Halloween out now at newsXpress stores

newsXpress stores across Australia are having with Halloween already thanks to product deals and marketing collateral from newsXpress.

Check out part of the display at corporate store newsXpress Knox. This offer is at the front of the shop, facing into the mall, and uses good merchandising skills to create a display with drama, fun and a compelling retail offer.

newsXpress has owned Halloween in the newsagency channel for seven years. Halloween 2012 is already off to a screaming and financially rewarding start.

Halloween generates traffic and drives impulse incremental business.

Exclusive Halloween Party book for newsXpress stores from ACP

newsXpress stores are exclusively offering a Halloween Party Book created by the Women’s Weekly division of ACP for newsXpress stores.

A centerpiece offer from newsXpress for Halloween, this book is a wonderful product to offer to customers looking to make the Halloween season a social time in their street and with friends.

Delivered to newsXpress stores with a sturdy and engaging display unit, the Halloween party book is a perfect and exclusive product offer as part of Halloween 2012.


Preparing for exclusive national TVC

newsXpress has signed off on the creative for the national TVC to run shortly promoting The Blob in newsXpress outlets. This TVC is innovating, attention-grabbing and sure to drive traffic to newsXpress stores as we are the only outlets in Australia with The Blob available.

It is this exclusivity that makes The Blob such a compelling opportunity for newsXpress shoppers and for our members. Together we are part of something pretty unique and exciting.  This excitement is to be heightened thanks to the soon to launch TVC.

The TVC is being funded entirely by newsXpress on behalf of members.

Snoozies hit Cragieburn

newsXpress Craigieburn is having fun selling Snoozies to shoppers in-store.

These wonderful feet warmers are a terrific talking point among shoppers … something that is facilitated by placement of the high-profile Snoozies spinner in a high-traffic location in-store.

newsXpress members have been engaging with Snoozies for months now with excellent sales success. In addition to accessing the product at a competitive price, newsXpress advice on placement is helping drive excellent sales across our retail network.

Terrific One Direction calendar promotion in Bairnsdale

Check out the fantastic display created by the team at newsXpress Bairnsdale to promote the One Direction 2013 calendar in-store. There is no missing this display. Just fantastic.

Since newsXpress members had this product available for a month before any other retailer they were able to chase excellent sales, exclusive sales.

It’s displays like this that help newsXpress members leverage the commercial opportunities delivered by the company through good-margin supplier high-impact and valuable deals like the exclusive One Direction calendar opportunity.

Money in the bank is a good feeling for any retailer.

Blobbing the counter at Bairnsdale

newsXpress Bairnsdale has been selling The Blob at the sales counter in-store.

The counter is an excellent place for promoting The Blob as a product to be purchased on impulse as a gift or for personal use.

Every newsXpress exclusive product offered is another product that can’t be price compared, another product separating your business from other retailers.

This is a wonderful newsXpress point of difference for newsXpress and newsXpress members.

newsXpress Streaky Bay promotes Cake Decorating partwork

Leveraging national advertising, newsXpress Streaky Bay successfully promoted the launch issue of the Cake decorating partwork this this terrific display facing all shoppers as they entered the business. Engaging with the title in a visually appealing way has helped drive sales and enhance shopper basket value.

Click on the image.

Several terrific supplier success stories

This photo from newsXpress Bairnsdale shows off some excellent newsXpress preferred supplier success stories.

Beanie Boos are selling really well.

The AFl beanie Kids are hot – all through the AFL season.

The Coke fridge is keeping Bairnsdale shoppers happy with Coke products.

Tapping into these products with preferential pricing and with early to market advantage for deals makes them especially profitable for newsXpress members.

One Direction Photo Collection exclusive

newsXpress is leading newsagents again with a pre-sale opportunity for the soon to release One Direction Photo Collection. By providing stores with this pre-order form, newsXpress members are able to win the sale long before the items is available in-store.  This same approach has been used very effectively by newsXpress for years, delivering valuable revenue and margin dollars to newsXpress stores well in advance of what any other retailer achieves. It’s money in the bank!

