More newsXpress members enjoy Peppa Pig success

peppasuccessThanks to preferred supplier relationships and timely marketing and management advice, more newsXpress members are reporting excellent sales from Peppa Pig. With terrific product from some of our suppliers we have had access to excellent products with which to leverage the new Peppa Pig partwork into additional sales. newsXpress was first to market with the opportunity and our quick to engage members picked up stock, locking others out for a what. The early bird and all that.

Key to success with the Peppa Pig merchandise is placing it in the right location in the newsagency. This is where newsXpress can help since we’re in many newsagencies each week. We share this information privately with our members for their commercial advantage.

Baked & Delicious Promotion Continues at Sunbury

baked-sunbury.JPGnewsXpress Sunbury Square is promoting the latest part of the Baked & Delicious partwork with this high profile display facing shoppers as they enter the store.

This display has been helping the store generate excellent further impulse purchases of this part series product.

newsXpress stores right across our group continue to report good sales from the Baked & Delicious title – thanks in part due to displays like this.

Partworks perform well – driving valuable sales of other titles as well.

Baked & Delicious at Lismore Square

baked-lismoresq.JPGnewsXpress Lismore Square has been promoting the new Baked & Delicious partwork as this terrific display of the launch issue shows.  The display was located right at the front of the business – grabbing attention from shoppers as they enter the store, facing shoppers as they entered.

By engaging with TV advertised and promoted titles, like Baked & Delicious, newsXpress members like Lismore Square can make the most of media coverage to drive incremental business.

Partworks innovation at newsXpress Beechworth

beechworth-putaways.jpgnewsXpress Beechworth is using the newsXpress putaway request form to promote putaways for partworks like the successful Art of Crochet partwork which was recently launched.  Placed with each partwork on display, this initiative strives to extract better value from early sales of this partwork.

The newsXpress marketing team created the putaway form as part of the services offered and included in the newsXpress base membership fee.

PARTWORKS Magazine Display

To make a display look aesthetically pleasing is a matter of organising merchandise into a cohesive shape. The triangle is used more than any other shape. Merchandise arranged in this way gives the display more weight at the base, giving a stable appearance. It is easy for the eye to take in the whole thing.

Alex from newsXpress Deception Bay has used the best hot spot in her store to present this 4 sided display capturing customers coming from all directions. She has combined 2 different partwork magazine launches to make a display which has sold through very quickly.


newsXpress Eastland create a display fit for ‘the King’

What do you do with half a pallet of Partworks? And such a compelling title as Elvis?

Well at newsXpress Eastland, you put them all out on the dance floor.

With the TV advertising yet to start, five copies were sold whilst the display was being put up!

This space has been very effective as a promotional area with Valentine’s Day generating double the previous years card sales. It is also adjacent to the wall of HOT OUT NOW magazines.