Helping with buying a newsagency

newsXpress is helping several newsagency channel newcomers with buying a newsagency. Our help is in the form of providing background information on newsagencies, what to look for in buying a newsagency, key supplier contacts and access to resources to make taking over the business easier.

Thanks to a broad range of skills within our newsXpress team ranging from advice on shop leases, business management, structure and buying, we are able to help prospective newsagents make decisions which can save time and money on their entry to this channel.

Buying a newsagency for someone new to the business can be daunting.  The help from newsXpress can make that easier.  The best contact within newsXpress is you are looking to buy a newsagency is one of our Directors, Graham Randall (0419 711 153) or Mark Fletcher (0418 321 338).

The help we provide shows the newsXpress difference at work. It shows the value of a full service newsagency marketing and management support group – over a buying group.

Opportunity to start a newsagency

newsXpress has been presented with three opportunities to create new newsagency businesses.  Two in Sydney and one in Melbourne.  The new Melbourne,location we blogged about two weeks ago has been picked up.  We now have another – in an outer eastern centre where you would be alongside Dan Murphy, Aldi and Chemmart.  The two Sydney locations are equally compelling and present excellent opportunities to anyone wanting to start a newsagency and connect with newsXpress, the marketing group committed to helping newsagents grow their businesses.

In each case, the landlord has approached newsXpress with the opportunity to create these businesses.  We extended the offer to our members earlier this week and not make it more public for expressions of interest.

Seminar on buying a newsagency

Newstrade is running a seminar for anyone interested in buying a newsagency on July 22 – in Burwood, NSW.  This seminar is an excellent opportunity for anyone in NSW who is considering buying a newsagency to find out more about the newsagency business and the process of evaluation and purchase.

While not affiliated with newsXpress, we are happy to recommend this seminar as a valuable opportunity for prospective purchasers.

Newsagency for sale opportunities

A newsagency for sale is an opportunity to bring new skills and energy into the newsagency channel.  Often, new newsagents make quick decisions which do not serve their needs or the needs of the newsagency for the long term.  This is why newsXpress offers help for people looking to buy a newsagency.  Rather than rushing to get a contract signed, we prefer to help those looking for a newsagency for sale to understand the opportunity and consider what is right for their needs.

Buying a newsagency and joining the right newsagency marketing or franchise group are long term decisions which need time to get right.  We are happy to provide as much time and assistance as necessary to show why newsXpress is the premier newsagency brand in Australia.

We have brokers we trust, tenancy advocacy services, retail designers who understand the needs of the newsagency of the future and suppliers who deliver excellent margin opportunities for growing the business today.  These are all factors in building healthier newsagencies from the core out – for the long term.

There is a considerable difference between newsagency brands in terms of costs, contract terms, business rewards and personal rewards.  Looking at a newsagency for sale is more than looking at what may appear easy or looking for a quick decision.  newsXpress welcomes and, indeed, encourages comparison.

Advice on buying a newsagency

Buying a newsagency can be a daunting, especially if it is your first newsagency.  newsXpress offers to act as a sounding board for anyone considering buying a newsagency.  What we provide is a sounding board – more so than formal advice.  In our team we have former newsagents and newsagent suppliers with years of experience in leasing, stationery, newspapwers, magazines, gifts and other areas of interest to those buying a newsagency. newsXpress is happy to help by making its resources available.

newsXpress is a newsagency marketing group with member newsagents in each state.  We are a full service group going beyond providing great product deals and providing assistance deep into the newsagency to help get processes right  so that a healthier bottom line is sustained for the long term.  This is how profitable newsagencies are made.

Newsagencies for sale

If you are looking to buy a newsagency then newsXpress may be able to connect you with an opportunity.  We are regularly approached by landlords and other parties from time to time with opportunities for new newsagency locations.  We are also aware of newsagency businesses for sale which may suit a newsXpress operation.  If you are looking to buy a newsagency, contact newsXpress and we can share details of opportunities with you.

Help when a newsagency is for sale

When a newsXpress newsagency is for sale, membership of our newsagency marketing group helps in a variety of valuable ways.

The existing newsXpress member has access to our advice in relation to preparing the business for sale – making sure the records are up to date and that the business itself is presented well.  This can help a newcomer to the newsagency channel to better understand the value of offer.

The prospective purchaser has access to the newsXpress team to get a feel for how we help newcomers to the newsagency channel settle into the business should they proceed with a purchase.  We outline our training and support services which provide access to knowledge which would otherwise take years to develop.

These services and others we provide to newsagency sellers and buyers are unique to newsXpress.  They are provided without additional cost.  They make a newsXpress newsagency more valuable through the sales process and a more appealing business to people who have never owned a newsagency before.

The newsagency channel can be a great channel to join.  Good partnerships are vital to finding that enjoyment.