The Rocky Road House in more newsXpress stores

IMG_8282More and more newsXpress stores are stocking the nut free and gluten free delicious rocky road from The Rocky Road House thanks to the very special deal negotiated by newsXpress for newsXpress members.

Thanks to a terrific floor display unit and excellent packaging, this product is driving shopper interest and engagement, helping to create more valuable rewards for shoppers in-store at their local newsXpress.

This deliciousness from The Rocky Road House is another newsXpress difference. Yum!

Darrell Lea plan for newsXpress members

Following the sale of the Darrell Lea business several months ago, there was a period of uncertainty about availability of this product and the confectionery space more generally.

newsXpress undertook to review all options and source a more complete and certain confectionary range of members.

This week, newsXpress has shared with members a range of newsXpress preferred supplier options for confectionery products including new terms for Darrell Lea product plus access to other leading brands.

The company has gone about its assessment of opportunities in a structured and professional way and in consultation with members strong in the confectionery space. The result is preferred supplier opportunities that enable newsXpress members to tell a strong and commercially rewarding story in the confectionery space seasonally and all year round.

newsXpress preparing for a sweet Father’s Day

Thanks to a sweet offer for a special Father’s Day pack of the delicious Toblerone product, newsXpress members are loving the opportunity to create a bold display in-store of the 400 grams of deliciousness.

The stack of 400g Tolerone product is a strong visual message in-store … sure to attract shoppers in-store and from outside the store.

The offer was provided to newsXpress members last week.  It’s part of an ever evolving product offer put by newsXpress preferred suppliers to members.

Participating in the offer is voluntary.

Toblerone offer for Father’s Day from newsXpress

newsXpress members have been presented plenty of terrific opportunities for Father’s Day from a range of preferred suppliers. One offer is this KING DAD Toblerone. It’s 400g of deliciousness, a certain treat and tempter for Dads all over.

A tasty treat for Dad and the family to share while trading stories and good times on Father’s Day. It’s also a perfect gift to package and mail to a Dad far away.

newsXpress members are salivating at the opportunity of selling this delicious dad treat for Father’s Day. Some are planning on this as being a centrepiece for Father’s Day. Others plan on it being an impulse purchase item displayed with newspapers.

Some people could be disappointed given the interest in this terrific product. First in best dressed as they say.

newsXpress will support this item with promotion across a couple of our marketing platforms.

Stunning and delicious Easter promotion at newsXpress Beechworth

Shoppers at newsXpress Beechworth have been confronted with a fantastic and tasty display of delicious Cadbury Easter treats as they have shopped the business in the lead up to Easter.

This is a top display supporting excellent product. It’s the type of display which separates newsXpress from other businesses.

Well done newsXpress Beechworth and thanks for supporting a newsXpress preferred supplier!

Click on the image to see a larger version of the photo.

Cadbury Egg and Spoon a hit for Easter

newsXpress members are already reporting excellent sales for the Cadbury Easter chocolate range now available through our retail network.

The wonderfully packaged Egg and Spoon product is proving to be particularly popular with newsXpress shoppers. It’s quite unique.

Being Cadbury branded leverages the valuable trust shoppers have in this brand. As a brand based group, newsXpress members love the value brands deliver – brand focused shoppers are far more loyal that shoppers who purchase on price.


Miss Caramel ads connect with newsXpress Easter offer

The Miss Caramel ads being run by Cadbury in national media are connecting beautifully with the Easter offer from newsXpress.

Our Easter Cadbury range includes the Caramel Bunnies from Cadbury.

In national magazines as well as on Facebook, Miss Caramel is the face of the Cadbury campaign promoting the delicious Caramel Bunnies.

Supporting national brands is proving to be a wise move for newsXpress and newsXpress members. Shoppers recognise and trust the brands they see advertised and engaged with on social media. This trust drives sales. Trusted brands can attract higher prices than products sold on price alone.

The best Easter shop in Sunbury Victoria

newsXpress Sunbury Square is the best place to shop in Sunbury Victoria for Easter treats, Easter cards and Easter gifts this year.

The photo shows part of their range which has been on display in-store.  Located on the dance floor, this display is easily browsed on all sides by shoppers who visit the business for other items.

The newsXpress Sunbury Square team backs the good Easter range up with excellent customer service.

