Newsagency marketing group newsXpress launches new tag line

xxAlong with the launch of our new website this week, newsXpress has launched a new tag line through which we define our focus.

Developed out of conversations with newsXpress members, the tag line is good for our next steps.

newsXpress … newsagency of the future.

Everything we do as a group and everything we offer to our members is about their future as businesses different to what Australians think of as average newsagencies.

New newsXpress HOT ink! Campaign driving newsagency business traffic

inkposterShoppers around participating newsXpress stores are being treated to excellent hot ink prices thanks to good buying, cunning pricing and excellent marketing by the team at newsXpress on behalf of members.

Being promoted with a striking black and white campaign of posters, shelf talkers, floor decals and catalogues, the latest HOT ink! Is generating net new traffic as reported by newsXpress members.

newsXpress continues to innovate on behalf of its members – driving traffic, sales and margin.

newsXpress visits HMK store

hmkThe newsXpress leadership team spent considerable time at the Hallmark HMK store in Kansas City earlier this week as part of a full week of briefings, meetings, back room insights and retail research with Hallmark senior management. HMK is one of many innovations being developed by Hallmark and getting a behind the scenes look at the business was a treat for our team as they plan well into 2015.

newsXpress newsagency marketing group members selling donuts!

nxdonutDonuts anyone?!  Don’t eat them. No! These delicious looking donuts are actually soap – gift packaged and ideal for a gift for a neighbour or an old family friend or loved one.

Imagine how nana, grandma or granny will react when she opens a birthday gift and thinks you’ve bought her a donut.  She will love that the donut is soap – she will be the talk of her friends.

This delicious looking donut is just one item from a innovating range of items available to newsXpress members from preferred suppliers to pour newsagency marketing group.

Innovative products are competitive prices backed by retail shop-floor and marketing strategies are what make newsXpress loved by its members.


Selling kids tents in the Australian newsagency

nxtentnewsXpress innovation is paying off with members having success at selling kids tents. better still, these Australian designed tents are attracting new shoppers – kids with parents in tow who in-turn, purchase other items. Strategy beyond the tents themselves is the key here.

The tents are fun, exciting and eye-catching … delivering commercial benefits well beyond the sale of the tents themselves.

This is wonderful product innovation for newsXpress members from the newsagency marketing group. members love the opportunity and that we are supporting a small Australian supplier.

One newsXpress store has some more than forty of these tents in several months – delivering an excellent return on floorspace and an excellent return on investment.

Optimism helps drive retail sales for newsXpress

optimismMany newsXpress members have embraced optimism as a theme in their product purchasing at recent gift fairs and the toy fair in Melbourne. By bringing in products that reflect optimism in words and images the newsXpress members are creating happy shops … happy shops make for happy customers.

Optimism is infectious. It plays out well for the shoppers and the business. We encourage all newsXpress members to make the conscious choice to play in this space of optimism – it’s better than playing the price game as history has shown chasing a price point difference to be a mugs game with little shopper loyalty and no long-term upside for the business.

newsXpress thinks about moves like this carefully and shares insights designed to help members to make the most of moods like optimism. The result is good for our member businesses, suppliers and, most important, shoppers.

Messages of optimism sell.

newsXpress celebrates Australia Day with Australian music festival in-store

newsXpress stores are celebrating Australia Day today through newsXpress Radio and their all day celebration of Australian music. This unique in-store experience reinforces our Australian connection and our support of the Australian music industry.

No other marketing group is doing this!

Promoting Hallmark recordable artwork

newsXpress newsagencies are promoting the latest interactive offer from Hallmark, the recordable artwork products.

The photo shows a display at newsXpress Knox, showing off the Hallmark recordable artwork product next to other Hallmark interactive items, Hallmark recordable storybooks and Hallmark story buddies and near the wonderful wall of Hallmark cards.

The interactive range from Hallmark has been a tremendous success for newsXpress stores right across Australia, delivering excellent sales and driving new traffic to our businesses.

Promoting Virgin Mobile Broadband at Redcliffe

newsXpress Redcliffe is promoting the newsXpress Virgin Mobile Broadband offer with this excellent display facing shoppers in-store.  It’s bring and attention-grabbing … perfect for getting that impulse mobile broadband purchase.  The display is also promoting the opportunity, exclusive to newsXpress, to win one of two scooters valued at well over $2,000 each.

