newsXpress swamped with competition entries

newsXpress has been running another shopper competition – this time giving away a $200 leather handbag. In a matter of days we received hundreds of entries driving engagement with our brand, our retailers and the supplier with whom we partnered.

The result is an excellent outcome for all concerned including one lucky customer set to received a beautiful bag valued at close to $300.

The good news is we will be running a similar supplier funded promotion very soon.

We will round out 2015 having given away thousands of dollars of sought after prizes to engaged newsXpress shoppers – spreading the love far and wide and helping people enjoy their newsXpress engagement more.

newsXpress conference spots filling fast

newsXpress members and suppliers are signing up for the first national conference of 2015 – to be help in Melbourne in March to coincide with the Toy Fair.

This conference will feature an extended trade display, offer more networking opportunities and share exclusive retail business insights as newsXpress members plan and engage for a stellar 2015.

We’re excited about the early engagement from members this year – very exciting.

newsXpress helps newsagents promote Christmas deals

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 9.18.01 amThanks to smart fillable PDFs, newsXpress members are able promote Christmas products as part of a co-ordinated and professional Christmas campaign that connects social media marketing through to in-store activity … all with a consistent collateral message that drives shopper awareness. The image shows one item of a considerable digital collateral pack.

newsXpress member meeting in Launceston

1377260_10153290265539112_3783728501442552481_nnewsXpress members in the Launceston area got together last week to discuss business, opportunities and plans as part of the national series of member cluster meetings. No suppliers, no pressure – just good networking among colleagues shearing ideas and encouragement to help each other enjoy their businesses more. We are grateful to have been part of this.

newsXpress stores set to give away $65,000 in prizes this Mother’s Day

MD2013_AllianceWobblernewsXpress stores are set to give away $65,000 worth of prizes this Mother’s Day with the largest single national Mother’s day promotion in the newsagency channel.

The amazing Napoleon Perdis gift pack, valued at over $500, is a gift mum’s will love as a bonus Mother’s Day gift. Specially selected and packed with valuable Perdis items, this gift makes newsXpress stores the go to places for Mother’s day cards from Hallmark.

newsXpress has facilitates the provision of these gifts to newsXpress members for shopper prizes without cost to newsXpress members. It’s another newsXpress difference.

newsXpress helps newsagents grow sales with excellent gifts for loyal shoppers. This is what good shopper loyalty programs are about.

newsXpress customers share in $60,000 in prizes already in 2013

Already in 2013, newsXpress shoppers have shared in $60,000 in prizes from group wide loyalty-focused marketing. This number is set to double with the wonderful-value Mother’s Day per-store prizes on offer for lucky newsXpress shoppers.

These in-store prizes coupled with our newsagency channel leading Magazine Club Card makes newsXpress stores the best places to shop for cards and magazines.

Through these prizes and shopper loyalty rewards we are driving new traffic as well as sales. Customers love the campaigns!

Better Homes and Gardens Christmas display

newsXpress corporate store at Watergardens Town Centre, Taylors Lakes Victoria, has the latest issue of Better Homes and Gardens being promoted with this excellent display.  Click on the image for a larger version.

Located in a high-traffic position next to the main sales counter, this display is designed to drive impulse purchases of this popular title.

Attention is grabbed with the creative display and the magazine can be easily browsed or purchased off of the display.

newsXpress encourages all members to undertake this work, placing Better Homes and Gardens in a high traffic location and promoting it with a professional eye-catching display.


Promoting the newsXpress Magazine Value Proposition In-Store

nx-magpromotion.JPGnewsXpress stores have access to exclusive and creative collateral with which to promote their point of difference.  Live the poster in the photo promoting the newsXpress Loyalty Program.  Promoting this in the magazine aisle is another way of encouraging shoppers to purchase additional magazines – the program is designed to drive shopper loyalty after all.

On the newsXpress website, newsXpress members have access to a suite of marketing collateral for promoting products and services in-store as well as externally to the business.  This professional collateral is vital to driving a deeper shopping basket.

Here at newsXpress we see magazines as an important category, one which responds well to promotion – like with the poster in the photo.

The Best Loyalty Program in the Newsagency Channel

magazine-club.jpgThe newsXpress Magazine Club Card offers genuine reward for genuine loyalty. Since 2005 this newsagency loyalty promotion has provided newsXpress stores with an excellent point of difference. A bankable point of difference when you look at magazine performance in newsXpress stores.

While marketing collateral and engagement around the offer has evolved, the core levers of the loyalty program have remained unchanged. As newsXpress known, when you’re onto a good thing, stick with it.

Key to the broader success of the magazine Club Card is the additional sales in other categories.  These are driven from the excellent magazine traffic.

This newsXpress exclusive promotion sets our retail outlets and the overall group apart from other newsagencies as well as other magazine retailers.

The Best Loyalty Program in the Newsagency Channel

The newsXpress Magazine Club Card is undoubtedly the best and most successful loyalty program in the newsagency channel.  For years, the newsXpress have been the only group wide loyalty marketing offer in the newsagency channel.

Since its release in 2005, this consumer  loyalty program has given newsXpress and newsXpress member locations a tremendously valuable point of difference.

Guiding customers to perform above average, the Magazine Club Card promotion delivers valuable incremental business in return for a valuable shopper reward.

From business performance data, we can see the value of the newsXpress Magazine Club Card program not only in magazine sales but also in other sales reported by newsXpress members.

Congratulations to newsXpress members for leading the newsagency channel in delivering genuine shopper loyalty rewards.

Magazine Club Card Drives Magazine Sales

magclubcard.jpgThe newsXpress Magazine Club Card is a key factor in the good sales results for magazines which are being reported by newsXpress members.  While the broader newsagency channel struggles with challenging magazine sales results, newsXpress members are enjoying break out results, performing better than your average newsagency.  By offering genuine rewards in return for genuine loyalty, the newsXpress magazine club card encourages shopper behaviour which is valuable for newsXpress members and appreciated by their customers.

This is another newsXpress point of difference.  It is part of our broader magazine growth strategy which sets newsXpress apart operationally and commercially from other newsagencies.

Driving customer traffic for magazines remains important for newsagents, indeed, mission critical.  Currently, only one newsagency marketing group has a cohesive approach to magazines and that is newsXpress.  The Magazine Club Card is just part of the bigger picture for us and our members.

Magazine promotion popular

magclubcard.jpgThe magazine club card from newsXpress is more popular than ever since the decision by the newsXpress Board to make all collateral, including the cards, available to members without cost.  newsXpress happily sends new card stock to members for no cost, including no delivery cost.  This takes a cost out of the businesses and makes running the magazine club card loyalty program even more compelling for newsXpress members.

We launched the latest changes to this magazine loyalty program last month and we are well ahead of projections of cards in circulation and rewards being earned by happy newsXpress customers.

Publishers and smart newsagents see the value of this exclusive to newsXpress offer.  We are drawing traffic from supermarkets and convenience outlets.  We are also guiding our customers to spend more on magazines.  While many newsagents moan doom about magazine sales, newsXpress members are embracing this marketing initiative and pursuing every growth opportunity.