Storytime: the great great grandson actor

Storytime. “My great great grandson wants to be an actor and I want to give him something inspiring,” Olive said as she inched her way into the shop using her walker. “He’s only fourteen but I want to give him something now to encourage him, something he will remember me by.”

I showed Olive the Pop! Vinyl we had of Lucille Ball in a classic I Love Lucy pose. “I loved Lucy, I did.” Olive’s eyes lit up as she admired the vinyl figure. “I’ll take it. It’s perfect. He’ll remember.”

People love giving gifts they are remembered for. This I Love Lucy figure is perfect for that.

We hear life stories at the shop counter that remind us how much we love retail.

Storytime: Shania Twain

Storytime. Vicky was standing near the counter holding a birthday card but looking around. It’s easy to pick a customer who wants something but can’t find it. I looked across at her. “Here’s what it is,” she said. “His nibs has a birthday and he said he wants something for his man cave but I don’t want the usual stubby holders or beer. I want to give him something unexpected.”

Vicky was a regular and we knew ‘his nibs’, Mack. We knew Mack loved his country music. “I bet he’s a Shania Twain fan,” I said. “He loves Shania,” Vicky was excited.

I found a Shania Twain Pop! Vinyl figurine and handed it to Vicky. “This is perfect. Shania Twain in the man cave. I knew you’d have something”. The smile on Vicky’s face said it all.

It made our day. The gifts that mean the most can be the ones that most surprise.

The best Funko Pop! Vinyls website in Australia for Pop collectors

If you love collecting Pop Vinyls from Funko in the US then you will love the Pop Vinyls website Pop Vinyls In Australia: What is so special about this Pop Vinyl website is that it brings together Pop Vinyl opportunities for Pop collectors right around Australia.

The range is massive because of all of the Pop retailers that are part of the site.

From the one website you can shop the ranges in all the retailers listed.

Better still, your Pop Vinyls will be delivered to you or you can click and collect. Click and collect is wonderful because you can see even more Pops in-store and see what you are buying before you buy it.

Pop Vinyls In Australia is hosted by newsXpress for newsXpress stores that sell Pop Vinyls. You can see all the stock in all the stores and easily find what you love from the classic through to the very latest releases from Funko.

We shop for Pops at the international Toy Fairs including the amazing New York Toy Fair. This is where we see all the new releases and can plan to have what collectors want, from the moment they are released to The Australian marketplace.

All the Pops we sell are brand new. Sourced direct from The Australian distributor. We care for the stock and we pack and ship with great care.

But click and collect is really awesome for the uber collector because you can see the range in-store. We make shopping easy. Plus, you can get ahead of lines and be sure to get what you want when you want it.

Paying is easy too thanks to Hummers’ – this works just like AfterPay. Buy now pay later. No extra cost. Quick and easy payment is another reason to love our Pop website.

On our Funko Pop Collectors Facebook page we have more than 8,000 people following, engaging with the Pops we sell and the information that we have for collectors.

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