The best place to buy Itty Bittys in Australia?

newsXpress has launched, the best place to purchase Itty Bittys online. Through this site you can also access some Itty Bittys not available through usual retailers in Australia. This is an example of our commitment to serve the Itty Bitty collector with wonderful opportunities.

Our website has up to date stock on hand information and it makes purchasing easy and secure.

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How newsXpress helps newsagents confront challenges and changes

newsXpress is a newsagency marketing group. We provide marketing assistance, management advice, supplier deals, business planning support and a range of other services to newsagents in businesses of any size and in any location.

In this document we put in writing what we do for newsXpress members. By putting this in writing, we hold ourselves to account and provide you a document you can use to compare us.

The most important service provided by newsXpress is the optimism it builds with members and those who work for them:

  • optimism in a bright future, that you can change your business
  • optimism that you can overcome road blocks
  • optimism that you can enjoy your newsagency business
  • optimism that you can make your business asset more valuable.

Watch this video explaining what we do and why it matters:

Collectible teddy bears at your local newsXpress

newsXpress stores are the perfect place to find ethically made collectible bears.

Hand made in England, these bears are genuine pieces of art, hand made with love by bear artists. Not from a factory. Not from a sweat shop. The Willow Bears you find at your local newsXpress are true pieces of heartfelt beauty.

Made exclusively for newsXpress, these bears are exquisite in our shops, loved by collectors and generating new traffic for newsXpress members.

Willow Bears come from the heart of England. They are designed from the ground up, truly unique, and made often by the artist themselves – creating a wonderful keepsake piece, something bear collectors love, something they will cherish for years to come, something they can hand down to share the love of bear collective.

This is another newsXpress difference, the love of collecting bears and bringing that love to more and more people.


newsXpress Melbourne Member Meeting packed

The Melbourne Member Meeting at the Hilton South Wharf we hosted this week was a packed affair. Twice in the lead up we had to expand room capacity to handle the attendees.

This is the fifth event this week to co-incide with the Melbourne Gift Fair.

The meeting was another training and networking opportunity for newsXpress members.,  It is the first of six such meetings for members around the country.


newsXpress hosting in-store marketing events

newsXpress is continuing to host traffic generating marketing events for newsXpress members to help uncover new traffic opportunities in and around their businesses.

Here are a couple of photos from a recent event in regional NSW where we helped a newsXpress attract new shoppers from the region to check out new products and engage with the business for the first time.

IMG_1699 (1) IMG_1717

newsXpress helping small business newsagents at the Melbourne Gift Fair

Wow! what a terrific few days this week at the Melbourne Gift Fair. newsXpress offered a range of business meeting opportunities for its members as well as networking opportunities. Indeed, over the course of the Fair there were five separate events offering value to newsXpress members.

This is in addition to the considerable one on one support and assistance provided by newsXpress through the event – including hosted tours of supplier stands at the gift fair.

newsXpress provides small business newsagents with free lease advice

Newsagency members of the newsXpress newsagency marketing group have access to a free lease advice service. Not mandatory, the service offers lease terms reviews, negotiation support, operating cost guidance and plenty more in pursuit of more equitable terms for newsXpress members in their landlord dealings.

In one recent case a newsXpress member achieved a rent level 30% lower than the landlord starting point and 20% lower than the amount the newsXpress member budgeted for the major shopping centre location.