newsXpress helps members with Total Girl stock

newsXpress members were briefed well in advance of the launch of Total Girl magazine with the Beanie Boo gift so they could ensure they had needed stock before the issue arrived in-store. This is an excellent example of publisher, distributor and retailer working together to drive the maximum retail outcome for the business.

newsXpress members win!

Hong Kong gift fair benefits newsXpress members

IMG_1215The October Hong Kong Gift Fair running this week has been terrific for newsxpress for the sourcing of innovative products as well as for the refreshing relationships with several suppliers. Best of all, the fair provided insights to trends about to hit in Australia, giving newsXpress an advantage with knowledge and relationships through which to leverage the trends.

newsXpress visits overseas trade shows to reach beyond what is usually on show in Australia. This has helped the group be first to engage with a range of valuable trends in recent years.

Helping newsagents create social media content

At the national conference in Sydney last week we had a green screen setup along with lights, camera and sound for creating video and still collateral for newsXpress members to use on their social media pages and elsewhere.

We had plenty of members engaged, having fun with products – all for the cameras. In the process we harvested terrific content for newsXpress members to use themselves locally in their businesses.

This is all part of what newsXpress does for its members – to help provide unique and valuable resources for promoting their businesses.


#funkopop New York Comic Con Pops a hit for newsXpress

The limited edition New York Comic Con Pop! Vinyls from Funko have been a hit for newsXpress Pop! Vinyl stockists. The latest limited edition products continue a trend of engagement by newsXpress for collectors and for small business newsagents in the newsXpress group.


#socialmedia campaign helps newsXpress newsagents

newsXpress newsagents are benefiting from a co-ordinated social media campaign leveraging Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to help drive new traffic for the small business newsagency outlets in Australia.

Thanks to corporate level engagement on behalf of all newsXpress members, the group made up of 205 independently owned small businesses are trading against trend for the Australian newsagency channel.

The latest social media campaign from newsXpress attracted more than 40,000 people on Facebook and resulted in a valuable in-store engagement rate.

This is small businesses working together for smart results.

Meeting suppliers in Hong Kong

At the Hong Kong gift fair today, newsXpress has setup meetings with suppliers to explore more product opportunities inside and outside existing supplier relationships.

Engaging with international events such as the Fair opening today has helped newsXpress and its retail network expand beyond what has been traditional in the newsagency space. It has helped us find new products as well as opportunities allied to existing products – thereby extending the margin dollars newsXpress stores make from destination products.

Already from pre fair meetings we have discovered fresh opportunities.

newsXpress leads with initiative leveraging its small business network

One of the biggest challenges for small independent retailers is to act as one in customer facing engagement. newsXpress on Monday last week launched a fully integrated technology platform that connects newsXpress members around a range of international brands and in a way that leverages its growing network of stores competitively against individual retailers as well as national retailers.

This initiative from newsXpress is not an announcement or promise, it has been delivered. It is already driving shopper traffic for newsXpress businesses.

We’re not sharing specific details here as those targeted by the new platform are consumers and they are engaging already.

This is another newsXpress difference.

newsXpress dinner gets everyone networking

One of the evening functions for the newsXpress national conference in Sydney this week was a dinner. Everyone met new people as friends, couples and others were separated into groups deliberately to enhance the networking experience. People loved it. The dinner was scheduled to end at 9pm but at 11pm people were still mixing with new friends and colleagues.


newsXpress newsagency workshop digs deep into business

Day two of the newsXpress national conference in Sydney inc;lured a four hour business building workshop / round table with members attending participating on building stronger healthier businesses. People get out what they put in and this group of seventy newsxpress members did put in – it was a terrific and eye-opening event.


newsXpress Supplier of the Year 2015: Big Balloon

Congratulations to Big balloon announced the newsXpress Supplier of the Year for 2015. On the basis of stunning growth, proactive engagement and valuable store-level results, Big Balloon is a vitally important supplier to the group and its retail partners to help us grow even more valuable a successful businesses.

newsXpress helps dog lovers

IMG_0950 (1)Dog lovers and dog owners are able to satisfy their interests at their local newsXpress store thanks to multiple suppliers offering newsXpress stores excellent dog collection products from figurines to -push to high end collectibles made specifically for dog lovers.

These and other items are a thrill for dog lovers to collect and build their collection. newsxpress is grateful for supplier relationships that enable us to work in this area of personal passion.

We’ll have more announcements in this space soon.

A warning/clarification about nextra newsagency marketing group marketing

The nextra newsagency marketing group has published marketing material quoting three former newsXpress members. Given that the quotes have 2015 noted on them it is possible one could construe some businesses switched recently. Castle Towers left newsXpress in May 2013, Lowood in October 2013 and Top Ryde in August 2013.

We wish these businesses well with their Nextra journey.