newsXpress newsagency marketing group helps local Aussie newsagents cultivate joy in their businesses

This cultivating joy pitch from newsXpress is real, heartfelt and backed by actionable items you can take, any newsagent can take, in any size newsagency business, in any situation – city or country try.

You can bank on it.

To us here at newsXpress, joy comes from a business making good money, where people love to work and shop, a business that is worth more when you choose to sell.

Profit is the measurement of success, and a core for joy.

The newsagency channel was created in the 1880s to distribute a magazine through the goldfields of Victoria. Some of the agency arrangements put in place then can be seen in business arrangements today.

While we understand and respect the history of the channel, the future for our shops is the future. It’s nothing like those goldfield days.

Making the most of the opportunities of the future is about what we talk about in this document.

What you sell. How you sell. When you sell. The customers you sell to. It’s all up for grabs, there for the taking. It starts with the narrative of your business, how you pitch yourself.

Our advice can include encouraging you to let go of some things that don’t make money and don’t, as Marie Kondo says, spark joy.

How far you go is 100% up to you. Our job is to pitch ideas and opportunities. What you do with them is up to you. Once you decide, we can help with practical steps.

While we understand that for plenty of newsagents, old-school products and services are valuable, their value is declining. Acting now can protect your business against those declines.

You’re not alone. We help you, work with you, hold your hand and encourage you – as much or as little as you want.

For each of us in business, what we achieve is up to us. Our future is about what we do today.

newsXpress is a marketing group for local small business newsagents. We are not a franchise group.

We offer evidence-based advice to back our suggestions. What you do in your business is 100% up to you.

We help businesses that have limited or no capital grow in value. Our team of twelve retail professionals has a deep well of skills and experience.

For $175.00 a month, we think that newsXpress offers the most valuable marketing group membership available.

We’d love to help you run a more valuable business and more enjoyable business. If you’d like that, let’s talk.

newsXpress opens new corporate store at Westfield Southland

newsXpress has opened a new corporate store at the Westfield Southland shopping centre, extending the reach of our newsagency marketing group services and experiences. It is the only newsagency in the centre.

The new newsXpress corporate store quietly opened last week and will spend the next few weeks settling in and tweaking the model.

This is a new style newsagency, extending the learnings newsXpress gains from playing with the newsagency retail model.

Creating using an off the shelf shop-fit model and offering a carefully selected mix of products this new corporate store offers a learning place, a playground of sorts, for newsXpress, its members and partner suppliers.


It was a pleasure to conclude our market fairs in WA. We had many happy suppliers attend and the newsXpress members that attended all agreed it was a fantastic success.

The day included a members meeting and we signed two new members as they were able to clearly see the difference between newsXpress and other models offered in the channel.

When asked if we should continue to do these market fairs the WA newsXpressers gave us a resounding YES!










More than 80 newsXpress proprietors and team members came along for the Queensland Market Fair at the Greek Club in South Brisbane yesterday with 27 suppliers also on hand.

Several Supply partners made the astounding claims shortly after the fair that they had enjoyed their single most successful sales day’s ever. This is an extraordinary endorsement of the Market Fairs that began as a simple idea several months ago.

We now look forward to Perth next week albeit a smaller more intimate event in a blossoming market for newsXpress.

newsXpress Members and suppliers descended upon the Greek Club in record numbers.

Some of the Hallmark team with Ian Chapman from newsXpress Kinkora and Sun Valley in Gladstone

The Olympic Games Visual Merchandising pack – contact for more information.

A wide hot of the hustle bustle in Brisbane yesterday.

Happy Birthday newsXpress Victoria!

Today, newsXpress turns 3 years old in Victoria. We have come a long way. Picking up some excellent stores throughout the state and consolidating the National Support Centre in Melbourne. This base has been integral in developing supplier and other relationships which are providing great rewards for the group.

newsXpress was started in 2001 by current Director Graham Randall and two other entrepreneurial newsagents in South East Queensland. The group grew within Queensland for four years before branching out south of the border. 7 years after introducing newsXpress we have over 140 stores in each of the 8 states and territories throughout Australia.

Melbourne Market Fair brings suppliers and proprietors together

Another great outcome from the most recent newsXpress Market Fair held in Melbourne was the opportunity for proprietors and other newsXpressers to meet with supply partners.

This face to face interaction is often taken for granted, but with a great number of our newsagents being located in regional areas this benefit is proving invaluable.

The Hallmark display complete with exclusive newsXpress Alliance promotion Care & Friendship POS.

Robyn, Neil & Leonie from newsXpress Whittlesea are impressed with the great range of plush products from Jasnor

Janine & Jason from newsXpress Shoreline in deep discussion with Marilyn& Dean from Diddl.

Phil Johnson from newsXpress Keysborough and Tim Batt from Tower Systems  go through the finer points of the programs operation.

Jim O’Toole and his daughter Ainslie from newsXpress Rutherglen spend a few minutes catching up with newsXpress Chairman Graham Randall and Ashley Horne from Canson.


We are pleased to announce that ACP Magazines and Network Services Company have both agreed to be sponsors of the inaugural newsXpress National Conference at Conrad Jupiter’s in September. It is pleasing that both companies have agreed to partner in this event.

Melbourne Market Fair finesses Sydney success

The second newsXpress exclusive Market Fair was held at the Brighton Savoy in Melbourne today with over 45 newsXpressers from Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania in attendance.

Once again 25+ suppliers presented their wares, upcoming ranges and fair offers to the delight of the large newsXpress contingent. The third fair takes place at the Greek Club in Brisbane on Thursday.


The colorful and exceptionally popular Canson Creative Christmas Promotion.

newsXpressers interact with supply partners in the intimate surrounds.


 newsXpress members listen intently to presentations from Mark Nagy, newsXpress CEO, Canson, 3M & Hallmark.


newsXpress continues to innovate and grow its marketing to reflect this which no other group in the channel does. The newsXpress offer is equally sophisticated and effective in what it puts together for it’s National network of stores and this is where the point of difference becomes apparent.

Care & Friendship is a fantastic example of an idea that came from a newsXpress member and then embraced by the group and has grown to the point where strategic partner Hallmark wanted to get involved and make it an exclusive Alliance program for newsXpress.

This perfectly illustrates the level of faith and belief that Hallmark, Australia’s largest Greeting Card supplier has in newsXpress.

The evolution of Care & Friendship –  history-of-the-care-friendship-promotion-2008.pdf

Doing it the newsXpress way

One from the archives – newsXpress Albany opened in Western Australia in December 2006, building their ‘Gala Event’ from the newsXpress store opening template.

A simple but very effective store opening was organised by the team at newsXpress Albany…Hamish arranged to have an Outside broadcast with the local Radio West station and effective advertising in the local Newspaper…

The first 500 customers all received a newsXpress Red environmental bag filled with goodies from industry suppliers…and free balloons were also handed out to all, while the Hallmark Forever Friends Bear was also a great crowd puller as always!!!!








The photo says it all Graham Randall & foundation CEO Kerri Shanks (now Stockwell) at the launch of newsXpress at the GNS Trade Fair September 2001.

It’s a credit to the foundation team for what they did to get the brand moving in South-East Queensland. Their hard work paved the way for the 140 plus store national network that has blossomed in the past 7 years in all states and territories of Australia.