Newsagency marketing group engaged in driving newspaper sales

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress is working with its members and a leading newspaper publisher on a strategy for driving over the counter newspaper sales.

Outlined to members over a week ago, the engagement with the newspaper publisher is unique for a newsagency marketing group. It is purposeful engagement designed to benefit newsXpress members and the publisher through fresh commercial initiatives.

The newsXpress difference is fresh business management and marketing ideas. Freshness is at the heart of this latest project – designed to help newsXpress members sell more newspapers.

We are not sharing specific details here as others have in the past used this blog to guide what they should do in their group.

All Australian newsagents encouraged to GROW YOUR OWN WAY

nxgrowyourownFeedback from newsagents to the GROW YOUR OWN WAY marketing campaign being run by newsXpress has been terrific this week. Newsagents have contacted us to find out how we can help them grow. Others have let us know they love the positivity of the campaign and that it’s inspired them to look at their business differently.

Designed by newsXpress to encourage all newsagents to love their businesses more, GROW YOUR OWN WAY is an excellent example of the forward-thinking approach of newsXpress on behalf of its member newsagents.

Inside the four page brochure spearheading the campaign are ideas and thoughts to help newsagents look at their businesses differently and positively.

Developed internally by the creative team in Newsagency marketing group newsXpress, the feedback is that this campaign  inspires newsagents to follow their instincts, to pursue change and to make their own success.

Inspired by the Go Your Own Way song from Fleetwood Mac, GROW YOUR OWN WAY is a call to positivity for newsagents.

To find out more about newsXpress and how you can grow your business please contact our National sales Manager: Peter Francis on 0423 298 020.

Sydney newsXpress members meet for networking discussion

newsXpress members in the Sydney metro area met yesterday for a newsXpress cluster meeting. This was a business discussion / business building meeting, a terrific opportunity for newsXpress members to network, share business ideas and discuss newsXpress plans for NSW.

This was our fourth cluster meeting this year.

Cluster meetings are free – an excellent opportunity for newsXpress members to connect and derive more value from being part of the group.

We appreciate newsXpress member commitment for engaging in the cluster meetings and being part of the dynamic and exciting discussion.

Helping newsXpress members deal with Fairfax, News Limited and other structural change

At the next round of newsXpress member meetings in just two weeks time, we will share the latest insights with newsXpress members that will help guide business planning.

We will outline steps to help newsXpress members navigate the changes of today and to prepare their businesses for the retail landscape of tomorrow.

The newsXpress exclusive insights will be followed by a member driven Q&A to provide newsXpress members with an opportunity to explore the impact of the changes on their businesses and to hone in on business opportunities.


Its amazing what you can learn from your proprietors. Mike Caffery from newsXpress Albany Creek talks about new money versus old money, a phrase that newsXpress has adopted and which is now it has now turned into a strategy which we are relentlessly pursuing. Have a look at what a difference some clever merchandising has made at newsXpress Wagga Wagga. Yes they still sell newspapers but have been located in a part area of the store.




In evolving the newsXpress offer, the team at newsXpress Jamison in the ACT have chosen to provide space for newspapers in a part of the store that is not a traditional spot for newspapers.

Tradition is good but selling space is configured to what drives profit, in this case newspapers have made way for new money revenue drivers and have been located in sub prime space, not at the front of the store as in traditional shop fits.