newsXpress funds members to attend national conference

newsXpress earlier this month announced details of funding to be provided to newsXpress members to help cover travel costs for getting to our national conference in March 2013.

The funds being provided by newsXpress to members along with free conference attendance and free attendance at our cocktail party will make accessing the conference easier for newsXpress members.

The agenda is coming together with some excellent opportunities being lined up to make the event inspirational and valuable for newsXpress members.

The conference agenda will be augmented with some valuable buying opportunities. This year’s conference resulted in members accessing product and making truly valuable margin dollars through the year as a result of their buying.

This will be the newsagency conference of the year not to be missed. It will showcase exclusive opportunities which will help newsXpress members build stronger and valuable newsagency businesses.

newsXpress publishers post Christmas sale advice video

vidLast week, newsXpress published a brief training and motivation video for newsXpress members discussing post Christmas sale opportunities. This video, the second this month from newsXpress, is a resource for members and their employees … something to be usedto help all team members get the most of Christmas and post-Christmas opportunities.

Using video training is another newsXpress leadership initiative – helping newsXpress members and their teams to be better informed and equipped to make the most of the season.

Member feedback has been terrific.

January In Store offers newsletter for newsXpress stores

nxnlnewsXpress last week published its January 2013 In Store Offers newsletter for members, providing access to another excellent marketing tool for use through the month.

This latest newsletter reflects the professional standards of newsXpress, giving our members something with which to personally promote their businesses across the counter and through direct mail. It’s an excellent resource members tell us they love.

This latest issue is promoting fun summer products from newsXpress as well as New Year opportunities.

newsXpress members enjoyed the Mayan calendar opportunity

On our newsXpress private Facebook page we shared an opportunity for some fun yesterday. Members who engaged report a terrific sales result and plenty of fun to boot.

Through this promotion, newsXpress demonstrated a wicked sense of humour and an attention to commercial opportunities around world events (or non events).

It’s another newsXpress (fun) difference.

Hallmark and newsXpress helping to improve child literacy

hmkbigsbynewsXpress and Hallmark are together promoting an excellent range of story books and story buddies across the newsXpress retail network.

Bigsby is one of the new release story book / story buddy products from Hallmark. Promoted nationally in our network, this terrific product is an excellent help to guide parents and children to enjoy reading.  It helps kids enjoy reading and storytelling … setting them up for their more formal education.

newsXpress merchandise team delivers value for newsXpress members

agebdayThe newsXpress merchandise team continues to expand category and segment product offers to newsXpress members.

From corporate store learnings to work in showrooms with suppliers, the merch team has expanded its work on behalf of members.

We create photos and supporting advice and documentation to help newsXpress members to make the most of the display opportunities and bring in-store professional displays and product offers and through these to drive commercial outcomes.

The photo shows one of a series of gift displays created for our newsXpress Southland corporate store.

Melting Snowman a sell out hit for Christmas

snowmannewsXpress members have achieved stunning results with this Melting Snowman product. The newsXpress advice has helped members to drive excellent basket building sales from the sales counter.

The success with this product is an excellent example of newsXpress members encouraging each other and getting supplier support to make the very most of the opportunity.  talk about a win win.

newsXpress members share ideas all the time through private communication channels … ideas that help them make more money more often.

Promoting cards for Christmas and school holidays

cardsnewsXpress members are embracing the opportunity with this range of branded playing cards.

Toy Story, Thomas the Tank Engine and Dora the Explorer are some of the brands being used to promote these cards.  This is an excellent brand connection for the card range.

newsXpress Southland, one of our corporate stores, has the range on show near the counter – driving shopper impulse purchases of the items.

These cards make an excellent Birthday or Christmas gift.

newsXpress Shoreline promoting calendars

calrosesnewsXpress Shoreline, like many newsXpress members is promoting the 2013 calendar range with this well-placed stand on the dance floor.

Capped with newsXpress collateral, the stand is working a treat to drive sales of calendars for the business.

newsXpress offers a unique range of services around calendars from ranging advice to VM to floor placement. This is a core newsXpress service designed to help newsXpress members turn inventory into cash.