The pre-sale opportunity was announced more than two weeks ago.

Next member meeting details announced

newsXpress has announced to its members the details of the next series of member meetings. Focusing on business development opportunities, this round is all business, delivering to participating members insights no other newsagents in Australia will tap into.

Being delivered over a week in early November, the meetings will give members plenty of business development ideas and opportunities.

newsXpress the target of other newsagency groups

You know you’re doing something right when other newsagency groups copy your initiatives and chase your members. That is what we are seeing this month. newsXpress members tell us of calls and visits from others pressuring them to switch.  We have even heard of a group offering service they have never offered, services identical to some we have delivered for years.  We’re flattered.

In the meantime, we continue to welcome new members as we power ahead, growing in number and in commitment to be the best at what we do … every day.

Helping newsXpress members promote their businesses online

newsXpress has published fresh advice to members on how to promote their businesses online. The advice unlocks for newsXpress members practical and proven advice on how to leverage a range of online platforms for promoting the retail shop and connecting with people who may be online and looking to make purchases.

This exclusive to newsXpress advice will help members drive traffic – without having to spend any money on external marketing.

The online marketing advice is another example of newsXpress delivering exclusive and valuable benefits to its members, benefits that are measured through the register.

The Blob continues to sell very well

Every day we are receiving reports of excellent sales of The Blob in all sorts of situations: city, country, high street and shopping centre. The reports tell us that The Blob sells well everywhere.  newsXpress members are thrilled with the result – we know as they are ordering more stock.

We’ve even had reports of customers who were given The Blob as a gift by someone purchasing more as gifts for others. The word of mouth for The Blob is excellent.

Promoting The Blob on receipts

newsXpress last week released artwork to help the promotion of The Blob on shopper receipts – making clever and valuable of the receipt platform for promoting this exclusive to newsXpress line item.

Promoting on receipts is proving to be valuable for newsXpress members – both driving impulse purchases and drawing shoppers back into the business.

Promoting newsXpress 2013 diaries

newsXpress members are proudly promoting the newsXpress branded diaries in-store following their release a week back.

These quality diaries provide newsXpress members with something no other retailer has and continues the groups delivery of a key commitment to members of a commercial and valuable point of difference.

The photo shows part of the 2013 newsXpress diary display at newsXpress Knox.

Early sales data indicates the diaries will be a terrific success.


Promoting the Pacific Magazines Fiji holiday competition

newsXpress Knox has continued to promote the Win a Fiji holiday competition in-store this past week with this tactical placement of the floor display unit near newspapers and at several other touch-points in store.

By ensuring promotion of consumer competitions such as this one right through the period of the competition, the store makes the most of the promotional opportunity. Being know as the go-to store in a shopping centre or a town for magazine related competitions is a nice driver of business.

Pacific Magazines is a strategic partner of newsXpress.

Wild Republic roars in newsXpress stores

newsXpress members are enjoying terrific success with the Wild republic plush range.

Thanks to excellent merchandising materials, this Wild Republic range is an easy range to stock on the floor – making a bold in-store statement and helping grab impulse purchases from a range of locations.

The photo shows the range located cleverly near the Hallmark card range – people are purchasing a card and a Wild Republic plush item … easy!

Promoting The Blob at Ballarat

Check out the promotion of The Blob at the counter at newsXpress Ballarat.

With so many newsXpress stores selling out and reordering, it’s clear that The Blob success has a long way to go: excellent margin, easy selling and wonderful terms.

No wonder newsXpress Ballarat is promoting it at the counter – it’s a perfect impulse item.

Some newsXpress members are on their third order – making excellent money from this terrific newsXpress EXCLUSIVE item. It’s the newsXpress difference ringing in the cash register.