The Virgin Mobile promotion at newsXpress stores is running through February and is tremendously valuable for members beyond the actual sale of the Mobile Broadband products themselves thanks to a backend recharge deal.

Displays like this at the counter are vitally important to driving incremental business for the Virgin offer.

Virgin Prepaid Mobile Broadband promotion at newsXpress Melton

newsXpress Melton is promoting the newsXpress exclusive Virgin Mobile Prepaid Broadband offer and shopper competition with this excellent placement of the promotional display unit. This high traffic location is sure to attract shopper interest in the Prepaid broadband promotion.

The $29 price point is attractive and the visual merchandising created exclusively for newsXpress has excellent cut through in0-store.

In addition to the excellent price point is the opportunity to win one of two Galetta Retro Scooters valued at $2,395. This is an exclusive prize giveaway for newsXpress stores … giving shoppers more reasons to choose to shop at newsXpress. We are thrilled to be able to give our members value propositions such as this where shoppers get a good deal and an opportunity to win a prize!

Virgin Mobile Prepaid Broadband offer at newsXpress Bondi Eastgate

newsXpress Bondi Eastgate is promoting the Virgin Mobile Prepaid Broadband offer running across all newsXpress stores at the moment. The placement of this display unit at the sales counter – or some other high traffic location – is vitally important for the success of the promotion.

In addition to an excellent Virgin Mobile Prepaid Broadband deal, newsXpress stores are offering two scooters as prizes in a shopper giveaway. This is exclusive to newsXpress, offering a wonderful reason for newsXpress members to get behind this promotion. There is also an incentive for newsXpress members beyond the bonus margin on recharge business.

We appreciate the support of Jenlist in helping making this offer possible for newsXpress.

Hallmark Jingles a success at newsXpress Bairnsdale

newsXpress Bairnsdale have been enjoying tremendous success with Jingle, the talking dog from Hallmark.

One day last week, they had sold by 1pm.  They did this by taking Jingle for a walk and showing him off.

Jingle is another innovation from newsXpress Strategic Partner Hallmark Cards.  We are thrilled to have this innovative and fun product as part of the newsXpress offer this Christmas.

Jingle reinforces the value of the Hallmark brand and is certain to help drive sales of other Hallmark Christmas products including single and boxed greeting cards.

Jingle also enhances the fun and interactivity, of Christmas.

Smurf products hot at newsXpress Riverlink

Smurf products continue to sell very well at newsXpress Riverlink.  The candy mushroom range from one of our newsXpress preferred suppliers is another product from the range which has sold through quickly at the sales counter at newsXpress Riverlink.

With the Smurf movie still playing, it is smart by the Riverlink team to have the Smurf Candy Mushrooms on the counter … making the most of the movie tie in opportunity.

newsXpress members who embraced the Smurf opportunities promoted by the newsXpress merchandise team has been banking excellent results.

Making the most of the Bathurst race opportunity

newsXpress Orange put on an excellent promotion of products to coincide with the Bathurst race last weekend.  This display brought together specially sourced product along with some newsXpress preferred supplier product such as calendars.  The result was a stunning display connecting newsXpress Orange beautifully and commercially with a prized and appreciated event being held in nearby Bathurst.

Well done to everyone at newsXpress Orange for such a terrific display.


Terrific Tinco range display at newsXpress East Maitland

newsXpress East Maitland has created a wonderful display of products from our friends at Tinco.  nice coming on as a newsXpress preferred supplier, Tinco has helped many newsXpress members grow sales in the gift / gift packaging area.  We are seeing the tins sold as items for personal use as well as for gifts.  We are also seeing them sold as packaging for other gifts.  They have so many uses, making the Tinco range a welcome addition to newsXpress stores.  Please click on the image to see a larger version of the photo.

Tactical placement drives Optus handset sales

newsXpress Maryborough in Victoria has been promoting Optus handsets and Optus SIM packs with this placement of the Optus dump bin on the newsagency shop floor – passed by most shoppers as they head to the sales counter.

By engaging with the Optus in-store promotional opportunity, newsXpress members have unlocked for themselves a 100% increase in Optus recharge margin.

This is another newsXpress margin building opportunity for newsXpress members from our national merchandise team and our friends at Jenlist.