Promoting Men’s Health Summer Training Guide 2013

Check out the display created by the team at newsXpress Knox for promoting Men’s Health Summer Training Guide 2013. This display is in prime position in our men’s magazine area. The display stands out because of the monochrome background. We also have the title in its usual location.

Click on the image to see a larger version of this display.

newsXpress Ascot Vale promotes Better Homes and Gardens

newsXpress Ascot Vale is making excellent use of the display unit and marketing collateral to promote the Christmas issue of Better Homes and Gardens. Perfect located to be seen by all customers and visually strong, the display is sure to drive excellent sales of the popular title.

Click on the image for a larger version.

Promoting The Blob at newsXpress Watergardens

Here is one of the displays of The Blob from newsXpress Watergardens. We have been co-locating the product to make the most of the exclusive opportunity. The photo shows more good use of the bold collateral provided free by newsXpress.

Placement like this right now to leverage the TVC is vital.

Click on the image for a larger version.

Great Halloween promotion at newsXpress Ocean Grove

Check out the wonderful floor display of Halloween product that has been on show at newsXpress Ocean Grove.

This perfect placement on the shop floor facing shoppers as they enter the business has been working a treat.

Capped with our newsXpress collateral and enhanced with excellent product placement, this display is a good example of why Halloween works – it’s a season of fun for all ages, coming at the right time of the year for our success and shopper enjoyment.

newsXpress shows great leadership with its support for Halloween.

Excellent Halloween promotion at newsXpress Ascot Vale

newsXpress Ascot Vale has build on success over previous years with an excellent floor display promoting all things Halloween.

On offer has been an excellent range of products.  This has been backed by terrific visual merchandising and great use of the newsXpress Halloween collateral.

Visible from out in the street and easily from in-store, this display shows that newsXpress Ascot Vale owns Halloween in Ascot Vale.

Halloween continues to grow for plenty of newsXpress members, delivering excellent business from new and existing customers. We have members reporting excellent growth.

Glitter pumpkins a hit for Halloween 2012

The glitter pumpkins from one of our newsXpress preferred suppliers have been selling very well this Halloween. The early in the season success has continued with some stores ordering extra stock and selling through. The glowing pumpkins have been purchased for offices, homes and even schools as more and more people engage in the fun season.

newsXpress leads in Halloween success 0- with access to excellent products at competitive prices and delivering best-practice margins.

Halloween at newsXpress Woden

Check out how newsXpress Woden has been promoting Halloween 2012 in-store.  This eye catching display and the terrific use of the exclusive newsXpress collateral attracts shoppers … delivering a good result for the season.

Genuinely engaging with a seasonal opportunity reaps rewards for smart newsXpress members. This is what has been happening at newsXpress Woden.

You have to reach and grab shoppers – with compelling displays, good product offers and professional collateral.

Halloween impulse promotion at newsXpress Malvern Central

newsXpress Malvern Central has been promoting Halloween on the shop floor facing shoppers as they enter the business with this impulse placement.

Halloween is an excellent season for newsXpress members, driving new shopper traffic and excellent impulse purchases.

newsXpress members had early access to a broad range of Halloween product at excellent prices. Bing competitive against the majors and maintaining 60% margin is an excellent story, a testament to terrific negotiations from newsXpress on behalf of members.

newsXpress Malvern Central, like other newsXpress members, drives its own success from purchasing through to merchandising.

newsXpress radio playlist for Halloween

The playlist for newsXpress radio – our live in-store radio station in newsXpress stores – has been enhanced this month in the lead up to Halloween to include the following Halloween related and themed songs:

  • Thriller- Michael Jackson
  • Monster Mash- Bobby Pickett and the Crypt Kickers
  • Ghostbusters- Ray Parker Jr
  • Werewolves of London- Warren Zevon.
  • Bad Moon Rising- CCR (From the soundtrack ‘American werewolf in London’)
  • Witchy Woman- Eagles
  • Don’t fear the Reaper- Blue Oyster Cult.
  • Highway to Hell- ACDC
  • Devil went down to Georgia- Charlie Daniels Band.
  • Purple People Eater- Sheb Wooley
  • Devil Woman- Cliff Richard
  • You’re the devil in disguise- Elvis Presley
  • Black Magic Woman- Santana
  • Rocky Horror Theme- Time Warp (Original cast)
  • Superstition- Stevie Wonder
  • I put a spell on you- Screamin Jay Hawkins
  • Love Potion #9- The Searchers

Talk about connecting with the season in a smart and engaged way.  Thanks newsXpress radio for enhancing our halloween experience.