newsXpress Ocean Grove taps jewellery opportunity

newsXpress Ocean Grove has developed an excellent reputation in the region for its gift range.

In addition to excellent offers for major seasons, newsXpress Ocean Grove offers a year-round range of gifts including jewellery related items. One of their recent successes has been these jewellery stands from one of our newsXpress preferred suppliers. Acting as a prop for products as well as a product for sale in its own right, the jewellery stand is different to what shoppers expect to see in a newsagency.

newsXpress Ocean Grove innovates in product range as well as in merchandising, making the most of opportunities from newsXpress preferred suppliers … bringing fresh products to Ocean Grove locals and those who pass through.

newsXpress promoting New Idea Masterclass

newsXpress members are promoting New Idea Masterclass, a wonderful new food title in newsXpress businesses now.

The photo shows the display at newsXpress Watergardens where New Idea Masterclass owns the counter.  This display can also be seen by shoppers in the mall.

Promoting this as an impulse title is the best way to achieve sales – hence the value of the counter placement at newsXpress Watergardens.

newsXpress member meetings to help drive business

newsXpress is hosting a round of member meetings early in July to showcase selected supplier products, share business growth insights and to provide newsXpress members an opportunity to network with other enwsXpress members.

The dates and details for the member meetings were provided to newsXpress members in private communication weeks ago.

newsXpress member meetings are wonderful opportunities. Participation for members is completely free. Occasionally we bring in other newsagents by invitation.

Here are the details:

  • Sydney – Tuesday 3rd July , 9.00am – 4.00pm  – Bonnie Doon Golf Club,Banks Ave, Pagewood, NSW
  • Melbourne – Thursday 5th July , 9.00am – 4.00pm Kooyong Tennis Club, 489 Glenferrie Road, Kooyong, VIC
  • Brisbane – Tuesday 10th July, 9.00am – 4.00pm – Brisbane Technology Park,1 Clunies Ross Court (off Miles Platting Road), Eight Mile Plains, QLD
  • Perth–Thursday 12th July 9.00am – 4.00pm – The Old Brewery,  173 Mounts Bay Road, Perth Western Australia.

Newsagents who are not members of newsXpress could contact newsXpress if they wished to participate and see how awe go about equipping and motivating newsXpress members for business growth and business enjoyment.

newsXpress Bairnsdale creates tasty window display

“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.” — Theodore Levitt

That is exactly what David’s team Lisa and Danielle from newsXpress Bairnsdale have done with preferred supplier ACP WOMANS WEEKLY SLOW COOKER RECIPE MAGAZINE.

This window display attracts your customers into the store which can only mean one thing…. SALES

There are so many fantastic ideas and recipes in the magazine that you might be motivated to start cooking or maybe after seeing what newsXpress Bairnsdale have done you to will be inspired to set up your own display or even an in store cooking show.

Click on the image for a larger version of the photo.

Latest HOT ink! campaign off to a great start for newsXpress newsagents

The latest newsXpress HOT ink! campaign has only just started and already newsXpress members are reporting terrific sales.

Being promoted in-store and with professionally produced flyers being handed to customers as well as being delivered to homes and businesses around participating newsXpress locations, HOT ink! is showing what can be achieved with group strength buying power and through professional co-ordinated marketing.

With Dick Smith stores closing and other retailers in the ink space struggling, newsXpress members have embraced the opportunity with this latest HOT ink! campaign to not only drive new traffic but also to drive a deeper shopping basket through incremental purchases.

In addition to the professional flyers, this latest HOT ink! campaign is being promoted via newsXpress Radio as well as on national TV.  The TV and radio campaigns are at no charge to newsXpress members as they are funded by supplier contributions.

newsXpress members are growing in sales faster than general stationery sales, delivering results which make the newsXpress retail businesses more valuable.

Promoting Better Homes and Gardens in newsXpress newsagencies

newsXpress members has got behind the latest issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine by promoting it with terrific displays as well as via tactical placement – as shown in the photo.

While big bold displays are important, it can often be the tactical placement of a floor display unit, like the one in the photo, next top newspapers or at the entrance to the newsagency which delivers an excellent sales lift for Better Homes and Gardens.

newsXpress recommends the placement of a floor display unit at the front of the shop or a stack of copies at the counter and or with newspapers especially Thursday through Sunday for the month. This is where Better Homes and Gardens works the best thanks to the wonderful TV show.

newsXpress newsagents are known as magazine experts for good reason.

newsXpress helps newsagents drive sales with In Store offers newsletter

On Wednesday last week newsXpress published it’s June In Store offers newsletter to newsXpress members in time for distribution with accounts before the start of June.

Our June newsletter features, among other topics, the latest issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine, some excellent ink deals plus a promotion of the Queen Elizabeth jubilee special publication from The Australian Women’s Weekly.

A feature of the newsletter is that newsXpress members can easily customise it with details of their store … making it look like a newsletter from their business.

The newsletter contents connect with items which are promoted on our exclusive in-store newsXpress Radio network, making for a more valuable promotion of these and other items.

newsXpress members who engage with the In Store offers newsletter tell us of the success they are having using it as a promotions platform. We’re glad to offer the service at no cost to all newsXpress members.


Customers chasing cash with That’s Life magazine

That’s Life magazine from Pacific Magazines has been selling well in newsXpress locations thanks to the opportunity to win cash in the latest issue.  The magazine is bagged so that shoppers can’t see if their copy has the cash. Once they purchase the magazine they can open it to page 19 and see if they have cash there.

This is a terrific competition. newsXpress members have been responding by co-location That’s Life – placing it prominently in the usual location for That’s Life as well as a second location … with the newspapers or at the counter.

newsXpress members embrace competitions like this as they encourage local shoppers to consider newsXpress for magazines ahead of other retailers.

