New coins from the Royal Australian Mint

Most newsXpress stores carry coins from the Mint, but not all.

Supply of new releases is tightly controlled by the Mint. We rarely get the quantity we want. This is why we limit what each shopper can buy.

Please don’t call newsXpress shops or email them asking if they stock. The best way to find out is their local Facebook page – where their website will be listed if they have one.

Corporately, we sell coins at We impose limits there and cancel sales where people try and game the system.

newsXpress nurtures local newsagents on a path or happiness and success in their local businesses

We nurture your success through opportunities you can leverage, often needing little or no capital investment. We share these in one of our regular (at least twice a week) member emails, or our regular member Zoom meetings.

Opportunities can be new suppliers, new products, in-store tactical changes, out of store marketing ideas. Often, they are early adopter opportunities that can help our members win before other retailers know about the opportunity.

We lay out for your consideration a pathway to a success.

Opportunities can be sales to people who will never visit your shop through any of several national #1 ranked consumer facing websites, and / or your own exclusive website, under a brand you choose.