New training videos for newsXpress newsagency marketing group

xtvidnewsXpress has released more retail staff training videos for employees of newsXpress retail businesses. Produced in house to professional standards, the latest training video offers product education to retail staff that will help them drive sales for newsXpress members.

This and other free staff training is published by newsXpress in a form that makes the training accessible to staff in-store, at home and on mobile.

The latest videos are part of a co-ordinated training program for newsXpress for its members.

Exclusive magazine management training for newsXpress retail employees

newsXpress this weeks hosts two training sessions for retail employees working in newsXpress stores. This employee training is part of our commitment to deliver valuable and exclusive training to people in newsXpress stores who are charged with executing day to day decisions in the magazine space.

Too often newsagency training is delivered to the owners of newsagency businesses. We are changing that.

newsXpress is running a series of training opportunities this year for retail employees and therefore helping those working newsXpress stores to develop their skill set and be more commercially valuable to the businesses in which they work.

Access to the training is free. The first two sessions are being run in Sydney on Tuesday and in Melbourne on Wednesday. Both sessions will be run after the close of business.

Additional training will be scheduled in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Gippsland in Victoria.

Each of the magazine training sessions will be conducted on the shop floor and run for around two hours.

We understand that newsXpress is the only newsagency marketing group offering these training opportunities for newsagency employees … further showing off the value we deliver to members and to those who work in newsXpress stores.

newsXpress is excited for the opportunity of this new training as it encodes key aspects of the newsXpress offer and shares valuable knowledge and processes which will help newsXpress newsagency businesses for many years to come.

Preparing newsagency management and operation training videos

newsXpress is preparing new training videos covering key aspects of operating a newsXpress store. These videos strengthen our position as a leading newsagency marketing group.

Access to the training videos will be through the member area of our website.

Currently, five new videos are under development.  These are expected to be completed and available on the website within the next few weeks.  We are grateful to newsXpress members who have suggested training video topics.

Making Money from Greeting Cards

making-money-from-greeting-cards-003.jpgIn another first for the newsagency channel, newsXpress hosted the first of a series of Greeting Card training workshops yesterday in Melbourne. The Making Money from Greeting Cards workshop was run by Ron Thorpe, one of the most experienced greeting card professionals in Australia. This workshop now moves to Brisbane later this week.

Packed with practical advice, this session provided attendees with a clear action-plan for greeting cards in their newsagencies. Part of this action-plan was developed through two interactive sessions with newsagents sharing ideas with others.

Too often, newsagents leave greeting cards to be managed by their card company. Over the course of half a day, Ron shared practical strategies which newsXpress members can use to work this category to greater commercial advantage. His advice was drawn from decades of experience with Hallmark and a thorough knowledge of worldwide best practice in greeting card retail.

newsXpress has developed this workshop as another way the group helps members achieve a better return from their businesses and thereby improve the sale value when it comes time to exit from the business.

newsXpress newsagents can expect to achieve more from the Greeting Card category than an average newsagency. This is, in part, thanks to having Ron Thorpe on our team and delivering training like the workshop yesterday.