newsXpress cares for the environment

nxinstoreThe latest issue of newsXpress INSTORE, our in-store customer newsletter, shows the commitment from newsXpress and newsXpress members for the environment.

In communicating with shoppers about our business and social engagement, newsXpress is showing care and practical engagement that is unique among newsagents.

In a range of business areas newsXpress stores are practically and consciously caring for the environment. The INSTORE news is communicating this not only to record the good works but to, subtly, encourage shoppers to engage too.

Our view is that we share the world not only for ourselves but for those who come next. Our newsletter offers this broader picture and demonstrates an engagement beyond mere commercial.

Cheeki bottle school fundraiser

newsXpress is proud to be engaged with the Cheeki Bottles School Fundraising Opportunity.

This is a comprehensive local school and community program run with a local school through a newsXpress location and in partnership with our fiends at Cheeki.

newsXpress members are sold the safe and respected Cheeki bottle range at the wholesale price, then on sell the range with a healthy mark up to the school. The school will on sell to their school community at the RRP.

The benefits for retailers to implement newsXpress / Cheeki our fundraiser are:

  • Help their local school with making additional funds for the school.
  • Providing an environmentally and healthy products to school students. Most Schools are banding plastic bottles in their schools.
  • Generate more foot traffic for their store, for possible future sales.

newsXpress engages with suppliers in a broad range of way to drive the local community connection and, through this, attract more shoppers to the store.

newsXpress supports green stationery products

As the only authorised reseller of mapped products in the newsagency channel, newsXpress is best positioned to make the most of the Maped range, especially their environmentally friendly products such as the Green Logic stapler.

Maped are continuing their efforts to treat natural resources carefully and to protect the environment. The portion of recycled materials utilized in manufacturing has grown steadily and Maped have launched more environmental-friendly products.

newsXpress is proud to offer certified environmentally friendly stationery products from Maped. These products will help newsXpress meet environmental supply requirements now in place with many schools and government departments.

Biodegradable bag launched by newsXpress

newsxpress-bags.jpgnewsXpress last month, at its one day member conference and trade display in each state, launched a fully biodegradable newsXpress branded plastic bag. This environmentally conscious move by newsXpress has been embraced by newsXpress members with many orders placed for the bags.

In addition to this being a proactive environmentally caring move in the part of newsXpress, the new bag carries the newsXpress branding and engagement message out of newsXpress shops and into the community, extending the reach of our brand beyond our retail network.

The new branded bag is part of a broader strategy by newsXpress to strengthen the representation of our singular national brand. Greater use of branded bags by our sores better positions newsXpress members to leverage our soon to launch national TV campaign.

newsXpress Watergardens helps save the planet

newsxpress-bags.jpgnewsXpress Watergardens has been selling good numbers of the newsXpress branded environmentally friendly shopping bags thanks to this simple counter display.

The message of Reuse! Help our planet! Reduce! on a sign with the bag pitches the bags to the real target customers – people concerned about the environment.

Besides the great environmental message, the bag also carries the newsXpress brand further out into the world.