Last day promoting the Pacific Magazines WIN A CAR competition

newsXpress Knox City, one of our corporate stores, has been promoting the last days of the Pacific magazines WIN A CAR competition with a massive display behind the main counter and a self-serve display in front of the counter, featuring many of the titles in the promotion. The idea behind the two lavers of display is to capture attention of those who only link right in front of them as well as those who look ahead.

The WIN A CAR promotion has been a wonderful success at Knox and throughout newsXpress stores thanks to active engagement at store level among the team members responsible for magazines.

On behalf of newsXpress and pacific magazines a BIG Thank You! to everyone involved.

We hope that the sales lift and fun around the competition has been wonderful and worthwhile. We know the results for our corporate stores and it’s terrific.

newsXpress magazine management training session this Monday in Caboolture

newsXpress is hosting another magazine management training session for employees of newsXpress businesses who are responsible for managing magazines. This session will be held from 6pm at newsXpress Caboolture. Participation is free. It will offer best practice training on magazines as well as professional training on visual merchandising.

newsXpress has been running these training sessions for staff of newsXpress member businesses for several months. The result is greater knowledge about the category and how to leverage this knowledge to drive sales for newsXpress members and our partner magazine publishers.

The exclusive training is a commercially valuable point of difference for newsXpress. We are the only newsagency marketing / management group to deliver such training too those directly involved in managing magazines in newsXpress businesses.

In addition to providing newsXpress members with access to great deals from suppliers and excellent traffic-generating marketing, we provide suite of training opportunities to help newsXpress members to grow sales and cut operating costs in their businesses.

This is the newsXpress difference. You can bank on it.

State of Origin promotion at newsXpress Umina

newsXpress Umina got into the promotion of the start off the State of Origin series with this display above their newspapers. Tapping into a selection of products including NRL cards, they sought to grab incremental business from the NRL fans in their area.

Placing the display with newspapers ensured that the maximum amount of traffic saw the opportunity.

Promoting State of Origin

newsXpress Sarina went all out promoting the start of the State of Origin series.  Besides an excellent range of clothing, which sold out, they used prime counter space for promoting the Heroes of Origin from ACP Magazines.

This counter display drove incremental purchases of the magazine and subtly promoted other Origin products available from the store.

It was the clothing display which was stunning. Just inside the door and offering a range of tops in a good selection of sizes, the good people of Sarina are certainly dressed for victory.

newsXpress merchandise committee considers Christmas

The newsXpress merchandise committee met this week to consider supplier submissions for Christmas.  While the contents of the meeting are confidential for commercial reasons, we can share that newsXpress members representing fourteen of our member businesses were thrilled with the opportunity to see potential Christmas product and discuss the suitability or otherwise of this for members of our newsagency marketing group.

newsXpress hosted the meeting with some live in the room and others connecting through the internationally-renowned WebEx platform.

Considering new corporate stores

newsXpress has been offered three new store locations in recent weeks. One is a greenfield location and two would be replacing existing businesses which wish to exit their respective locations.

We are working through a structured process as we research and consider each opportunity. This process included competitive analysis, budgeting and what we could do with the business.

Regardless of where we end up with the opportunities, the process is valuable for newsXpress as it refreshes our experience with situations encountered by members as they work through similar opportunities.

newsXpress retail study trip to New York

A group of newsXpress members participating in the Hallmark Gold Crown Summit in Las Vegas will fly to New York for a few days looking at retail. Taking in tours of large and small format retail situations, the New York trip will broaden perspectives and open opportunities for participating newsXpress members to look at some of the latest retail developments.  The group will look at a broad range of retail stores covering several product categories.

Terrific Slow Cooker 2 display

newsXpress Gympie is promoting Slow Cooker 2 from ACP Magazines in-store with this terrific live cooking show featuring the Gympie Chef.

Click on the image to see a larger version of the photo.

Beyond the visual theatre are the smells as a tasty meal cooks through the day as part of the live display.

The real delight comes from tasting the meal which has cooked in-store throughout the day. Yum!

Talk about visual merchandising! Well done Warrick and team.


newsXpress East Maitland supports Optus and Beanie Kids

newsXpress East Maitland is supporting Optus and Beanie Kids with two displays at the counter, facing shoppers. Both offers are working a treat in this high-traffic location, showing off products shoppers easily consider on impulse even though they may have visited the newsagency for some other item.

While it may seem odd having such different products next to each other, the placement speaks to the diversity of shoppers newsXpress East Maitland serves.

Beanie Kids are selling well right across newsXpress thanks to support from Skansen.

Optus handsets and recharge are proving to be a valuable newsXpress offer thanks to support form Jenlist.

newsXpress Grovedale promotes Grand Designs Australia

What an impressive way to showcase the launch issue of Grand Designs Australia from Universal Magazines.

newsXpress Grovedale have made a wonderful effort compiling all the necessary items and more one would need to use for DIY. That combined with all the great information in GRAND DESIGNS who wouldn’t want a copy.

A display like this gives a fresh look to customers who may not have seen this magazine before.

Keep up the good work newsXpress GROVEDALE.

Great magazine range at newsXpress Carr’s Armidale

Armidale magazine shoppers have an excellent range to choose from at newsXpress Carr’s Armidale. The magazine range is broad, appealing not only to top selling titles but to many special interests – serving the Armidale population professionally.

Following newsXpress magazine principles of beacon branding and co-location, newsXpress Carr’s Armidale makes the most of the newsXpress difference when it comes to magazines.

The photo shows just one small part of the magazine range, featuring Better Homes and Gardens as the hero title drawing attention to this part of the magazine department.