newsXpress members meet in Rockhampton

nxrokCheck out the photo of newsXpress members meeting Rockhampton earlier this week. We have a terrific few hours together talking about business and opportunities.

These newsXpress members are a proactive group of newsagents … inspiring!

Cluster meetings are a newsXpress difference.

Disney Frozen products a hit in newsXpress stores

frozenThe Disney Frozen products newsXpress members have access to from seven suppliers is proving to be a hit this Christmas. Sales are excellent and shopper traffic up thanks to the wide range of Frozen products our members are accessing from toys to cards to music to costumes.

The photo shows the excellent hallmark floor display unit that newsXpress members are using to drive traffic. It is working very well as achieving this. Complimenting this with other Frozen product helps drive incremental value from the attracted Frozen shopper.

Brands work!!

Christmas theatre an exclusive for newsXpress members

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 8.06.34 amnewsXpress members with the exclusive Christmas in-store theatre display from Hallmark are loving the shopper interaction with the sound and light show. Many members are using it as an attraction for shoppers at night time.

The Christmas songs and wide variety of light shows and making this display a must see in participating newsXpress locations.

This is another exclusive to newsXpress success story.

New Beanie Boos a hit at newsXpress stores

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 7.57.58 amnewsXpress members are loving access to new Beanie Boos as they are highly sought after by collectors and loved by the impulse purchaser.

The latest Boos are just in time for Christmas. newsXpress members are placing them prominently to drive store traffic and encourage impulse purchases from other destination shoppers.

There is considerable strategy around success with the Ty beanie Boos products and newsXpress wholeheartedly embraces this.


Newsagency marketing group launches pop-up shop advice

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress last week published advice to members on how to establish, market and run a pop-up shop to drive bonus revenue for the business.

This proprietary to newsXpress advice is another business planning and management resource for members.

The pop-up shop advice opens with positioning information prior to providing comprehensive and practical advice:

Pop-up retail is a new name for an old activity – taking advantage of a shop or space available for low rent for a limited period of time.

Pop-up retail has become popular in recent years with more storefronts being available due to a glut of available retail space.

A well-stocked and run pop-up retail shop can provide a good revenue boost to your business. It can also help you attract new shoppers and provide a place where you can move items that may be currently slow moving in your business.

The key is to approach a pop-up opportunity as short term. From the outset you need a timetable plan and you need to stick to it.

newsXpress members loving The Grumpy Cat

gcatThe Grumpy Cat is a popular brand in newsXpress stores with our members accessing plush toys, lanyards and other Grumpy Cat branded items. They are being snapped up as Christmas gifts for cat lovers and cat haters. Customers smile and laugh at the displays as they are reminded of this popular cat.

newsXpress is leveraging the launch of the Grumpy Cat Christmas movie with the products.


Exclusive Christmas displays in newsXpress locations

nxmasMany newsXpress members have an exclusive six foot high light and sound show on display for Christmas thanks to a special import opportunity snapped up by newsXpress.

Playing Christmas songs and displaying coloured lights in sync this display is proving to be an excellent traffic generator for newsXpress member businesses.

There is nothing like this in any retail store in Australia … it’s another newsXpress difference.

The Christmas display was imported in partnership with Hallmark Cards following a study tour to the US earlier this year.

Newsagency marketing group launches second Christmas catalogue

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 9.16.44 pmThe newsXpress newsagency marketing group has launched a second Christmas catalogue. This time the focus is on good margin impulse lines around a Santa theme. Supported using our newsXpress collateral and representing products from a single supplier, this second catalogue is part of a considered Christmas campaign designed to help newsXpress members drive traffic using business personalised catalogues.

newsXpress Sydney members meet at The Russell Collection

nxnswrusnewsXpress Sydney members benefited from an excellent visit with prestigious gift wholesaler The Russell Collection last week. It was a terrific opportunity to learn more about their products and to understand positioning against retailers who may sell similar lines. The insights are tremendously valuable.

While there we were given some excellent products deals that are available to all newsXpress members. This meeting is another example of newsXpress leveraging product knowledge to help members drive sales.

newsXpress members meeting in Melbourne

nxvicmtgnewsXpress members from Melbourne met at the Head Office of national Toy supplier Head Start where we shared in terrific insights into Head Start brands and had access to excellent deals that give newsXpress members bonus margin opportunities through the Christmas period. we were also treated to the Head Start TVCs and insights into how to compete with major retailers.

In addition to excellent product deals we benefited from some excellent networking.

Exquisite Christmas decorations

xmasgifnewsXpress newsagency marketing group members have access to a vast array of Christmas decoration and ornament choices thanks to engaged preferred suppliers.

Included in the mix is a wonderful selection of natural wood decorations that shoppers are loving this Christwas season.

From religious to secular, we have decorations in this wood range to sit any shopper.

newsXpress promotes a message of social responsibility

n10352341_10153287503969112_4113788315509570570_newsXpress are loving the story about the family in Nepal we are helping with the latest range of products from The Soap Bar.

The story is told in a poster we released a week ago to newsXpress members for display with products from The Soap Bar. It is a story of hope and help from newsXpress customers to our members to our supplier to the family.

We are thrilled to be connected with such a wonderful and heartfelt cause.

There is more to our engaged newsagency marketing group than one might expect.

Christmas hits Ballarat

10599366_10152896793253933_1489900311357620848_nnewsXpress Ballarat is making excellent use of the EXCLUSIVE newsXpress Christmas reindeer-themed collateral with placement in the mall to bring a fun festive theme to Christmas retailing.

The reindeer theme plays out in other newsXpress collateral for the season.

The placement by the team at newsXpress Ballarat is excellent – it makes the most of the collateral provided for the centre as well as for the newsXpress brand.

Well done Ballarat!

newsXpress members promoting North Pole from Hallmark

10606073_10152918269711614_2508337714158983314_nCheck out the excellent display promoting North Pole from Hallmark created by the team at newsXpress North Lakes in Queensland.

It is bright, bold, focussed on the brand and selling well – showing the business as having a competitive edge against other retailers in the area.

It is displays like this that attract shoppers and present the business in a professional light.

Well done to all those involved at newsXpress North Lakes.

Newsagency marketing group promoton reaches 120,000

10730858_10153290749469112_7483969859058254106_nnewsXpress newsagency marketing group promoted the Ty Beanie Boos range on facebook this week and reached more than 120,000 people directly and indirectly thanks to likes, shares and comments.

This terrific engagement is another newsXpress social media success story for the group promoting newsXpress members and an international brand success.

newsXpress is the only newsagency marketing group with a group deal promoting Ty beanie Boos products across all group members and with excellent exclucisve products and pricing.

This is a valuable difference for newsXpress newsagency marketing group members.

newsXpress Canberra members meet to network

10386318_10153292244659112_185041824750878820_nNetworking opportunities are important to newsXpress members as they present excellent opportunities to share, learn and grow. That’s what happened last week in Canberra with some of our Canberra members. In a beautiful outdoors setting we had some terrific discussions about businesses – learning plenty.

newsXpress member meeting in Launceston

1377260_10153290265539112_3783728501442552481_nnewsXpress members in the Launceston area got together last week to discuss business, opportunities and plans as part of the national series of member cluster meetings. No suppliers, no pressure – just good networking among colleagues shearing ideas and encouragement to help each other enjoy their businesses more. We are grateful to have been part of this.