Ink Sale a hit at newsXpress Ocean Grove

ink-oceangrove.JPGnewsXpress Ocean Grove is putting the newsXpress marketing collateral to good use in promoting the latest HOT ink! sale.  Their poster arrangement and product display combine to drawn shopper attention to the ink offer.  The pricing of the offer and the range available shows that shopping at newsXpress is more valuable and beneficial than driving out of town to one of the larger retailers.  The newsXpress marketing collateral and pricing strategy helps newsXpress members, like Ocean Grove, to demonstrate that shopping at newsXpress delivers good value … often better value than bigger retailers.

Thanks to newsXpress preferred supplier support, newsXpress members are achieving a competitive margin from ink.

Gifts selling well at newsXpress Beechworth

gifts-beechworth.JPGnewsXpress Beechworth is enjoying good sales with its expanded gift range including this broad range of frames which is on display in-store.

Frames are a good, staple, product in the gift department as they can be given for a variety of occasions and to a variety of ages.  They work well next to cards.

Thanks to support from a broad range of newsXpress preferred suppliers, it is easy for newsXpress members to tailor their gift department to local needs from the quirky to the conventional … and at competitive buying.

Toys a hit at newsXpress Pakenham

gifts-toys-pakenham.JPGActivity is the name off the game at newsXpress Pakenham with this toy display.  The display featured and promotes activity and this is vital in any toy display.  Kids are drawn to the display and their interaction encourages parents to purchase.

The display in the photo had more items but many have sold and replacements are on the way.  The floor mat has been particularly successful in attracting engagement from kids and drawing attention of parents.

William and Cate Calendar Pre Sale Delivers Excellent Sales

willscate.JPGThe pre-sale order form for the William and Cate Royal Wedding calendar for 2012 has been a terrific success in some newsXpress stores.  The simple placement of the flyer at the counter has generated sales with customers fully pre-paying to secure their copy of this calendar.  The flyer shows newsXpress stores off as being innovative and offering a product which no other store was promoting at the time.

In many ways through the year newsXpress presents its members with innovative ways to pitch their newsagency businesses as different to other newsagencies and as offering products which are quite unique to the many newsagency products which are also sold at other retail locations.

Through newsXpress energy and creativity, we are able to show our retail channel as being competitive, value-based, exclusive and community connected … genuinely unique, newsXpress unique.

The Sticker Family Counter Mat Drives Sales

sticker-counter.JPGThis counter mat promoting the My Family stickers from The Sticker Family is delivering excellent success in newsXpress locations in which it is used.  There are many stories of customers presenting at the counter to purchase a card, magazine or lottery ticket who notice the counter mat and comment along the lines of oh, you sell these or ah I wondered what these were when I saw them on cars.

Marketing experts tells us that shoppers are more likely to respond if they see a single message repeated in their interaction with a retail store.  This is where the counter mat works in that by the time a shopper gets to the counter they will have passed the pull up banner.  They may also have seen and promotion elsewhere in the business for The Sticker Family range.

The counter mat is another valuable touch point in selling these stickers to new customers as well as those with stickers already.  newsXpress highly recommends it to members.

Zodiac Smurf Figurines

smurfs.JPGThe Smurfs are back!  They are at newsXpress.  Some newsXpress stores have taken the opportunity to offer Smurf zodiac figurines, giving shoppers an opportunity to connect with these wonderful characters from a couple of decades ago.  With the new Smurf movie out this year, Smurfs are connecting with a new audience and reconnecting with an older audience.  These precious characters sell well to a couple of generations.  They connect well with any targeted retro offer.

newsXpress innovation is on show here … helping to bring to newsXpress locations products which you would not see in a traditional newsagency and thereby helping newsXpress members pitch their businesses as different, more relevant, more current and more connected with shopper interests.

