newsXpress launches 12th ink promotion

hotink.jpgnewsXpress has just announced details of its 12th ink and toner campaign.  This new campaign will take the newsXpress ink and toner offer to a new level,  It will also provide access to an excellent new traffic-generating initiative for participating newsXpress locations.

Early indications are that member uptake will be very strong for our 12th ink campaign.

newsXpress members at ACP Connection Conference

newsxpress members attending ACP Magazines’ Connections conference this week Cairns took time out to get together and catch up. Active participation in the Connections marketing programs is a key requirement of newsXpress membership. Our members report strong magazine sales as a result of this and other magazine initiatives promoted by newsXpress.

newsXpress leadership team planning for the future

newsxpress.JPGThe leadership team of newsXpress, Ben Kay – General Manager (middle), Graham Randall (left) – Founding Director and Mark Fletcher (right) – Director, has met several times over recent weeks to finalise plans for our National conference and discuss newsXpress strategies for 2010. Our most recent meeting was at the ACP Connections conference in Cairns this week.  We took time out to work on several new initiatives which will be exclusive to newsXpress members.

Long term planning is crucial in this marketplace, commented Graham Randall. Our recent planning sessions have been focused on newsagent member acquisition as well as some exciting strategies to reinforce the newsXpress difference in 2010.

newsXpress will announce some of the planned initiatives at its 2010 conference in Melbourne in October.

newsXpress stores rolling out Hallmark Sound cards

newsXpress stores across Australia are currently rolling out the new range of Hallmark sound cards. These innovative new cards are already generating good in-store buzz among shoppers as well as newsagency employees.

Hallmark is a strategic partner of newsXpress and it was through this relationship that we received an early confidential briefing from the company and developed a co-operative strategy for roll out across out network of stores.

newsXpress welcomes Fellowes as preferred supplier

newsXpress is pleased to announce Fellowes as a new preferred supplier for newsXpress members.

Fellowes is a global leading brand in shredding, laminating, binding and office accessories. Fellowes products are available as a turnover order through GNS nationally or direct to Fellowes who can turn over the order.

Rob Henderson our National Merchandise Manager continues to attract brand-name suppliers to newsXpress to strengthen our range and store level trading terms.

The value of newsXpress in selling your newsagency

newsXpress newsagencies listed for sale lately are having greater success in selling their Newsagency compared to others. This in part is due to the fact that prospective purchasers looking at buying a Newsagency have greater confidence by the back end support, supplier deals, retention of Goodwill and Marketing supplied by the newsXpress model along with its sub brands Hot INK! and calendarXpress which are sought after recognised and trusted by landlords and developers.

By joining newsXpress newsagents get full support while staying in full control of their business without the extra restraints of paying full franchise fees coupled with long term or can’t get out of contracts familiar with other Marketing/Franchise groups in the Newsagency space.

newsXpress over the last couple of months has had over a dozen stores change hands or going to contract either through Developers and Landlords seeking out newsXpress as the Newsagent brand of choice for their shopping Centres, existing members selling their Newsagencies, existing Newsagents converting their stores from other banners to newsXpress or having new entrants to the Newsagent industry buying a Newsagency and then converting it to the newsXpress banner so they can tap into the business support, deals and networking and Conferences newsXpress provides.

Dad’s Nuts, the exclusive Father’s Day gift from newsXpress

nx_nuts.JPGPacks of Dad’s Nuts have arrived in newsXpress stores for Father’s Day 2009.  newsXpress is proud to support the important work of the The Lighthouse Foundation with the exclusive Dad’s Nuts gift pack from our friends at Morish.  each pack contains a selection of popular and tasty Morish lines.  This is our second year offering the Morish Dad’s Nuts line in newsXpress locations.

The Lighthouse Foundation was established in 1991 with the mission to reduce youth homelessness. They continue to work with the vision that every child will live in a family environment, within a community that fosters trust and love, and supports young people to grow and develop holistically. Their website has more details on their work and includes opportunities for others to become involved.

newsXpress launches stationery offer

newsXpress yesterday launched a stationery offer which is exclusive to newsXpress locations.  Designed to draw new traffic, the stationery offer represents a new approach to stationery marketing in the newsagency channel.

The creative marketing opportunity is backed by supplier deals enabling landing product in-store for competitive prices.  The stationery offer is all about new traffic, trusted brand names and good margin.

This is another difference being delivered by newsXpress to its members and another strategy which separates us from buying groups.

Great Father’s Day support from newsXpress

fathers-day.jpgIn addition to excellent marketing collateral from Hallmark, all newsXpress stores have received newsXpress branded posters (A1, double sided, landscape) for Father’s Day.  These are reinforce the Father’s Day opportunity to newsXpress shoppers – for cards, gifts and other lines we sell for this season.  We have restated the uses for this collateral at our latest round of member meetings as well as through our team of on the road Business Development Managers.  The Father’s Day marketing collateral has been delivered without charge to newsXpress members.

newsXpress exclusive QCS essentials pack

qcs_pack.jpgnewsXpress has worked with suppliers to provide our members with access to Queensland Core Skills test (QCS) essentials packs. newsXpress has done this since the newsagency marketing group started.  We support the special, newsXpress exclusive, product offer with marketing collateral (see photo) to drive sales.

Our commitment to driving sales success for the QCS packs is another way newsXpress adds considerably more value than a buying group.  We source the products, provide the management and marketing strategy and provide marketing collateral to drive sales.  It is a complete strategy on which newsXpress newsagents rely.

