacific is active support by newsXpress members. Support in the form of proactive engagement and promotion of their products – for mutual profit.

Welcome newsXpress Coomera

nxcoomeranewsXpress Coomera opened a few weeks ago, bringing the newsXpress newsagency experience to the folks of Coomera in this new business in a terrific location.

This terrific looking shop is packed with excellent product from the traditional to the not so traditional. Well signed with newsXpress branding and staff in uniform – the shop is set to benefit from newsXpress brand promotion.

Welcome newsXpress Coomera!

Welcome newsXpress North Lakes

nxnorthlakesnewsXpress North Lakes is now open in Queensland. This new business in a new centre is a fresh newsXpress offering in the North Lakes region. Packed full of stock from many newsXpress preferred suppliers and staffed with a friendly team, this business was open just a few days before Christmas. This was a massive challenge with many suppliers and others working to help get the business open so close to Christmas.

As the opening date changed suppliers adjusted plans to ensure they could respond when the shop was ready. Over the coming weeks the team will settle the business and bring newsXpress magic to the region.

More newsXpress members attracting shoppers through email and TXT message campaigns

More and more newsXpress members are attracting new shoppers thanks to free email campaigns that newsXpress helps members to create and send.

Sent as personal emails from each local business to local customers, newsXpress and its members are able to reach out to local known shoppers to attract them to the business for an offer, promotion or new product.

This free local area marketing is another way newsXpress is helping members attract more feet through the door without having to spend any money on advertising.

The newsXpress help includes training in access to the platform and content to send.

One member achieved additional sales worth in excess of $300 within 24 hours of sending one email we suggested to them. This is money in the back as the $300 in sales came with a GP of more than 65%.

What a great deal!

Uplifting campaign helps all newsagents to focus on growth

nxgrowyourownGROW YOUR OWN WAY an inspiring call to action marketing campaign from newsXpress is encouraging ALL newsagents to chase growth.

This is an uplifting campaign designed to encourage all newsagents, not just newsXpress members.  It’s another way newsXpress is putting back into the newsagency channel – by encouraging all newsagents to chase growth for the sake of  their own future.

Developed internally by the creative team in Newsagency marketing group newsXpress, the feedback is that this campaign  inspires newsagents to follow their instincts, to pursue change and to make their own success.

Inspired by the Go Your Own Way song from Fleetwood Mac, GROW YOUR OWN WAY is a call to positivity for newsagents.

To find out more about newsXpress and how you can grow your business please contact our National sales Manager: Peter Francis on 0423 298 020.

newsXpress newsagency marketing group encourages newsagents to Grow your own way

nxgrowyourownNewsagency marketing group newsXpress has started an uplifting campaign designed to encourage newsagents to chase business growth opportunities.

GROW YOUR OWN WAY is a themed co-ordinated campaign that shows off the newsXpress difference, the benefits available for newsXpress newsagency marketing group members.

Being promoted in a professionally produced brochure arriving in every Australian newsagency business this week, this campaign will help newsagents feel more confident about their future individually and as part of a great community of newsagents … that’s what newsXpress is, a great community of newsagents.

To find out more about newsXpress and how you can grow your business please contact our National sales Manager: Peter Francis on 0423 298 020.

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress national conference about to start

newsXpress members from around Australia are heading to the Gold Coast for our second national conference this year. At the conference, being held this Tuesday at the Royal Pines Resort, we are set for a busy day plus a couple of dinners. This will be as much about business building sessions as it will be about networking with other newsagents in the newsXpress family.

A feature of the conference will be practical workshops with a CPA, a lease expert, retail experts and a product buying expert – these will provide practical learning opportunities for newsXpress members. We are also hosting training in in-store engagement with a new service to be offered through newsXpress members under a brand we have trade marked.

The supplier trade display will introduce new good-margin product opportunities for newsXpress members. The products on offer will help some members enjoy an even more successful Christmas 2013.

So, we’re excited for the opportunities we’ll see this week and the friendships we will renew.

newsXpress appoints National Sales Manager

newsXpress is thrilled to announce that Peter Francis is joining our team as National Sales Manager of newsXpress from today.

Formerly National Sales Manager with For Arts Sake and prior to that with John Sands, Peter brings to this senior management role at newsXpress excellent newsagency rooftop acquisition experience along with an energy and positivity for the future of newsagencies from which we are certain to benefit.

Working from a Sydney base and reporting direct to the Directors of newsXpress, Peter’s remit is to bring on newsXpress members nationally.

Coinciding with the recruitment of Peter Francis to this role newsXpress is undertaking a series of marketing initiatives to introduce our enhanced model to the newsagency channel. We will share details of a series of marketing events and fresh marketing literature in the coming weeks.

There won’t be a newsagent in Australia who has not heard from newsXpress at least four times between now and mid October. Each communication will of itself potentially add value to newsagency businesses – we are showing off our point of difference in a practical way.

The ideal newsXpress member is a newsagent keen to grow their business beyond the traditional to a model of strong gross profit and best-practice operational efficiency … and to do this while helping all involved in the business to enjoy it more.

Please join with us in making Peter Francis welcome to the newsXpress family and help him to unlock for newsXpress member growth as we grow our own way.