It’s a Cadbury Easter

newsXpress members are starting to receive the wonderful range of Cadbury treats for Easter 2012 … delicious treats like those in the photo. newsXpress is fortunate to have the support of Cadbury to help our members access a wonderful range of Easter chocolates on competitive commercial terms. newsXpress members are leveraging this with professional displays in high traffic locations.

newsXpress believes in brands.  Brands are supported with excellent advertising, they are respected by shoppers are often drive good loyalty. Brands are often sought out again and again by shoppers.  Cheap China product does not encourage the same shopper loyalty.

The newsXpress brand strategy will be on show at our national conference next month in Melbourne.

Smurf product hit at the newsXpress Pakenham counter

newsXpress Pakenham is another newsXpress members is a Smurf success story.  These Smurf Kinder Surprise items has sold well thanks in part due to the placement at the counter, driving impulse purchases.

This success is mirrored across newsXpress and stores which engaged with the Smurf opportunities and, in particular, the Kinder Surprise opportunity from one of our preferred suppliers.

As the only newsagency marketing group to fully engage with Smurf products across a range of product categories, newsXpress has shown the value for newsXpress members of robust brand engagement.


Smurf Kinder Surprise sales success on impulse at the sales counter

newsXpress members are reporting excellent sales success with the Smurf themed Kinder Surprise candy and toy products.  Connecting with the bigger Smurf range sourced by the newsXpress merchandise team, this counter offer has proven to be an excellent basket building opportunity for proactive newsXpress members.  Some store report selling five and more double-layered units of these Smurf Kinder Surprise products.

the Smurf movie and associated products has been a terrific commercial success for newsXpress stores, delivering excellent new traffic and wonderful basket building sales.

A Cadbury Father’s Day

fathers-cadbox.jpgThe Cadbury toolkit is proving to be a hit product this Father’s Day.  Inside the metal toolkit is a selection of delicious Cadbury’s chocolates.  What a tasty gift for dad this Father’s Day and what a wonderful brand-based point of difference for newsXpress.  We are thrilled to have Cadbury on board and working with us build our brand by leveraging their brand.

Great Cadbury Toolkit for Father’s Day From newsXpress

fathers-cadbury2.jpgThis Cadbury toolkit is a key gift on offer from newsXpress stores this Father’s Day. newsXpress stores right across Australia are proudly offering the metal toolkit and the delicious and tempting Cadbury goodies inside as part of the 2011 Father’s Day campaign.

The newsXpress / Cadbury connection for Father’s Day is an example of our valuable connection with and support for national brands. newsXpress members are benefiting from extra traffic and easy selling thanks to Cadbury being the best known chocolate brand in Australia.

Promoting the Cadbury Father’s Day Toolkit

nx-cadbury.jpgnewsXpress has provided professional collateral to stores for promoting the Cadbury Father’s Day tool box.

This terrific gift for dad is a tool box packed with delicious Cadbury goodies. The newsXpress collateral is based on retro collateral provided by our friends at Cadbury.

newsXpress is thrilled to have this product available exclusively for our retail network.  It is making a wonderful centrepiece for Father’s Day displays around the country.

We know from consumer research that Cadbury is the most recognised chocolate brand in Australia. Supporting Cadbury is part of our commitment to supporting brands with a strong national presence.

Easter at Castle Towers

easter-castletowers.JPGnewsXpress Castle Towers has been promoting Easter right at the entrance to the newsagency with gifts, eggs and greeting cards in separate yet close zones … to provide shoppers plenty of room to navigate the products on offer.  the open space between each range is essential given the extraordinary traffic newsXpress Castle Towers generates.

By leveraging the excellent range of products offered by newsXpress preferred suppliers, newsXpress castle towers has put together a range which makes the most of the seasonal opportunity for the business.  There are Easter gifts for all ages and situations, to match the excellent range of easter cards from Hallmark for this season.

Easter takes off at Knox City

easter1.JPGnewsXpress Knox has created several Easter displays including the store of store display shown in the photo.  Promoting a range of plush, Easter eggs, easter cards and other gifts from newsXpress preferred suppliers, the Easter range at Knox is already attracting traffic from the shopping mall and driving good sales.  The team at Knox has been careful to develop an Easter offer which appeals across generations.

newsXpress offered a broad range of Easter products to members last year.  Many were offered on terms which were more competitive than the terms available to other newsagents.  This is a valuable newsXpress difference – delivering access to sought after products at better prices than other newsagents with the same products.

By offering products from a range of suppliers, newsXpress has helped its members offer a depth of range for Easter and thereby more easily compete with bigger retailers.

We have seen Easter sales grow in newsXpress stores over the years … thanks to our product and marketing support.