Calendar sales already this year are strong based on reports from newsXpress members. Great results for a great margin category.

newsXpress announces national conference details

newsXpress has announced details of its 2013 national conference. To be held at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground in the Members Lounge, the conference presents an excellent opportunity to get inside the inner sanctum of one of the world’s most famous sporting venues.

The content will be newsXpress exclusive and specific and exciting. The full day will be capped with a cocktail party where we can all relax and let our hair down and celebrate good business.

newsXpress launches fun Christmas wrap-up video

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress continues to innovate with the release yesterday of a video for members wrapping up Christmas opportunities and sharing insights members can use in the run up to Christmas Day.

This video is another example of excellent communication between newsXpress and members. It’s a wonderful point of difference for our newsagency marketing group.

While people can say they offer better services, newsXpress lets its actions – such as this video – speak for themselves.

Gummi night lights show off newsagency marketing group innovation

newsXpress newsagency marketing group members have access to an excellent range of products from preferred suppliers.  Many suppliers offer products with which newsXpress members can redefine the newsagency shopping experience and through this buils a healthier margin story.

Take the gummi lights available through one of our preferred suppliers. While some newsagents diss these as not appropriate to a newsagency, they are generating traffic and sales and have earned their place in a newsagency of the future, a newsagency that is targeting a broader cross-section of shoppers than the old school newsagency.

While the gummi products of themselves will not make a business successful, they are another step in the redefinition of the business and the shoppers it is attracting, they are a product around which wonderful business success can be built.

Our new Westfield Southland store is building terrific success with these.

The plush wall success at newsXpress Southland

New newsXpress store newsXpress Southland is enjoying terrific sales from its innovative and ever growing plush wall. Featuring plush from newsXpress preferred suppliers and engaging with shoppers in a unique (for Australia) way, the wall is driving excellent traffic and sales for the business and helping it to stamp its position in the Westfield centre as plush-central. The wall is appreciated by shoppers of all ages.

The commercial results of the plush wall go beyond the wall itself with sales elsewhere in-store attributes to traffic generation by the plush wall. newsXpress will share the results of its research early next year.

Excellent Christmas sales results for newsXpress members

newsXpress is receiving terrific feedback from members reporting excellent sales of newsXpress Christmas catalogue items.

From NSW, QLD, VIC, SA, WA and TAS, we have reports from newsXpress members of excellent sales of Patch, the Water Canon, Beanie balls, Beanie Kids, the Disney puzzles, the melting snowman, Chattermunks and other newsXpress promoted products.

Plenty of members are ordering more stock too – as many of these items will sell well beyond Christmas.

Klutz activity books at hit at newsXpress Inverloch

Check out the excellent range of Klutz activity books at newsXpress Inverloch. This Klutz range has been selling very well and providing the business with a terrific point of difference locally and in the broader area.

The success of Klutz is another example of the value of joining the newsXpress newsagency marketing group. We have been able to introduce members to new products, like Klutz, merchandise them well and through this get existing shoppers buying more and to attract new shoppers.

Our support of Klutz is another example of our support known brands around which we can build margin and repeat traffic.

The Christmas window difference

newsXpress Canterbury in Victoria is a proud member of our newsagency marketing group, representing newsXpress professionally in the respected and premium Maling Road shopping street in Canterbury.  The photo shows the window display for Christmas, featuring newsXpress products and opportunities for Canterbury shoppers.

You can see gifts from our Christmas catalogue, gifts from preferred suppliers and wonderful use of our exclusive Christmas collateral.

This is a wonderful Christmas window display. It has been up for some weeks and has been working well for newsXpress Canterbury.

newsXpress phonecard offers expanded services

newsXpress was proud recently to announce to members of its newsagency marketing group that thanks to diligent work there are now three uses for the newsXpress phone card product.  These three valuable reasons are:

  1. Call international for as cheap as 1c per minute with no additional fees or hidden cost,
  2. Make Australia wide STD calls to landlines for 25c untimed. Landline providers usually charge 25c per minute, where we charge only 25c per call…… UNTIMED!!
  3. Then our newest feature, the Global App which now gives customers access to use the card from overseas while travelling to make calls using their newsXpress calling card from a smart phone, laptop or tablet for the same price as if they are in Australia. So call back from overseas to an Australian landline for only 25 cents un-timed.

These opportunities demonstrate the value of the newsXpress phone card as what we call the best value phone card in Australia.