Terrific Mother’s Day Outpost at Wetherill Park

mother-wetherill2.JPGnewsXpress Wetherill Park has been operating a well-stocked and sizeable outpost for Mother’s Day, offering all sorts of Mother’s Day gifts and cards away from their main store newsXpress location. Sales have been excellent – thanks to a vibrant and appealing outpost display put together by the newsXpress Wetherill Park team.

Outposts such as this are vitally important in shopping centres, usually delivering excellent returns for a limited time commitment.  newsXpress is well positioned to help members leverage outpost opportunities thanks to a broad range of products on offer from preferred suppliers.

Mother’s Day at newsXpress Emerald

mums-day-2010-004.JPGnewsXpress Emerald have taken creative licence with their in-store theme resulting in a magical effect. Hand- made, colorful paper butterflies adorn the store tieing in perfectly to the newsXpress marketing posters and linking Hallmark and other products to the season.

Elsewhere in the store they are kicking goals with books, in particular the ‘Grandma, do you remember when…?’ & ‘Our Family History’, which have already resulted in excellent sales, and by setting the team members sales targets for card sales, which is generating great interest and excitement within the staff ranks.

Sally and Peter have also reported their luck in accessing the outpost location in their centre for the week leading up to Mother’s Day which is allocated on a rotational basis, you can clearly see they are leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of a magnificent retail season profit.

Great visual merchandising at newsXpress Wetherill Park

20012010501.jpgOne of the benefits of being a member of a pro-active newsagency group such as newsXpress is the access to professional promotional marketing materials and related product. newsXpress Wetherill Park perfectly illustrated the correct manner in which to both encourage sales and create an easy shopping experience for their customers by linking common merchandising principles and using the marketing materials supplied in both an in-store and outpost application.

The SBG Spencil book coverings, impulse highlighters and subsidiary product featured at this power end complement the binders, display folders, exercise books and sheet protectors merchandised in their outpost.

Creating retail opportunities outside your four walls at newsXpress Castle Towers

08012010481.jpgnewsXpress Castle Towers have been able to negotiate a long standing agreement with their centre management to monopolise the expansive outpost area for major promotional seasons including Christmas and Back to School.

As the photo shows, customers are drawn to the compelling merchandising display through the clever use of newsXpress supplied marketing materials in conjunction with the store’s own banners.

BTS Outposting at newsXpress Roselands

11012010491.jpgThe team at newsXpress Roselands take great advantage of the outpost opportunities afforded retailers in their large shopping centre. The image to the left shows an illustration of the range and quantity of stock they are able to merchandise to attract greater sales.

The old adage of ‘stack them high, watch the fly’ works in practice for Vinay and the team at newsXpress Roselands.


The first ever newsXpress Kids Clinic which is supported exclusively by Canson & Pentel was conducted at Watergardens Town Center in Taylors lakes. It was an absolute Ripper! Store theatre is a key to cultivating new business and and tapping into the younger generation provides a “new money” revenue stream and cultivates future customers.

Hundreds of kids walked away with Hallmark balloons, newsXpress red bags and their drawing on canson carboard done with pentel pens. A number of kids had their faces painted, got a Pentel T-shirt or bag and had a balloon made for them by the clown.

We will start rolling these out county-wide ASAP and they will work in all store locations!







newsXpress Woden are outposting for the first time, all signs are it’s a little ripper. Anthony and Nic are new to the industry, and are about to do a brand new shop fit.

What is impressive is the energy and focus they bring to the store and the newsXpress network. They are not held back by the past and take on board ideas and run with them which is exactly what a newsXpresser does being forward thinking and progressive.








newsXpress Indooroopilly have set up a Mothers Day outpost outside their level 3 store. The centre piece is the Hallmark Mothers Day cards and Forever Friends range, with a mixture of other complementary gifts.

The pictures speak for themselves. No wonder these stores are looked upon as some of the best in the industry.







Exploring innovative products in pursuit of ‘New Money’

newsXpress Kin Kora are old hands at out-posting, however have tackled a new product category this time – baskets.

Their basket out-post will last for one week and then disappear, probably for 6 months. The idea being to encourage customers to buy now. By setting end dates for promotions and strictly adhering to them you train your customer base to purchase when you want them to rather than the other way around.

