Exclusive newsXpress calendar deal adds thousands in GP

One newsXpress store which embraced the exclusive calendar deal put to newsXpress members ten days prior to Christmas has banked thousands in sales in just seven days leading to Christmas.  This will easily double as calendar sales switch into top gear over the next two weeks. This newsXpress member stands to bank in excess of $6,000 in GP … all thanks to an exclusive deal negotiated by newsXpress with one of Australia’s top calendar companies.

newsXpress is proud to have been able to offer newsXpress such an excellent deal which has been such a tremendous success for newsXpress members who took up the offer.

Thanks to central buying for the group and moving quickly, newsXpress was able to maximise the return for group members.  Our quick move denied others an opportunity for similar buying as we took all available stock.

This is the newsXpress difference in action … excellent margin dollars achieved from brand name products purchased at a better price than any other retailer in Australia.

newsXpress has an excellent relationship with more than 100 key suppliers to newsagents and similar businesses. Thanks to the efforts of our merchandise team we make the most of these opportunities, enabling newsXpress members to bank excellent results.

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