New electronic product opportunity

newsXpress has started briefing its members about a new electronic product opportunity which is sure to attract new customer traffic and build a more valuable  shopping basket.

Developed out of a preferred supplier relationship, there is no cost for participating newsXpress members yet plenty of sales upside.

The opportunity is being outlined at the current round of member meetings.

National Newsagent Conference details released

newsXpress has released details for registration to attend the newsXpress National Newsagent Conference in Melbourne in October.  Any newsagent is welcome to come and participate in the only national newsagent conference in 2009 open to all newsagents.  Click here for a registration form.

Helping with buying a newsagency

newsXpress is helping several newsagency channel newcomers with buying a newsagency. Our help is in the form of providing background information on newsagencies, what to look for in buying a newsagency, key supplier contacts and access to resources to make taking over the business easier.

Thanks to a broad range of skills within our newsXpress team ranging from advice on shop leases, business management, structure and buying, we are able to help prospective newsagents make decisions which can save time and money on their entry to this channel.

Buying a newsagency for someone new to the business can be daunting.  The help from newsXpress can make that easier.  The best contact within newsXpress is you are looking to buy a newsagency is one of our Directors, Graham Randall (0419 711 153) or Mark Fletcher (0418 321 338).

The help we provide shows the newsXpress difference at work. It shows the value of a full service newsagency marketing and management support group – over a buying group.

Exclusive supplier offers on show today

newsXpress kicks off its next round of members meetings today in Brisbane with several exclusive supplier opportunities to be presented to newsXpress members.  These supplier deals add margin value to the relationship our members have with newsXpress.  Two also add value to the back office services newsXpress provides.

We are excited for this round of member meetings and the new supplier-driven opportunities they present to newsXpress members.

Win a Sat. Nav. for Dad this Father’s Day at newsXpress

fathers_day.JPGnewsXpress members are set to give away more than 100 Satellite Navigation units as part of our national Father’s Day promotion in association with Hallmark Cards.  To get in the running for a Sat. Nav. prize, buy a Hallmark father’s Day card at a participating newsXpress outlet.

The best part of this promotion is that there is a winner in each newsXpress outlet running the competition.  This will make one local shopper very happy – in newsXpress stores across Australia.

The prize itself is a bit of fun because of the reluctance of guys to ask for directions.

newsXpress delivers excellent seasonal and other marketing opportunities to its members which help drive traffic and improve shopping basket efficiency.  These benefits are bankable and demonstrate the value of our unique newsagency marketing group.

Sydney GNS Market Fair report

newsxpress_people.JPGThe first day of the Sydney GNS Market Fair was good for our newsXpress team. We were represented by four of our team including Karen Sutton (National Sales) and Roger Bortfield (one of our NSW Business Development Managers) pictured on the stand this afternoon. We met plenty of newsagents keen to tap into the business building assistance newsXpress delivers to all members. Our stand and the collateral we handed out demonstrated the newsXpress difference and our focus on building stonger and more viable newsagencies.

The GNS Market Fairs are proving to be a good place for newsXpress to present its offer because many of our preferred suppliers supply through GNS.

newsXpress member meetings start next week

The next round of newsXpress member meetings starts next tuesday in Brisbane.  The dates are:

  • Brisbane Tuesday, 18/8/2009
  • Melbourne Thursday, 20/8/2009
  • Sydney Tuesday, 25/8/2009
  • Perth Tuesday, 1/9/2009.

St this round of meetings we will present four excellent supplier opportunities, open a business bulding discussion on a topic of interest to all newsagents and provide an excellent networking opportunity for proactive newsagents.

These member meetings provide an excellent opportunity for networking among newsXpress members, meeting with key suppliers and discussing newsXpress exclusive strategy.

The value of newsXpress

We are building excellent evidence of the value of the regular face to face meetings our Business Development Managers have with newsXpress members as part of their membership of our group.

Beyond excellent product deals and overall great buying, our newsXpress BDMs work with each newsXpress member to build healthier and more sustainable businesses.   The evidence shows that engagement has its rewards.  In one case, a newsXpress member points to new revenue streams and a healthier bottom line thanks to regular in-store visits.  As he says, he can “bank” the value of the visits.

This is the evidence of the newsXpress difference working.

HOT Ink! trademark approved

newsXpress has received approval for the HOT Ink! TM trademark.  This is an important recognition for this unique brand under which newsXpress members sell branded ink and toner at highly competitive prices.

Gaining trademark approval was an important part of our plans for the future use of this sub brand within our retail network. It is also evidence of our attention to detail around our assets.

the next HOT Ink! campaign is coming soon.  This will provide newsXpress members with another opportunity to compete with national retailers in the ink and toner space and drive additional traffic to newsXpress locations.

Additional Morish Nuts Father’s Day collateral

nxp_morishnuts_lighthouse.jpgnewsXpress has developed additional marketing collateral for Father’s Day.  The new collateral will support our exclusive link with Morish Nuts and the Lighthouse Foundation to raise money for their important work with youth.  The Dad’s Nuts Bag is a product exclusive to newsXpress members.

The poster is an excellent example of newsXpress combining social responsibility, business and retail fun in one campaign.  $1.00 from every bag sold will go to the work of the Lighthouse Foundation.

The collateral shows off the newsXpress commitment to professional marketing.