While they would like to run the product for longer they realise it takes an enormous amount of space to merchandise correctly and accommodating it in-store would be an almost impossible task.

Sarah has identified a niche in her non-metropolitan market area where baskets aren’t readily available and it is certainly a great money spinner with an outstanding margin.



Never too late – VALENTINE’S DAY – newsXpress Riverlink

Jayson and Belinda from newsXpress Riverlink sourced 14 dozen single red roses for their Valentine Outpost, which came sleeved, and had a red bow. These completely sold out in 2 days, complementing the plush and other gift ware.

Both Wednesday and Thursday were equally strong in retail sales. As this was the first year for their outpost they will be using their data when purchasing for next year.





newsXpress Riverlink – special signage was commissioned advertising the rose offer to tie in with the newsXpress creative. While team members proudly show their selling skills in the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

newsXpress Kin Kora – outposting Valentine’s Day

newsXpress Kin Kora have reported what most stores are experiencing – a very busy Valentine’s Day promotion!

They have sold a $500 Forever Friends Hallmark Bear in their first ever attempt at outposting – a great result!

Sarah also would like to espouse the benefits of going that one little extra step. In this case cello-ing plush gifts. Cello attracts a great margin, along with the ribbon and staff hours you can make a stunning profit.

These have been selling well along with small gift boxes packed with 4 or 5 chocolates and gift wrapped. A little effort goes a long way – 20 sales in one morning at $4.95 a piece.

valentines-outpost-001.jpg valentines-outpost-003.jpg

valentines-outpost-007.jpg valentines-outpost-008.jpg

Be my Valentine!

newsXpress Sun Valley & newsXpress Kin Kora are leading the way with merchandising standards and creating theatre within their stores. This Valentine’s Day has given them another chance to show their wares and we thank Ian Chapman and Sarah Coombs for their exceptional photos and feedback on specific products.

The Sun Valley Photos (below) feature an aromatic product range from Cooee Brands (Australian Flower Therapy) which is selling really well. Heart beat lollies are given out with each customer purchase along with ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ wishes. The newsXpress Floor Decals are also hitting the mark with a couple of cheeky male customers inquiring as to whether they may indeed ‘steal’ a kiss!

valentines-004-v2.jpg valentines-010-v2.jpg

Meanwhile newsXpress Kin Kora (below) have highlighted the Chocolate Gems range which has filled the holes in their Darrell Lea offer and in most cases requires very little work to be saleable. The Hallmark product is selling very well and in particular the Forever Friends ‘Marry Me’ Bear which comes with a free Darrell Lea Love Heart Lollypop.

valentines-2008-019-v2.jpg valentines-2008-021-v2.jpg

valentines-2008-018-v2.jpg valentines-2008-007-v2.jpg

Sales are going well and everyone is having fun with the season, an outpost will be introduced over the weekend to capitalise on the peak periods – Love is really in the Air!!

Valentine’s Day at newsXpress

With two catchphrases in use this Valentine’s Day:

  • Love is a gift! &
  • Steal a Kiss!

newsXpress members have been given greater freedom to create a promotion that is traditional or a little bit cheeky as per the marketing materials provided. Below are a cross section of store displays across the network:


newsXpress Noosaville are using the ‘Steal a Kiss’ floor decals to direct traffic to their Valentine’s Day display which contains cards, gifts & confectionery.


newsXpress Caboolture have introduced simple cane baskets into their merchandising to better display their wide range of Valentine’s Day themed plush.


newsXpress Toowong are strongly promoting the Valentine’s day range of the Hallmark classic Wellington Bear. The newsXpress posters in the background complete the scene.


newsXpress Castle Towers maximise their exposure by setting up camp in a prominent outpost position in their centre. The use of sell-able product as part of the merchandising is most effective.

Canson Art out-posting at newsXpress Watergardens

 At the newsXpress laboratory at Watergardens in Victoria, we have taken our new Art partnership with canson to the next level. Out posting of Art product with a National brand draws customer attention and builds sales.

Here is a fantastic example of how the newsXpress network looks for new money positive revenue streams. The Canson brand born in Europe some 450 years ago allows the newsXpress stores to further accelerate new product innovation and bring new product to the market.