Tinco Products a Hit For newsXpress Stores

cats-front.JPGThe Tinco range of gift tins and mugs, bear themed and cat themed, are selling well in participating newsXpress stores.  They are being used to create centre piece displays to attract shopper traffic and drive sales basket efficiency … as the photo shows.

Connecting primarily with older shoppers, the Tinco range is attracting people who tend to purchase more than one item in a newsagency – thus improving overall sales efficiency.

One of the biggest lessons for newsagents and any retailer is that they are not their customer.  Many newsXpress members have experienced this first hand when they have at first declined to take on a product and then see it sell well when encouraged to take it on by the newsXpress merchandise team.  The Tinco range was one such product in a newsXpress store recently.  The newsXpress member almost sold out the entire shipment in less than a month, delivering a valuable return on investment to the business and attracting new customers who have returned to the business.

Part of the newsXpress role is to help newsXpress members to push the boundaries of what their businesses can sell and, through this, to explore attracting new shoppers to the business.

One of the reasons for growth in some newsXpress stores, growth which is considerably beyond the average for the newsagency channel, is the broadening of the appeal of the business through challenging product selection … as encouraged by the newsXpress merchandise team.

This is a newsXpress difference, going considerably beyond offering products.  newsXpress not only negotiated good deals, it also helps members leverage those deals to their maximum advantage.

July In-Store Offers from newsXpress Out Already

nxinstore-jul11.jpgnewsXpress provided members with our In-Store Offers newsletter for July late last week, in time for mailing with customer accounts for the end of the month.  This latest marketing newsletter promotes our Facebook competition, the latest issue of better Homes and Gardens, our forthcoming national TV campaign as well as the value of shopping with newsXpress.

This newsletter is customisable by newsXpress members so that it presents as a local newsletter from a local business.

Many newsXpress members distribute the newsletter by mail, on a stand at the front of their newsagency, via customer bags, delivery to local businesses and by handing them to customers with purchases.

The In-Store Offers newsletter is valuable able professional platform through which to promote the business.  It is exclusive to newsXpress.

newsXpress Redcliffe Enjoys Great Gift Sales

redc_gifts.JPGnewsXpress Redcliffe has been growing gift sales since the store oepened a year and a half ago.  Today, the gift department makes an important and sizeable contribution to sales and GP for the business.  Buying from newsXpress preferred suppliers and tapping into exclusive newsXpress offers, the Redcliffe team has built a solid gift offer based on the mix of cards selected by shoppers.  Using card sales data to drive gift buying is paying off with excellent growth – way above industry average.

While many newsagents talk of tough trading conditions, newsXpress Redcliffe is enjoying success by embracing newsXpress opportunities.  Their success shows the commercial value of embracing newsXpress preferred supplier opportunities.

newsXpress pioneered the use of detailed card sales data analysis to guide gift purchases.  It has had exclusive access to caption sales data with which to guide product purchase choices by members.

Click on the image to see a small part of the Redcliffe gift selection.

newsXpress Knox Stocks Up For HOT ink! Sale

inksale1.JPGnewsXpress Knox, at Knox City Shopping Centre in Victoria, has stocked up for the latest newsXpress HOT ink! promotion.  Sales have been excellent.  Shoppers are bringing in their flyer to purchase their choice of brand name ink from the flyer … many have commented that the prices are better than nearby outlets such as Dick Smith, JB HiFi, Harvey Norman and Australia Post.

The newsXpress HOT ink! campaign is key to driving new traffic to newsXpress businesses.  It combats the consumer view that newsagencies are expensive.  newsXpress is not expensive.  It is the value place to shop.  Delivering value prices on brand name ink and toner is just one way newsXpress helps its members make this important consumer pitch.

Great Art Sale at newsXpress Pakenham

art-pakenham.JPGnewsXpress Pakenham has been running a terrific Art Sale.  Pitched perfectly in a high-traffic location, the art sale offers an extensive range from newsXpress preferred supplier Mont Marte.  The range is supported with a promotional video playing … it cannot be missed.

newsXpress members recently enjoyed an exclusive buying day where they had access to art products at 20% off wholesale.  This enabled smart retailers to buy even better and thereby more valuable fund opportunities such as this Art Sale at newsXpress Pakenham.

