newsXpress newsagent supplier forum a hit in Melbourne

On Friday in Melbourne we hosted more than 50 newsXpress preferred suppliers to a two-hour briefing on newsXpress, what we stand for and what our members look for in preferred supplier relationships.

We outlined our plans for 2014 and opportunities for their support of newsXpress members businesses.

Following the session several suppliers approached us with new opportunities for exclusive engagement. We’ll share more on that soon … very exciting.

We will share an overview of the newsXpress supplier forum content with members at our first round of member meetings in 2014. Watch for those dates soon.

We were thrilled that suppliers flew interstate to be at the session yesterday. We will be hosting one in Sydney early in 2014.

This session yesterday is an important point of difference for newsXpress. That’s what suppliers attending told us. We’re thrilled to have had the opportunity – especially at such a busy time of the year.

Exclusive import products for newsXpress members

newsXpress has announced details of several exclusive import product opportunities for newsXpress group members.

Available for pre order, these products offer newsXpress members a valuable and exclusive product mix point of difference. This is achieved by group buying among newsXpress members only.

These exclusive import products are an opt in opportunity – newsXpress members choose whether they participate. They also set the selling price appropriate to their stores and thereby control margin.

newsXpress adds more preferred suppliers to newsagency marketing group suite

newsXpress last week advised members of three more preferred suppliers being added to our preferred supplier suite.

This continued enhancement of the preferred supplier range is valued by newsXpress members. Not only are the excellent discounts appreciated, so to is the broadening range of good-margin products.

newsXpress is on a mission to help members build even more valuable businesses. Our constant refining of the preferred supplier mix is key to achieving this – by offering our members more choices and opportunities to specialise in new retail niches.

We think we have the best mix of preferred suppliers available to newsagents in Australia.

newsXpress adds more preferred suppliers

newsXpress last week announced details of several new preferred suppliers in the art and gift related spaces.

The continued enhancement of our preferred supplier portfolio is an excellent point of difference for newsXpress members and well valued by the participating suppliers.

newsXpress preferred suppliers offer excellent pricing off genuine wholesale and not an inflated wholesale. They also bring insights to our members, enabling newsXpress stores to expand ranges and expand their business offerings.

While the preferred supplier relationship is about margin maximisation, it is even more importantly about money in the bank. We prefer to work with suppliers who help us sell more product sooner. cash is king and you only have cash when you see product.

We’re not announcing details of preferred suppliers here as it’s a competitive advantage for newsXpress.

Several terrific supplier success stories

This photo from newsXpress Bairnsdale shows off some excellent newsXpress preferred supplier success stories.

Beanie Boos are selling really well.

The AFl beanie Kids are hot – all through the AFL season.

The Coke fridge is keeping Bairnsdale shoppers happy with Coke products.

Tapping into these products with preferential pricing and with early to market advantage for deals makes them especially profitable for newsXpress members.

Colourful watering cans brighten the shop

Purchased at the Melbourne gift fair, these colourful and funky watering ‘cans’ from one of our preferred suppliers are selling very well at newsXpress Inverloch in Victoria. They make a great display in-store, especially when displayed near gardening magazines – hitting the same market.

newsXpress members have access to a wonderful range of preferred suppliers and terrific back office help in product ideas and placement adjacencies.

Promoting two preferred suppliers

newsXpress Beers Port Lincoln in South Australia has been having terrific success promoting the healthy water bottles from Cheekie and the MyBagTags from Korjo on stands next to each other.

From Back to School to now these stands have worked a treat in delivering valuable sales to the business.

The Cheekie water bottles and the MyBagTags were introduced through the newsXpress preferred supplier program. The MyBagTags were trialled in a smaller display at the counter before the store committed to the larger spinner shown in the photo.  newsXpress suppliers happily work with newsXpress members when introducing new lines to help test interest before making a longer term commitment.

These two product lines reinforce the newsXpress commitment to brand name products reflecting quality and genuine value.  We love brands because people stand behind them and because shoppers recognise the value.

Businesses which focus on selling on price will ultimately struggle. Price is not a differentiator recognised by consumers.  It is not the most common factor in a word of mouth recommendation. This is a theme which was developed at our National Conference in Melbourne last week.

Backing brands which provide access to quality products is proving to be a valuable business building decision by newsXpress and newsXpress members.

Charm It range on show at newsXpress Parkmore

newsXpress Parkmore in Victoria has the Charm It range at the counter and it’s working a treat, selling well. Indeed, they have sold out of the larger packs.

Having the product at the counter, as they have done at newsXpress Parkmore, leverages impulse purchase opportunities. having it located facing into the mall helps the business attract shoppers who may otherwise not have entered this visit.

The Charm It range is a recent addition to there newsXpress product mix and is working very well right across the group. This is a product range which appeals to a valuable demographic.

Coca Cola joins newsXpress

newsXpress announced to members last week that Coca Cola had joined our community of preferred suppliers.  This new relationship will bring special deals, promotional opportunities and other commercial benefits to newsXpress members.

The C0ca Cola deal reflects the newsXpress commitment to brand name products which are backed by nation advertising campaigns.

As a group we have no interest in cheap China products which try and differentiate on price. This price based marketplace is packed, shoppers are not loyal and product quality is often poor. National brands reflect quality, value and shopper loyalty.

The newsXpress commitment to brand is proving to be a valuable move.

Welcome Coke to our family!