Aussie dinosaur egg discovery kit out now at newsXpress

The Aussie Dino Discovery Egg kit is out now.  This awesome kit from the Royal Australian Mint includes a dinosaur dig kit, collector cards, a coloured dinosaur token and a set of 2022 circulating coins, budding palaeontologists and dinosaur lovers will need to crack open the egg to access its contents. Aussie Dino Discovery is educational, fun and a window into life on Earth millions of years ago.

What a wonderful and joyful kit. It’s out now for birthday gifts and for early Christmas shopping.

Whether shopping for a budding coin collector, a budding palaeontologist or someone who loves treasure, this Australian Dinosaur Discovery Egg Kit from the Mint is a wonderful gift, a wonderful keepsake.

Includes in the kit is … 6 2022 circulating coins as well as other treasures sure to delight.

This Australian Dinosaur Discovery Egg Kit is a wonderful gift, a unique gift, something to enjoy and to treasure.

As an authorised retail partner of the Royal Australian Mint, local newsXpress shops are grateful to bring the fun and love of coins and coin collecting to local towns around Australia. It is a thrill to share this opportunity, especially at launch time for new products like Australian Dinosaur Discovery Egg Kit.

In addition to the wonderful Australian Dinosaur Discovery Egg Kit, newsXpress stores have access to other wonderful dinosaur products including games, jigsaws, books and more. Yes, there is a theme here. We can help you tell a story as you buy related gifts.

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The Australian Dinosaur Discovery Egg Kit is a wonderful addition to our range. We are truly grateful to offer it.