More and more newsXpress preferred suppliers are offering buying days, special offers and other opportunities with which newsXpress members can access special and exclusive supplier deals.

HOT ink! on Sale at newsXpress Leongatha

ink-leongatha.JPGnewsXpress Leongatha is making the most of the latest HOT ink! sale not only in-store but through the use of flyers promoting the latest HOT ink! deals to the community.  By offering an excellent range in-store and promoting top brand products to the community, newsXpress Leongatha is knows as the go to place for ink and toner – quality brand name product at competitive prices.  This is important, especially in regional areas.

Thanks to support from three preferred suppliers, newsXpress is delivering choice to members as to where they source ink and toner.  This choice is valued by newsXpress members as it enables smart spot buying.

newsXpress Proud to Support Red Nose Day

sids2011.JPGnewsXpress and all newsXpress members are proud to have been raising money over the last months for SIDS research and family support this year by supporting the sids kids Red Nose Day campaign. Each newsXpress store has had the Red Nose Day pack at the counter, some have sold out of two. newsXpress joins other national retailers in raising awareness of SIDS on behalf of families affected. We are grateful of the opportunity to play a role in raising funds and awareness.

Massive Book Sale at newsXpress Roselands

books-roselands1.JPGnewsXpress Roselands is enjoying tremendous success with another massive book sale on centre court at the Roselands Shopping centre in Sydney.  Supporting newsXpress by preferred supplier ABW, this book sale extends the reach of newsXpress Roselands and delivers excellent incremental business as a result.

newsXpress works with landlords, suppliers and newsXpress members to facilitate mutually valuable outpost opportunities.  In large capital city through to smaller regional shopping centres, newsXpress is able to help all stakeholders enjoy success with outposting in areas such as with books at Roselands.

newsXpress Inverloch Success With Klutz books at the Counter

counter-inverloch.JPGnewsXpress Inverloch is having success with a counter unit of Klutz range kids craft books from newsXpress preferred supplier Scholastic. This product is delivering excellent impulse purchase business at the sales counter. It is also  a terrific talking point with customers.

By dedicating some counter space to this book offer, newsXpress Inverloch is driving a more varied shopper basket and pitching a broader variety offer than a traditional newsagency.

Cash Prizes on Offer to newsXpress Facebook Page Visitors

screenshot-1.jpgThe latest HOT ink! flyer from newsXpress is promoting a competition for fans of our corporate Facebook page.  We have four $250 cash prizes on offer as part of our promotion through Facebook. At the last round of member meetings, newsXpress presented training on the use of Facebook and other social media for promoting businesses.  Many newsXpress members are already well connected with this new platform for reaching out to customers.

Bear range from Tinco selling well in Pakenham

tinco-pakenham.JPGnewsXpress Pakenham is enjoying success with the bear range from Tinco thanks to this terrific display on the wall which can be seen from inside the shop as well as from the street in front of the newsagency.

The inclusion of plush bears as well as bear magazines rounds out the display and helps drive sales across multiple product categories.  It positions the business beyond selling just one range of product.

newsXpress members across the country are reporting solid growth in gift sales thanks to the expanded range of gifts available from newsXpress preferred suppliers and the advice on enhancing the gift offer as provided by newsXpress through its team of Business Development Managers.

newsXpress Promoting Facebook Community

nx-facebook.jpgnewsXpress stores are promoting our national Facebook page with this in-store poster.

This in-store poster promotion is in addition to promotion of our Facebook presence on paper and plastic bags, catalogues, marketing flyers and other marketing collateral produced by newsXpress.

The Facebook promotional flyer is on the newsXpress website for members to access.